The historic brand L’Erbolario, leader in the natural cosmetics, relies on to ensure the traditional product quality, transparency in production processes and high business performance.

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The loyalty to nature is a promise kept by L’Erbolario, thanks to the strict certifications obtained in production and environmental sustainability (the Company is certified GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices – and DNV- for materials management -, not to mention the historical cruelty-free warranty and energy-neutral operation).

L’Erbolario quality standards are therefore very high and require rigorous efforts in production and market procedures. To maintain high the parameters of the huge amount of business processes, the company based in Lodi (Italy) always relies on The ERP flexibility is able to ensure a precise control of each order phase in all company areas. With tailored reports and a number of customizations developed by Micron, the referral Microarea Platinum Partner, L’Erbolario is able to exploit the full potential of EasyBuilder module (designed for fast and accurate customizations) and of TaskBuilder development platform.

Thanks to, the company is sure that its information flow is monitored, secure and real-time. This is possible with a fully computerized management that involves the issuance of transport and sales documents, automatically generated by Magic Link ( module able to connect via Web Services to all management resources). In addition to streamlined, efficient and highly productive operability, L’Erbolario is also sure of a significant mistakes reduction, energy and resources saving otherwise unimaginable, given the huge data volume handled daily by L’Erbolario.

More benefits coming from implementation and Micron cooperation are the availability of a high-level reporting, ERP ease of use and the posibility to create interfaces through which all kinds of data are constantly exchanged: this is a critical step to dialogue with more than 150 franchised stores.

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