Close Up: the keys to production

30 June 2015 by vsalaris

Tips and Tricks, the "magic formula" of Microarea for manufacturing management - by Gabriele Piccione, Team ERP Manufacturing

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"Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it is black". This is one of H. Ford's aphorisms, supporting the theories about standardization of processes, able to provide manufacturing companies the "magic formula" of production. In a dynamic and complex context, as the present one, the magic formula of Ford is no longer enough, and it is indeed necessary a real magician:, the ERP of Microarea, is an effective solution to the needs of flexibility and simplicity typical of modern companies.

Password: flexibility! covers the whole production management: inventory entries, management control, planning, outsourcing, and much more. It comes in 3 different configurations, to better suit the needs of companies: Bill Of Materials module, for simple production cycles, Manufacturing Base module, including some features like outsourcing management, Manufacturing Advanced module, ie the most complete module, with mixed work process cycles and workforce. Moreover, with variants and configurator modules you can get maximum customization, thus meeting the needs of each customer.

A precise and timely planning is ensured by Material Requirements Planning, one of the most interesting features in Manufacturing area. Starting from the customer and supplier orders, sales forecasts, production in progress, current stocks, stock policies, timing of supply and processing, MRP processes proposals of purchase and production to minimize stocks, while providing the availability of all that you need at the right time.

As for the outsourcing, offers simple and immediate procedures to those who entrust third parties for the work, to create documents, entry semi-finished materials and control relationships with third parties. is even more practical thanks to mobile technology. Working processes are faster and more flexible also for those who work every day in the production departments, being able to comfortably pick up and load with handheld mobile devices, easy to use, but always suitable to the needs of any company.

Discover the operating efficiency of for your Manufacturing!

Welcome to the new Microarea website!

8 April 2015 by vsalaris

website april 2015  

We are happy to introduce you the new Microarea website: more fresh, more direct, more light....more  your! 

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Microarea renews its website, providing it with improved accessibility and in line with the latest web-graphic trends.

Starting from home page and in all the pages of the site, the graphics are completely new, to provide you a streamlined tool, even more intuitive in consultation.

You'll notice that the information is organized as always: so you can explore the site as usual, while living a new browsing experience and the most relaxing visit!

Accessibility is optimized also for mobile surfing: responsive design makes the layout suitable to the environment in which the site is displayed, allowing you to always have content and information at your fingertips.

Explore the new Microarea website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter: we will listen to your suggestions and tips, to get better and better!

Mobile Solutions for Business: status and perspectives

28 October 2014 by vsalaris


Recent studies analyze the impact of Mobility on key business processes, assessing their major opportunities for the future.

Edited by Marketing Department

The adoption of mobile technologies to support business processes is a powerful tool to develop innovative digital paths that can significantly increase efficiency, recover productivity and dramatically improve effectiveness. It is no coincidence that the Italian mobile market is growing fast: the Mobile Enterprise Observatory of Politecnico di Milano estimated that the mobile market will grow by 46% over three years, reaching 2.7 billion by 2016.

Primary levers of this increase are Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and PDA, Mobile Business Apps supporting the processes, considering the company devices, and Enterprise Application Stores, platforms that allow the ICT directions to monitor and manage the entire mobile ecosystem. This mix of terminals, applications and governance environment can overcome the already low barriers of users to adoption, to renew, simplifying them, sales, maintenance, personnel management, supply chain processes, and so on.

Such a significant volume growth it is not surprising, given that Italian mobile workers are now 13 million, and the production value recovered in 2014 thanks to mobile solutions for professional activities is estimated at about € 9 billion per year (according to the Observatory). The Mobile Enterprise is thus having a deep impact on Enterprises, who found a way to turn the mobile potential into real value. The benefits in effectiveness and efficiency recorded by each organization are reflected on the entire country, as value appreciable both from productivity that from a purely economic point of view.

Zucchetti, together with Group companies, offers you cutting-edge tools to access the information contained in the company's information system directly from a PC, smartphone or tablet. Your data is thus available at any place and at any time, to real-time control and analyze your business. This means a concrete answer to needs of a management in full mobility. To learn more, please visit Zucchetti website.

Close up: WMS Mobile, warehouse logistics is in the palm of your hand!

28 July 2014 by vsalaris

Tips and Tricks WMS Mobile allows you to improve customer service and better and manage your inventory, reducing delivery times and errors in items shipments.  

Edited by Marketing Department 

Warehouse logistics cruxes are represented by the need to plan, rationalize and control. answers with reliability and accuracy to these essential needs, thanks to WMS module... but is able to offer you even more, with the WMS Mobile! With WMS Mobile the warehouse is literally in the palm of your hand, allowing you to manage all logistics aspects thanks to mobile technology.

Very briefly, you can assign a unique and universal identifier to each object and acquire it automatically by radio frequency devices. Data are then remotely transmitted to a information management system, able to transfers data to and from the readers. In this sense, the RFID technology is a "direct bridge" between  the physical and the digital world. takes advantage from the virtually unlimited potential of this technology, in order to provide you with direct benefits within your warehouse logistics system. With WMS Mobile and a Wi-Fi RFID portable device you can move everything in your WMS (receiving and storage, material handling, picking and shipping), in perfect sync with your ERP.

Reading and managing module barcodes (including structured), the warehouse worker can fully interact with with no need for computer, going through the warehouse with all the data he need to work, directly on the screen of his handheld device.
The simple and intuitive interface allows you to immediately use WMS Mobile, thanks to simple operations guided by company information system, even if you’re not particularly familiar with usual electronic devices and bar codes.

WMS Mobile allows you to browse directly on your handled device the missions, see the articles or units of stock to be picked up, areas and locations where to pick up and place the items.
From your device you can check and assign warehouse missions, confirm the successful ones,  check the deteriorated or missing items, make the inventory and even more.

By reading items, stocks and locations barcodes you can load and unload goods; WMS Mobile allows you to manage via handheld device also stock transfer operations, packing and unpacking.
WMS Mobile transmits at comapny database real-time data. WMS Mobile functions are assured even in areas not covered by Wi-Fi signal because the module is provided with an intelligent system, able to save  data in the device memory. The system will update database as soon as you fall into Wi-Fi zone, or when the device is connected to a PC.

Warehouse inventory is quick and precise thanks to WMS Mobile. The inventory via Mobile allows you to record locations real content even if you do not know what is present in the information system. All this is done simply by scanning barcodes of items in various locations (but also identifying them as clear), indicating the actual amount in the location, the eventual third parties management, specifying units provided and the stock type and managing all the operations requested to realize the inventory in a simple, reliable and safe way.

Briefly: thanks to WMS Mobile you are provided with a comprehensive assistant to run all warehouse logistical operations at maximum speed and precision... you just need few beeps from your handled device!

WMS Mobile has even more features. To analyze in depth the topic, please refer to the product page and to the Help & Information Center on Microarea website.

Zucchetti Sales Force App, when business is mobile

21 July 2014 by vsalaris


Zucchetti Sales force allows you to manage resentatives and sales data in full mobility on any mobile device.  

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Zucchetti Business App allow you to access data and company information directly from PC, smartphone or tablet. The Apps work on the most popular OS such as Android, iOS or Windows Mobile device and are optimized to handle the data sets you really need.

Within mobile applications family designed by Zucchetti, Sales Force easily integrates itself with Zucchetti give ERP. In this way you can manage all data sales on-the-move: data mapping, synchronization and visibility logic are natively integrated in the application.

Sales Force allows you to work even without connection with the company server because the software DB allows you to access data locally, even in off-line mode.

All the information are available within the ERP, in order to make representatives and salespersons able to fill orders directly from their smartphone, tablet or PC.
All this makes it easy not only to manage customers, contacts and potential customers (with related management data, deadlines, documents and traceability) and upload offers and orders (from recurrent products/orders lists), but also to coordinate notes, tasks, memos and appointments. The application makes available the summary of sales and commissions and allows to upload potential customers directly by the web.

From a full mobile point of view, Sales Force allows you to enable the geolocation feature in order to easily locate nearby customers, effectively plan tour visits, have maps and routes. The Zucchetti app is also integrated with DMS (Document Management System) for an easy management of documents and products.

Sales Force is part of Infinity Mobile Solution family, designed to provide corporate information assets on the move, fully responding to the request for tools accessible from mobile devices.

To learn more, please visit the Business App section on Zucchetti website.

Talking about at "We make" meeting, within synergies, confidence and innovation

23 April 2014 by vsalaris


Last 15th April ended the Zucchetti meeting dedicated to the ERP world. It was a convention with important content, glancing about near future.

edited by Marketing Department

Riccione, April 14th  and 15th , 2014: more than 600 people, representing over 300 structures, attended to the We Make! meeting, organized by Zucchetti and dedicated to Group partners, which met to witness a virtuous cooperation.

During these two very intense days, enthusiasm was not missing, with complicity of innovative content, excellent synergy between Group companies, products and features previews and, last but not least, the beautiful setting of the Riccione Conference Palace, combined with perfect organization.  Among premiere, state of the art, awards and acknowledgements, the meeting has been a real success.

In this context, Microarea conducted two independent sessions, concerning in-depth technical analysis and functional forthcoming upgrades.  Several speakers, members of Microarea Development Division alternated on Microarea focus stage.  With skill and a good dose of dialectic, the speakers were able to drive partners through an exciting journey across  ERP next future and its most important features.

Anticipations were many and related to all fields;  we will try to very briefly review them, in order to relive the Microarea team individual presentations.

Morning session starts with a thorough examination of Task.Builder ( development platform that allows you to create integrated ERP solutions) through a look at upcoming 4.0 release important developments. Among them stands out the multi device principle. It then goes on analyzing EasyBuilder 4.0 version increased ergonomics (the embedded tool for customizing and dynamically developing applications). It is then turn for WebLook 1.0, the new web framework designed to use ERP software via Internet and mobile.  Easylook ( web interface) evolution is served!  The future of EasyAttachment, module dedicated to document management, is called WebDMS 1.0 and never fail to impress for its typically "web" features and functionality.  An important insight is later dedicated to security concepts, from the functional one to data protection, through new TaskBuilder Security Layer Framework 1.0 safety evolution

So here we are at the second session. It is time for an overview about content coming with the next version (the long-awaited 3.10), from foreign locations, to 4.0 version in progress features, through the new GUI layout.  A focus on warehouse logistics via PDAs follows, with an active demo dedicated to WMS and WMS Mobile modules, and previews concerning 3.10 version. Therefore a look at the main changes introduced for production processes management into next release cannot miss: more space to WMS and Manufacturing Mobile, simplifying integration and new coming-soon features. Conference ended with an overview of integrations. adopts these integrations to broaden his horizons and communicate with all Zucchetti family products, amplifying its potential for users

Questions and comments, which have turned into a constructive dialogue between partners and Microarea have enriched the scene, making innovation the real star of the event!
Finally, Microarea competence in  ERP industry helped to make the Zucchetti meeting a successful event of certain value for the many partners that gathered together.  You can relive Riccione productive days  by taking a look to the slideshow you can find on Microarea Youtube Channel  , or reading the press review on Microarea Facebook profile. Feel free to leave your comments, express an opinion on Microarea social networks.  If you want more information, do not hesitate to leave a reference, you will be contacted back as soon as possible.

The conclusion of this great adventure?  It is summarized into the fitting conference slogan: Together, we make difference! 

"The ERP software for everyone"

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"The application base on which you can develop new projects"

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"A platform to create flexible and powerful applications"

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