3.11, your perfect Christmas gift!

22 December 2014 by vsalaris Service Pack  

For this Christmas, offers you the best: 100 new features, including improvements and upgrades, largely resulting from listening to users’ needs.

Edited by Marketing Department comes to its 3.11 release with a complete kit, tailored for you.  With almost 100 new features, including improvements and updates for Italian and international market, your ERP seriously supports you in a more and more optimized business management. Let us have a look to all the main highlights of this release.

There are numerous and important contributions in Financial-Accounting Area. In addition to Treasury connector - we have already talked about it there - the 3.11 release introduces the Accounting Inventory Book module.

The new module allows you to print all the statements composing the Inventory Book, with the possibility to attach specific reports or statements filled in by the user. The module also manages the documents to be issued/received.  So you can specify an adjustment account on posting an issued or received document, and generate an automatic adjustment entry with accrual date in the previous fiscal year. The module also introduces personalized and flexible statements of certain value. 3:11 connects now to the world of accountants: thanks to a new module, it is now possible to exchange accounting data with OMNIA – the Zucchetti software for accountants –. The module allows you to switch data from to OMNIA ordinary accounting and vice versa.

In this way, you can easily transfer all the ledger entries to your accountant. The accountant will carry out statements and tax communications on behalf of your company without manually entering data into his software. You can also decide to adopt your accountant chart instead of the one. This is a convenient and reliable solution for those who want to start managing the accounts with, under the supervision of their accountant.

Which are the benefits of the integration between OMNIA and An unquestionable reduction of error and time!

Still talking about accounting, 3.11 implements a special procedure to export the data related to commissions and fees of self-employed, according to the Italian ministerial simplified 770 Model.
Again, with 3.11 you can now suggest the customer/supplier to compensate opposite-sign entries for sent/received documents, sending the request via e-mail. Depending on the outcome, registers the closure of the rate or deletes the compensation data.

In Manufacturing Area stands out inventory planning, while in Logistics area the focus is on internationalization. 3.11 further refines various aspects of Brazilian localization, with absolutely complete management tools. We are facing excellent results in terms of diffusion and return on investment: the potential of a so refined localization are ever larger, especially for companies that want to expand its market and reap the resulting benefits.

From this roundup, you will have already guessed the rich texture of this new release ... but that is not all! In all other areas there is plenty of innovations: just take a look at the release notes in Reserved Area to  know them at a glance!

We wish to stress a particular point: the strength of this release lies mainly in the nature of improvements. The new features of 3.11 release are in fact designed to fully meet your needs.
This is because the new version comes in the first instance from listening to the reports and requests that, day by day, so many people like you present to Microarea development teams and staff through the Community forum. The result of this constructive cooperation can only be a product of clear value for all, able to ensure satisfaction, great results and increase business opportunities.

Update now  to 3.11 release from product download page and please remember to contact your reference dealer to install it safely and accurately.
Please remember that downloading 3.11 is free if you have signed and maintained Microarea Live Update service; get in touch with Microarea International Sales Department to subscribe MLU service. 3.9.9 and its e-invoicing turnkey services

6 June 2014 by vsalaris Service Pack 3.9 update to Service Pack 9  focuses on electronic invoicing in order to provide a reliable tool to cope with new provisions, mandatory at this time.  

edited by Marketing Department 

Few days ago, June 6, 2014, Electronic Invoicing to Public Administration became mandatory in Italy. Keeping this deadline in mind, 3.9 SP 9 was launched at the end of May: a specific release designed to give you the tools you need for a proper and timely update to the current legal framework.

In order to let you be up and running and align yourself with E-Invoicing protocols, 3.9.9 introduces the new FEPAConnector module, designed to connect with the PA Electronic Invoicing Zucchetti program.
FEPAConnector is an efficient and safe solution: the module had to pass a complex series of demanding tests, carried out at some pilot companies prior to release, in order to guarantee total reliability.

Let's briefly see which are the solutions at your disposal to meet all the needs of new legal obligations. Electronic invoice must be traceable and safe, as well as recognizable as authentic. This is guaranteed by a unique identification code (shown in IPA, Index of Public Administration) of the invoice recipient office and by affixing the digital signature of invoice issuer. In addition you will have to keep all documents sent in electronic format by electronic storage. In this way documents will be equivalent to those on paper, allowing you to reduce costs associated to traditional storage. external procedure implemented by the Zucchetti PA Electronic Invoicing software allows you to create and send digitally signed e-invoices to the Exchange System, that is the only channel allowed to  transmit  to Public Administration (Exchange System, Italian SDI, is  the IT system able to receive invoices as XML file, check received file and submit invoices to Government recipients, then releasing transmission receipts). The solution is natively integrated with Zucchetti document management and storage system (SOS Infinity), able to complete the whole business documents dematerialization cycle.

From its side, the new 3.9.9 FEPAConnector module allows you to connect to Zucchetti PA Electronic Invoicing software, in a simple and automatic, yet customizable way.
The link between and PA Electronic Invoicing is handled by FEPAConnector with two separate procedures; in this way it is guaranteed a two-way dialogue with the public administration system, both to send invoices and to receive related documents (successful transmission and reception confirmation). outputs invoices for PA, so you can extract them in order to control and eventually select them individually. Zucchetti PA Electronic Invoicing manages subsequent phases (invoices digital signature, sending and electronic storage); always allows you to know invoices status, thanks to the direct connection to PA Electronic Invoicing database.

Thanks to FEPAConnector you can customize in detail the invoices communication to the PA Electronic Invoicing software, issued by, manage attachments saved with EasyAttachment in order to transmit them with invoices, as well as view and print documents to be sent / sent to PA Electronic Invoicing software using  specific filters.
The new 3.9.9 module allows you also to specify additional data, typical of PA Invoices, both to indicate the Public Administration reference codes, and to define whether the invoices should be sent in electronic format. It is possible that a certain public category still accepts paper invoices (for some institutions, such as the local ones, the duty will be triggered in 2015).

FEPAConnector assists you by automatically updating document status while PA Electronic Invoicing software is sending to the Exchange System: the invoice is shown as unsent, to be validated, validated, generated, signed, sent, etc..

In essence, the new FEPAConnector module introduced by 3.9.9 release allows you to delegate to PA Electronic Invoicing solution all the invoices transmission flow, in an easy and accurate way thanks to a perfect product alignment. 3.9.9 with FEPAConnector module makes it easy a very complex process: an operative simplification that is also reflected in the ease of use and really user-friendly setup, achievable in few steps. To implement the module in a simple and safe way, provides you with a handy quick start guide, or the 10 simple steps to follow to successfully install the integration. You can find  this brief and detailed guide in Microrea Help & Information Center section 10 steps to prepare yourself to electronic invoicing to the Public Administration.

Download now 3.9 SP9  and touch with your hand FEPAConnector benefits and convenience! As always, downloading the 3.9.9 release of is free of charge for all users who have subscribed and maintained the Microarea Live Update service. To subscribe MLU, please contact Microarea International Sales Department. We kindly recommend you to get in touch with your referral reseller in order to properly update your

You can easily get more information about 3.9.9 and FEPAConnector by reading release notes in Microarea website Private area and consulting Help & Information center section dedicated to the new module.

Welcome SEPA Direct Debit!

17 March 2014 by vsalaris


Starting from August, SEPA system becomes mandatory for electronic money transfers made in the Euro area. How will the relationship between bankers and customers change? 

Edited by Marketing Department 

SEPA, or Single Euro Payments Area, is a project promoted by European Central Bank and European Commission, aiming to standardize payment services in euro made by means other to cash (bank transfers, direct charges on current account and payment cards). SEPA area encompasses the 32 EU States, plus Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Monaco, for a total of 513 million people and about 9,200 financial institutions. Within SEPA, citizens, companies, public administrations and other economic players will be able to make and receive payments in euro (other than cash) "both within national borders and among different countries, under the same conditions and with the same rights and obligations", according to a Bank of Italy notice.

Direct Debit (italian RID) is a payment mode that allows the automatic charge of money on client bank account. The bank automatically withdraws the amount of money for some kind of payments (such as installments, periodic payments, utilities charges, etc.. ).

SEPA will replace ordinary Direct charge on current account according to two distinct patterns: regular and fast Direct Debit will be replaced by SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) Core (basic ordinary service) and "B2B" (restricted to non-consumers), while domestic transfers will be replaced by SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT). Both of these tools will therefore allow you to execute euro direct debits and credit transfers within the SEPA area with the same rules for both domestic operations and for international operations within other countries in the area. In practice, all payments become "domestic", since there will no longer be difference between national and cross-border payments. There will not be any difference in which country or in which SEPA bank a client holds its own account.

Until July 31th, 2014, DD and national bank transfer services will be used as an alternative to the corresponding SEPA DD. Starting from August 1, 2014, national services will be permanently discontinued and replaced by SEPA services. Forthcoming transition to SEPA will not affect other payment services, including fixed amount standing orders and financial DD - whose replacement is scheduled for 2016 - bank receipts, payments by advice, bank or postal deposit slips, relevant amount and high priority fund transfers, other bank transfers that are not in Euro currency or are to and from countries outside SEPA.

By adapting to SEPA, euro payment transactions to another account will then be based on harmonized schemes, for tool characteristics, standards, infrastructure and costs. Conditions uniformity will create benefits to both customers and banks, streamlining operations and tuning payment services at a European level. This approach is expected to stimulate European trade, increase competition between payment services providers and, in this way, contribute to rate reduction, making payment services market more efficient, safe and convenient.

SEPA payment methods have new features impacting on many processes. Companies in particular can greatly rationalize treasury operations with consequent organizational and costs benefits. Using standardized formats companies will able to integrate payment process with the most advanced business procedures (such as e-invoicing). They will be able to more efficiently manage not only receipts and payments provisions, but also the related reporting and the connected reconciliation of accounting and commercial flows. By switching to SEPA debit, companies will have the responsibility to collect, dematerialize, preserve and exhibit (in case of disputes) debit mandates signed by debtors. Companies will as well be responsible to independently manage any mandate changes or cancellations requested by clients.

It is important to be prepared: companies are called upon to adapt informative systems, business processes, administrative procedures and, more generally, relations with banks, customers and suppliers. A critical step in this direction will be changing tracks format for communication between bank and enterprise, both for SDD and for SCT: the new international standard will become mandatory from 1 February 2016, but banks are required to accept it immediately.

As of now aligns with these provisions thanks to SP7 improvements: tracks for bank transfers and DD are changed through the new service pack updates, with the possibility to timely agree to new provisions.

Move up thanks to tools, made available in order to adapt your business to the next financial structure.
If you want to know more, please leave your reference and you will be contacted back soon.

News for here is 3.9 Service Pack 7!

7 February 2014 by fperricone



At short time since the last update, here we are with a new service pack, introducing interesting administrative and fiscal news.

Edited by Marketing Department

Further useful and new features are coming for your Company: 3.9 Service Pack 7 is ready to download!

Why to download this update? Because SP7 contains innovations related to SEPA Direct Debit  (SDD, the future of DD, Direct Debit) and refines the Multipurpose Communication. In SP7 are also included dozens of steps to improve present functionalities. There are also new administrative and fiscal specifications for Romania and Bulgaria.

Thanks to Microarea Live Update service you can download Service Pack 7 right now. Please remember to get in touch with your Microarea reference dealer for installation. In this way you will be sure to get all the benefits of new version in a totally safe way.

One year with

24 January 2014 by vsalaris


2013 has been an eventful year for everyone, even for ERP. In this post we retrace past year main stages.

Edited by Marketing  Department 

2013 months have been marked by several upgrades, product improvements and innovations, confirming continuous evolution. Five new Service Pack for 3.9 release have seen the light during the year, with  updates in every sector, keeping your company in line with times.

In February, after an almost quiet year beginning, in a few days here there are meteorites, earthquakes, and an epoch-making "great refusal"… in such unusual - at least- climate the first 3.9 Service Pack 1 is released, providing a generous set of ten news. Updates are particularly focused on perishable goods law adjustments, Enasarco calculation, crucial warehouse lot management and currencies fixing.

During march, the next month, spring comes, together with a new pope and a cut to material and space waste. is indeed offered on a USB memory device, with a new approach in favor of convenience, speed and style!

April was a busy month for the country, with the President of Republic re-election and a new government establishment. In this dynamic time solutions expand with the richest Service Pack 2 release. More than 30 new features make this package sturdy as a real release! Among the main innovations are SOSConnector module (for documents electronic storage in Zucchetti Data Center), further additions to perishable goods management, data adjustment relating to CONAI and ABI / CAB banks contributions and the Tax Communication module crucial update meeting the first Tax Agency requests. SP2 also introduced great innovations in WMS Mobile sector (handheld devices), thanks to improvements resulting from  the collaboration between Microarea, its Partners and Users. A further opening is given by MA-Hypercall technology, that allows you to create links to documents or reports in any kind of document (word / excel / email ).

The following are great maneuvers months, in order to present further important updates immediately after the summer break. In September, while Costa Concordia cruise ship is recovered, 3.9 pulls out its Service Pack 3 consisting of more than 35 innovations in all management sectors and areas, from administrative to logistics, through to production. One of the new features is a further integration between and Zucchetti products, thanks to InfinityConnector module. The module is specially designed to launch the two-way dialogue with Zucchetti Infinity CRM software (made for simply and efficient pre-sale, sale and post-sales activities management). SP3 also refines the document management provided by EasyAttachment, enriching it with web function in order to view and place documents on the Internet from your favorite web browser.

It’s October. While Sebastian Vettel is winning Formula 1 World Championship, Magician. Net too scores a great result with the release of a double service pack. SP 4 and 5 have a considerable number of updates especially useful to align you with latest Tax Agency demands, thanks to  the new and more advanced Tax and Multipurpose Communications module features  .

2013 news have been so many that it is difficult to keep them all in mind! That’s why we recommend you to actively follow Microarea blog and social channels, that collect every continuous evolution step. Moreover, Microarea Live Update service allows you to keep your  up to date with current regulations, take advantage of free online training and all the countless services available in Microarea website reserved area.... an added bonus!! For more information on MLU service, feel free to contact Microarea International Sales Department .

If you are not yet a user, but you're interested in finding out more about the evolving ERP, please leave your reference and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Tax adjustments and much more: here's Service Pack 6

23 January 2014 by vsalaris


"Well begun is half done," an old adage says... and so 3.9 begins the new year with a rich Service Pack, designed to further enhance all management areas.

Edited by Marketing Department

With more than 20 upgrades and improvements, 3.9 launches its sixth service pack, offering a sharp productivity increase thanks to more and more updated features.

Among the main innovations stand out those in Accounting. Starting from now, Tax Agency requests about communication of purchases from San Marino suppliers are taken up. So far, this fulfillment was required only in paper form. SP6 adopts in advance data submission terms, and puts into practice the technical methods. Multipurpose Communications module launches a special procedure, able to generate the specific communication file for San Marino purchases.

As far as Multipurpose Communication module is concerned, the new service pack introduces a decisive parameter, i.e. the limit up to which it is not necessary to report Black List transactions. All transactions are currently communicated. Starting from now, by setting the parameter to 500 €, it is possible to transmit just the operations with a taxable income exceeding this amount. The parameter is applied only by the new Black List procedure, as part of Multipurpose Communication, and it represents an updated process  to exactly comply with tax matters provisions.

That is not all: SOSConnector module  (the cloud service for documents electronic storage in Zucchetti Data Center) versatility is further enhanced. Thanks to SP6 updates, with SOSConnector you can now store documents related to ledger, records and VAT summaries, assets log, intent statements records... giving a cut to bulky paper archive!

There are great news also in Warehouse Management System sector. An important functionality is added to WMS Mobile by upgrading to Service Pack 6. We’re talking about email automatically sending from your mobile device at the conclusion of picking, positioning, supply, returned items operations, and much more. All this benefits your WMS continuous monitoring and optimal management!

New 3.9 Service Pack innovations do not end there: you can see them all for yourself simply downloading SP6. Please contact your Microarea reference dealer to properly upgrade your and start now appreciating the benefits of permanent updating.

We’d like to remind you that download is available exclusively for those who have subscribed Microarea Live Update service. If your MLU has expired, please contact Microarea International Sales Department to find out how easy and convenient is to be updated.

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