A new video commercial about Mago.net WMS and WMS Mobile is now online

24 September 2014 by vsalaris


To complete the series of posts dedicated to warehouse logistics, a new promotional video shows in a direct and engaging way the main functionality of Mago.net modules in this crucial sector.

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Mago.net WMS and WMS Mobile always stand out among other Mago.net modules. The two modules are specially designed to fully manage warehouse logistics, improve service to customers, better manage your inventory and reduce delivery times and mistakes in goods shipments.

Did you miss the blog post about warehouse management with Mago.net Warehouse Management System  and its Mobile declination? Or are you interested in more than just a quick overview of Mago.net features to improve productivity and reliability of logistics flows?

Well, you just need to watch the new commercial video online on Microarea YouTube channel!

Inside the playlist dedicated to Solutions for your Business - that includes short animated films concerning Mago.net individual modules – you can now find also the new animation on warehouse management system!

Have a look and leave a comment on the cartoon… waiting for the next videos on other functionalities of your Mago.net ERP!

Multipurpose communication are easy games thanks to Mago.net!

16 April 2014 by vsalaris

multipurpose communication  

A new video commercial presents Mago.net module specifically designed to meet Tax Agency requests. Find out how easy it is to handle tax obligations with the right tool! 

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Tax Communication , Black List… there are so many deadlines and requirements to be fulfilled in order to meet Tax Agency requests. We already discussed the “game rules” in Chronicles previous posts, but now there’s more

On Microarea YouTube channel, under the section dedicated to Solutions for your Company, you can find the video commercial related to Mago.netMultipurpose Communication” module. Watching this short and captivating summary you will discover that Mago.net is able to manage deadlines and make fully available data required by Tax Agency. All this in an easy and automatic way, under your total control.

The new video commercial highlights all the benefits Mago.net is able to grant you. Thanks to this powerful, accurate and up-to-date tool you will be able to verify deadlines, satisfy any request and control the documents you’re sending.

The result? Mistakes are drastically cut and you have more time for other activities.  

Find out Tax and Multipurpose Communication module right now on Microarea YouTube channel. Enjoy! 

Which are the Mago.net Pluses?

17 May 2013 by vsalaris


Find out how the ERP software Mago.net provides each company with a customized solution ready to manage their business in the best way.

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The reasons that make ERP Mago.net a perfect solution for small and medium-sized enterprises in all sectors, are many and well - known. You can now improve the efficiency and accuracy in business procedures thanks to a number of strategic choices, while maintaining the indispensable flexibility to simplify daily work.  Microarea adopts these strategies to make its ERP extremely flexible and more responsive to a wide range of needs.

The explanations for such a wide adaptability, and for the numerous solutions provided by Mago.net, are summarized in the "Mago.net Plus": they show the reasons of the software’s success.
Abstracting from the single application areas (logistics, active and passive cycle, warehouse, accounting, etc.), the Plus are the strong points, guidelines and principles on which Mago.net is based, in order to meet any need regardless of the business areas.
Modularity, customizability, expandability and continuous updates, as well as vertical solutions, integrations, hi-tech and connectivity, combined with compatibility with multiple operating systems (such as Windows, Mac,…), different languages and regulatory frameworks: all of this makes Mago.net a global ERP software, intuitive and open, but able, at the same time, to ensure total control and security.

To achieve an even clearer picture of the Mago.net Pluses, you can now find online a new and original video within the Microarea YouTube channel, which enumerates really ... briefly the main features that make Mago.net the ultimate ERP solution for SMEs.
Do not just watch the movie: interact! On the Microarea YouTube channel you will find two versions of the same video: a "standard" one and second one full of "special effects". By clicking "I like", you can vote the video you prefer: the video who gets the most likings will become the cover of the YouTube channel and will be an integral part of the dedicated page on the Microarea website.

Find out the Mago.net Pluses right now!


Microarea Social network: a dimension accessible to everyone

4 August 2011 by vsalaris

Social Microarea  

Microarea is naturally always one step beyond. This thanks to its ability in identifying the opportunities made available by the evolution of technology and by taking full advantage of the above mentioned opportunities, providing the partners and users with growingly innovative scenarios to integrate with.  

edited by the Marketing Department 

It is now several years that Microarea considers the social networks as the utmost form of communication, able to create an innovative approach to the net and convey important messages throughout tools that ensure an outstanding level of interaction between Microarea and its users.

Starting from 2008, Microarea was successful in setting up its own YouTube Channel and placing its landmark on Facebook and Twitter, hence demonstrating its advanced approach to the net distinguished by a strong social dimension. The users can come in touch with the Microarea channels not only for a simple online research, but also to provide an active contribution, bringing to life and "feeding" the social channels with their personal contents.

Microarea is aware that accessing free of charge services represents an important step towards an authentic interaction and sharing, this is why Microarea itself gives way to a confrontation between end users and Partners on alternative social channels. This allows engaging an interactive and pragmatic approach to the large number of information and to the cultural production introduced into its "great recipient", the Microarea website.  

Such set-up represents a significant added value, given the fact that the corporate social networks that include "special" and reserved contents are exclusively reserved to those who utilize these information channels. News, activities, product previews, yet also promotional campaigns addressing those who access the Microarea social environment. The release of the contents, their classification and the indexation in the search engines are close to immediate, in order for the information to be available straight away for the benefit of the entire community.
Consequently, this will mean that, by taking advantage of these new interaction methods, you will be always up to date with the Microarea news. In addition, you will have the chance to comment the most recent news, meet other users and Partners and answer any type of question in an agile, fast and dynamic way.

The hundreds of fans on Facebook, the countless tweets, the dozens of Microarea videos on YouTube and the thousands of visualizations confirm the fact that communicating and interacting on the social networks is a winning and appreciated strategy!

After all, how could this not be true? Try out the effectiveness of the Microarea social channels. Find out how all the highlights of the official website are pointed out to you throughout the channel that best suits your characteristics, the Facebook or Twitter updates, or have a look at the videos on the Microarea YouTube channel. In any case, do not miss out in leaving a message regarding your personal opinion. Your opinion is truly important to Microarea!   

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