Securfil per  

Thanks to SecureFil, only the authorised users have access to data: this is the reliable answer to the your safety requirements, in compliance and respect of the privacy standards.    

edited by the Marketing Department

Giga S.r.l., Microarea Platinum Partner, developed the software SecureFil, the verticalization to that is able to manage (in a simple, safe and effective way) the needs and requirements related to data protection.
SecureFil extends the Security modules of while filtering and making available in a differentiated manner (according to the user's characteristics) all information. SecureFil is always up to date with the new releases of the Microarea software, and fully integrated with Security and Security Light of

The Giga S.r.l. solution represents an important resource, able to associate default templates and reasons specific for each user, in order for these customization to have priority in regards to the values preset in SecureFil is particularly appreciable when, for example, you want your sales channel to use an ERP system through an access restricted to data belonging to specific competence.       

Once installed, SecureFil allows filtering (according to the rights of each user despite the type of research used) the masters, offers, sales and purchase orders, inventory entries as well as sales and purchase documents. A valid example: thanks to setting of simple access filters, your agents or branches (that use can consult (and eventually modify) only the data that falls under their pertinence and responsibility.

The function that allows associating models and reasons to a specific user is extremely practical for those companies having remote offices. SecureFil allows entering documents by employing specific criteria for each office/user, this making sure that set parameters (such as deposits, warehouse entries or accounting models) are associated to each user. These settings make sure that each branch utilizes the ERP software in an appropriate manner, without the risk of committing errors and without the need of having to modify manually the already filled out fields.  

Jointly with the EasyLook web interface of, SecureFil allows all users, who operate in remote modality, to work in flexible and safe conditions, in an accessible environment that nevertheless is controlled by the company protection policy.

For further information, please visit the on-line page (in Italian language) regarding SecureFil found on the Microarea website.