presents its Service Pack 8

13 May 2014 by vsalaris Service Pack 3.9.8: evolution goes on thanks to more than 60 updates  

Edited by Marketing Department 3.9 improvement continues with SP 8! The new Service Pack involves every functional area, leaving room for as many as 60 new features.  In this post you can find a brief review about 3.9.8.

Let's start from  Accounting Area. Thanks to 3.9.8 you can now send  payment certificates (taxes and Enasarco  withholding for your tax return) via e-mail or PostaLite (Zucchetti postal service that allows you to send by mail any document).  Covering letters can be customized by the user. Further improvements in bills submission and payments orders  were designed for companies working with Public Administration. If you export regularly, 3.9.8  allows you to manage letters of intent revocation; you can also print them or send them via email or Postalite.

There are interesting news also in Manufacturing Area, since contract work functionalities are enhanced.  3.9 SP 8  further improves job ticket final balance. Display and management of variants related to production order/contract work order are also refined. 3.9.8 presents further improvements in calculating CONAI exempt clients, and in Agents Selection, thanks to an optimized Agent code filtering system within Agents Movements Clearing and Commissions Revaluation procedures.

SP8 also improves Sales and Purchases Area thanks to the options “delivery note for order” and “invoice follows” in packing list.

With regard to WMS, 3.9.8 proposes new, useful improvements for warehouse and logistics. 3.9.8 allows you to simultaneously and automatically create several Warehouse units and print any of their barcodes, thanks to the via-Server Automatic Packing functionality. Furthermore, the new release allows users to feel free in picking operations. You can indeed choose to act in Controlled or Flexible way, setting modifications for any data. WMS Mobile module too is enriched by Stock Display function, starting from Storage Mission Confirmation. In this way you can view all item or item/bin stock in the mission that you’re confirming.

Of course the new 3.9 release comes along with many more improvements: it is impossible to describe them all in this post. You can find out more about Service pack 8 visiting the Download product section within Microarea website Private Area.  

Download now 3.9 Service pack 8 and remember that downloading is free for those who have subscribed and still activated the Microarea Live Update service! In order to subscribe your M.L.U. or ask for information, please contact Microarea International Sales Department and find out the benefits in being always up to date.

We kindly recommend you to get in touch with your Microarea dealer, in order to properly upgrade your product. In this way you can be sure that safe and experienced hands will take care of your over 300 new features in one year!

16 January 2013 by fperricone


Well over 300 new features in 2012. From taxation to technological improvements: each area has been enhanced and improved.

Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

Thanks to 300 new features in 365 days, proves to be the constantly evolving ERP software. More than 300 implementations spread over seven updates.

New modules for a greater functional coverage together with new integrations with Zucchetti products (Microarea is part of the Zucchetti Group) and hundreds of new functions added to already existing modules. A truly sensational year for the ERP made in Microarea.

In January, we celebrated the New Year with the 3.6 release that brought along the Credit Limit Management module, tool that helps you provide the most deserving clients with the correct level of trust. Invoicing is indeed important, but you also need to cash in! The 3.6 was an outstandingly rich release: read the article on where you can find the highlights of the more than 100 new features.

In February, stood up against the coldest days of last winter and released the 3.6.1 version: 13 new features including the Spesometro.

Despite the “relaxing” weather, in April does not stop from evolving, upgrading to the 3.6.2 version. The new service pack contains the regulatory compliance related to the contributions Enasarco and other enhancements increasing performances and improving the application ergonomically.

In May we greeted Hollande at the Palais de L’Elysèe by installing 3.7. The new release of contains approximately 60 new features concerning all product areas: accounting, logistics, and manufacturing. The flagship of the 3.7 version is the creation of the connector joining and the Business Intelligence solution Zucchetti InfoBusiness. Read the original article in order to “refresh” your memory on how many useful things the new version of is able to offer to your business.

Few days before the opening of the 30th edition of the Olympic Games, held in London in the month of July, Microarea issues the new 3.8. Over 40 new features addressed to the thousands of companies that rely on in order to manage their business day after day. In 3.8 there is another achievement of the synergy existing between Zucchetti and Microarea: the automatic importation of the accounting entries in in order to read the salaries from the Zucchetti Omnia software. New fiscal features in the Fixed Assets context and much more in the summer release of find all the 3.8 news by reading the relating article.

October, or in other words the month in which Felix Baumgartner jumped from a height of 39 km and Microarea released Service Pack 1 for 3.8. The 3.8.1 version was characterized by the exceptional new integration between and the Zucchetti cloud service called PostaLite. No more queues at the post office or waste of time in preparing envelopes: one simple click in allows sending by mail any electronic document! The Service Pack included also further interesting news which you can find out all about by reading the concerning article.

In December, the very day on which the Mayans predicted the end of the world, Microarea made available the download of the new release of 3.9. Important fiscal updates (Article 62, VAT for cash), compatibility with SQL 2012 and Windows 8, full support of the Certified E-Mail ... in short, more than 60 “mind blowing” innovations! Read once again the December article so to be sure you have not missed anything.

Were you able to remember all the events mentioned and all the new features that Microarea added to in 2012? If you missed any of the above-mentioned news, do not worry: YouTube & C. are a wonderful archive. In order to avoid missing the updates, besides following Microarea from the blog, Facebook or Twitter, it is essential to be covered by the Microarea Live Update service. The M.L.U. service makes sure you are always up to date, in other words means to protect your IT investments in an environment that is as valuable as the ERP Software.

For more information, and in order to discover the advantages in subscribing the MLU service, get in touch now with the Microarea International Sales Department. If you are not yet a user, and are interested in finding out more about the evolving ERP software, leave your contact details. We will get directly in touch with you as soon as possible.

The 2011: a year made of 230 new features

10 January 2012 by vsalaris


Throughout 2011, Microarea released over 230 new features fit to improve its products, meaning that during last year a new update was introduced every working day.   

edited by the Marketing Department

In 2011, the benefits provided by the M.L.U. (Microarea Live Update) service are more than ever obvious. All End Users, who subscribed to the service, had the opportunity to touch with hand the countless new features, issued on an average of one every working day!   

A truly intense year the past one, characterized by legislative/normative variations and adjustments, that needed to be handled with precision and punctuality. The updates provided by Microarea targeted all kinds of matters, from the national legislative and fiscal adjustments to the Service Pack, all the way to the new release of and lots more... All of which at hand, in a simple, fast and precise way thanks to the M.L.U.

Hereunder is a brief chronological digression, relating to the main new features of 2011. The aim is to summarize the most striking updates of the past year, all of which available thanks to the vital Microarea Live Update Service, simply essential to keep yourself up to date.
February 2011 started with the issue of the SP4 for 3.2, which included the adjustment for the traceability of the financial flows and the update of the VAT communication 2010.
During the month of March the release 3.5 of was made available. Over 140 new features, new logo and renewed graphical outline, integration with Google Maps and Skype and the three new and revolutionary modules that stand up to be the "must have" of 2011: EasyAttachment, WMS and EasyBuilder, in other words the maximum productivity and efficiency for each user.
The newly born 3.5 takes no time in improving: in April the first Service Pack was ready.
Also the training needs to be updated, and hence, in May, Microarea issues the new e-learning courses within its website, specifically dedicated to the new modules.
Just before the summer holidays, in July, other new important innovations are presented: the SP2 for 3.5 (including over 50 new features, many of which targeting the international market), followed immediately by the SP3 that allows achieving further benefits from an ergonometric point of view.
When September comes, Microarea is outstandingly back on track: the SP4 and SP5 provide important tools in order to comply to the VAT rate (increased from 20% to 21%) consequently updating all masters and documents. Another crucial new element, introduced by the September Service Packs, is the so-called Spesometro (tax communication): a new module specifically created for the communication, to the Tax Agency, of the VAT operations.
One month later, in October, the SP6 is released, the latter including dozens of improvements shaped on the ease of use of all End Users. 
And here we come to the end of the year, and along comes a great finishing touch: Microarea issues in December the Service Pack 7 with refinements and improvements shaped according to the feedbacks of Users and Partners.
In brief, in the last 12 months Microarea was able to create 9 updates and 230 new features, an undeniably extraordinary result indeed, but there is more to come!

Before putting the Champagne on ice, Microarea planned other startling proposals in order to start 2012 at best... In order to enjoy all benefits and keep up to date with the Microarea new features, make sure you have activated the M.L.U. service.
If you have not yet touched by hand the advantages offered by the Microarea Live Update, do not waste other precious time and further updates. Get in touch with the Microarea International Sales Department or your Microarea Reseller referral in order to discover how being updated is the best way to protect your investments and handle your company at best, also in 2012!  

Microarea 2010: a new feature every three days!

19 January 2011 by fperricone

Mago.<i>net</i> update

Microarea introduced over 140 new features in its products in 2010: this means one new feature every three days! Many legislative updates, and lots more, for the Italian and International market.

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager 

All of the Microarea product end users, having a valid update service (Microarea Live Update) in 2010, have enjoyed the benefits brought about by the many legislative amendments that have been provided during the entire year. Let us mention a couple of strongly significant updates (especially from the Italian End Users’ point of view): Intrastat services and black list. The mentioned updates are considered to be, by most End Users, very important matters that need to be managed in a precise and possibly automatic way. Microarea promptly updated and lined up the accounting procedures to the legislations in force.
As early as February, the Intrastat services, annual VAT statement, F24 (for Italy) and tax journals (for Bulgaria) were updated in order for them to be in line with the most recent legislative amendments. Just one month later, end of March, the Service Pack 3 for 3.0 was released with further adjustments for the Intrastat statement.

Some might say  “hazy lazy April”…but not for Microarea!!! By mid April all End Users with valid MLU service can download the new release: 3.1. Over 50 product improvements of which several highly important, ranging from the factoring management all the way to the consistent performance improvement of various features (web utilisation, Saas mode, etc.)
May was the month in which the Service Pack 1 for 3.1 has come to life, introducing several new features connected to the accounting sphere and report generator integrated with (Woorm).

Summer came along, and so did the new release for (in July to be precise) which became available for download, release named 3.2. Consistent legislative updates for the management of the transactions with tax privileged countries (the so-called black list), and the full support of the Oracle database 11g R2, are two of the many improvements that have been provided.

Once summer had gone by (together with the holidays), came September bringing alongside the Service Pack 1 for 3.2: several updates improved the product ergonometrically.    

In October, the SP2 came into being: a very interesting Service Pack in regards to the various legal amendments for Italy, Switzerland and Romania. Clearly, further improvements were made available, providing benefits to the users belonging to every country served by Microarea. 

New legislative updates in December with the SP3. Italy, Switzerland and Poland are the main countries that have enjoyed the benefits brought about by the most recent legislative improvements. Furthermore, there have been countless improvements enjoyed by the users of all nations: worthy of mention is the increase in performance obtained on the MRP algorithm, allowing (under certain conditions) the latter to increase its speed up to five times as much!

Looking back in time has allowed us to retrace the year 2010 along with the useful (not to say fundamental) new product features provided by Microarea in In order for you to be always up to date, all you need is to make sure that your Microarea Live Update service is active. 

In case you were one of the few End Users not covered by a valid MLU service, do not waste one more second: call the Microarea International Sales Department or get in touch with your local Microarea reseller in order to find out how important and convenient it is to be always up to date! 

1 year of MLU = 250 new features in Mago.Net!

30 January 2010 by fperricone

 250 novità per Mago.<i>net</i> nel 2009

During 2009 Microarea released numerous, important innovations for Discover the tangible benefits offered by the MLU (Microarea Live Update) service!

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

It would be enough to mention a number...or better still a release: 3.0! The latest version of offered to all users with active MLU and no cost for the download, this is already a good reason in itself why thousands of companies have made the right choice to keep their MLU active!

In 2009, 8 software updates were published among Service Pack and Release (from 2.12 SP1 on 11 February to 3.0 on 20 November): an update every month and a half! A significant commitment from Microarea to ensure that Users who have subscribed to MLU always have an updated product that performs and offers an increasingly pleasurable and profitable user experience!

Summarizing the most important improvements here, choosing from among over 250 that were implemented in 2009, is not easy! Let’s give it a try!

On the theme of fiscal changes, the Transport Card was introduced in 2009 and Microarea, with the 2.13 Service Pack 3, has provided an innovations package that allows you to obtain all the information required on all the column divisions used to accompany the goods.

In the administrative-accounting area, the plafond management has been made more precise and flexible at the same time, for example it is also possible to consider documents to be received entered in the Forecast Accounting.
Automatically managed long-term accruals and deferrals are without doubt a great help to the person in charge of bookkeeping. Reassessment on the date of the accounts operated in foreign currency and the customer/supplier entries with the possibility to interactively choose the accounts/entries to be reassessed is really convenient!

In the logistics area, a batch procedure linked to picking lists makes creating the accompanying documents faster and more secure than ever.
Availability concerning the individual deposit is even more simple and immediate, and can be obtained directly while entering a discharge document: just open the pull-down menu associated with the article being entered!
The agent can also be managed at the clients’ branch level (other locations): greater adaptability to the variegated managements of the Commercial Officials.

The short paragraph dedicated to manufacturing opens with an introduction of the E.C.O. (Engineering Change Order) feature that allows the changes on each bill of materials to be checked, through a kind of workflow, keeping its history!
For improved job production cost control, the link between reject and batch can be kept.
Management of the Make or Buy policy for the material components offers a further tool for carrying out production in the most appropriate way at any given moment.
The possibility of managing production using the Kanban method is another "gem" that was added to in 2009: it can really help to simplify the production process!

The Tools & Technologies section opens with the new WEB interface that allows full, secure and fast use of from a remote location: you just need a PC or smartphone connected to the Internet!
The new Windows user interface greatly improves the user experience and productivity of each individual user: file card or free management always ensures the best solution for every requirement.
Continuous improvement of performances, new functions for WOORM (report maker integrated in in order to obtain reports with increasingly useful and profitable graphic and functional features.

A very quick round-up that does not do justice to the huge amount of work carried out on You are invited to access the download area of the Microarea website to discover details of the innovations implemented.

To access the download area, so you can update, simply subscribe to the Microarea Live Update service.

In 2009, those who had active M.L.U. were able to benefit from over 250 innovations, always prompt compliance with the law, a brand-new 3.0, hundreds of e-learning courses and access to the Microarea Community Forums!
If your M.L.U. is not active, don’t wait any longer: call your local Microarea Reseller to discover the convenience of always being up-to-date!

1 year with the MLU: more than 300 improvements for Italian and foreign market introduced in Mago.Net in 2008!

27 January 2009 by szarino


by Fabrizio Perricone

The Microarea Live Update is a service that lets you keep your up-to-date, use the on-line training library (totally free of charge!) and all other services available in the Microarea site.

More than 300 improvements for Italian and foreign market introduced in in 2008!
More than 100 e-learning courses always and everywhere available!
Not only changes related to law requirements but also many new features for make your work easy and efficient. Periodic updates delivered by Microarea can always be abreast with the latest technology available: improved performance and increased security are the main benefits of being always technologically up-to-date!
I’d like to mention a couple of improvements for application area among the myriad of those implemented in the past year, just to give an idea of the importance that the MLU has for the product.
In the Financials area the new module "XBRL Balance” allows for the generation of the balance in electronic data interchange format mandatory for companies in Italy that must submit the balance to the chamber of commerce, also useful for those who are not bound by law. The IBAN management is a new fundamental feature.
For the Logistics area the creation of two modules in a single year is truly remarkable! A new module allows to manage manage the WEEE contribution and another module (Quality Inspection) provides the tools to ensure adherence to specific standards of quality of products purchased from suppliers.
In the Manufacturing area a new feature allows to use XML files to import and export data of picking on manufacturing picking list and the control panel that provides a complete and flexible tool to manage the production cycle very effective!
The certification of compatibility with Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 allow to perfectly understand how Microarea is always careful to offer solutions that allow to exploit the latest technology available on the market!
Thanks to e-learning courses to users with active MLU can discover in detail every single feature of familiar with the product to maximize the results of your work, without wasting time (and money ...) to perform operations, using in a comprehensive manner, can be performed with ease and precision.
Users that subscribed the MLU service benefited in 2008 not only of all the innovations introduced in in the past year but also for new services provided for free by Microarea!
Remember that since January 12th this year the Microarea Community Forum is available. From July 1st only users with active MLU can join the community and enjoy the benefits that this new tool for sharing experiences and collaboration allows to get!
For any further information about Microarea Products and Services or to subscribe the MLU service, you can contact Microarea at or its Local Reseller Partner.

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