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25 May 2015 by vsalaris

Microarea: new mobile friendly website

Microarea Website has been further improved, to make your navigation from Mobile even more enjoyable!

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Microarea has recently refined the new responsive layout of its website, so you can browse the pages of www.microarea.it anytime and anywhere: thus you have all the information you need, in full mobility.

Microarea Website has also passed with flying colors the test of compatibility with mobile devices developed by Google. According to its new policy, Google rewards the sites designed to work at the best even on mobile devices; these virtuous sites are inevitably destined to rise to the top of the search results.

The choice is linked to the change in accessing the web, certified by many studies: nearly 60% of the online traffic comes from mobile devices and the proportion is set to rise to 70% in 2020 (comScore data). It’s indeed taking place sort of a “passing of the baton” widely announced, regard to which Microarea wanted to keep pace. Nevertheless, many people fear this change: according to SumAll research, 67% percent of the first Fortune’s companies is not "mobile friendly".

But you have not to worry: you can find Microarea content ranked among the most interesting and high quality sites, because Microarea website is optimized for an effective displaying on any mobile device. Try the new browsing experience on your tablet, smartphone or iPad and ... good mobile navigation!

Welcome to the new Microarea website!

8 April 2015 by vsalaris

website april 2015  

We are happy to introduce you the new Microarea website: more fresh, more direct, more light....more  your! 

Edited by Marketing Department

Microarea renews its website, providing it with improved accessibility and in line with the latest web-graphic trends.

Starting from home page and in all the pages of the site, the graphics are completely new, to provide you a streamlined tool, even more intuitive in consultation.

You'll notice that the information is organized as always: so you can explore the site as usual, while living a new browsing experience and the most relaxing visit!

Accessibility is optimized also for mobile surfing: responsive design makes the layout suitable to the environment in which the site is displayed, allowing you to always have content and information at your fingertips.

Explore the new Microarea website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter: we will listen to your suggestions and tips, to get better and better!

Microarea Blog: 2014 Top Five

20 January 2015 by vsalaris

top 5 posts 2014  

As every new year beginning, here we are to make a quick evaluation of the most- liked posts of this blog in 2014. Let us find out the most successful topics.

Edited by Marketing Department

We go right to the heart of the "top 5" posts, the most appreciated by users in 2014!

Going backwards, in fifth place we have the February deepening dedicated to Mago.net 3.9 Service Pack 7, with administrative and financial news concerning SEPA Direct Debit and the Multipurpose Communication, as well as different foreign localizations.

It ranks fourth the analysis of the solutions provided to align your Company with Electronic Invoicing regulations, published in May ahead of the regulatory deadline of June 6, 2014. Since that date, electronic invoicing has become mandatory with regard of the central public administration: no surprise, then, to discover the success of the post that presented the solutions to meet the rules!

We go now to the third step of our podium, occupied by the guidelines for Electronic Invoicing, focused on the principles that regulate the procedure. In this post of March, we have tried to shed light on the mechanisms underlying the legal framework, highlighting the positive aspects of regulatory obligation, in terms of opportunities and savings associated with the new invoicing method.

In second position is once again a topic related to e-invoicing legislation, linked to FEPAConnector. Mago.net FEPAConnector is the module able to create a two-way dialogue with the Zucchetti E-Invoicing software FatturaElettronicaPA. The module is part of Mago.net 3.9.9, and allows you to delegate to FatturaElettronicaPA the entire transmission flow of invoices to Public Administration. The process is simple and accurate thanks to a perfect alignment of the products. Hence, with your Mago.net you have a full service on which rely for  properly invoicing towards Public Administration.

And the winner is ... Mago.net 3.10! Yes, the second last release of your ERP software had great success on the blog, certainly because of the over 120 improvements and new features in all areas. The three Mago.net 3:10 new modules - Barcode Manager, Manufacturing Mobile and Advanced Bank Management - have met with great interest, deserving individual insights into dedicated posts.

We end this ranking with a brief consideration. It is clear that the most followed topics in 2014 were concerning practical information related to tax compliance and regulatory requirements, further confirming the practical utility of Microarea blog. It is evident that users and partners correctly perceive this appointment: the blog is a tool able to keep you updated and give you helpful and clear guidelines, even in the intricate current context.

Follow the blog and interact with Microarea social network even in 2015! Not to miss a post, subscribe to Mago.net News newsletter: so you will be sure to timely receive focused insights and previews of great interest about the features and the evolution of your Mago.net ERP.

If you are not yet a user Mago.net, but you are interested in finding out more, leave your reference and we will contact you soon.

2013 Greatest Hits: Microarea blog top 5

21 January 2014 by vsalaris


How  was 2013? Which were the "most highly rated" posts rated by users on Microarea blog? Here's the annual list of the 5 most popular services among those appearing on Microarea Chronicles!

Edited by Marketing Department

January: a new year begins, the old one is over. Traditionally, this is time for evaluation and so is also for Microarea blog. Opening 2014, here we are to rank the articles you more appreciated during the past year. So let’s see the list updated for visitors traffic on blog pages and monthly links to Mago.net News newsletter.

Mago.net pluses analysis is placed in fifth position. The topic is closely related to the PDF brochure and to the short, dynamic online video spots on Microarea YouTube channel. The spots are a visual overview of strong points, guidelines and strategic principles by which Mago.net meets the needs in each business sector.

Fourth place is assigned to Mago.net 3.9 Service Pack 1 chronicle, with its over 10 new features offered at the beginning of 2013, such as adjustments concerning perishable goods management, Enasarco calculation, currencies fixing automatic updating and much more.

Next, rich Service Pack 2 article follows on the heels, in third position. SP2 set a record with over 30 updates in many different sectors including Article 62, WMS, documents electronic archiving.

The second place is occupied by a difficult subject, though introduced with simplicity. We’re talking about the fundamentals explanation of Tax Agency tools called Tax Communication (Italian Spesometro) and Income Communication (Italian Redditometro). The basic elements of this very topical and interesting issue are  explained in order to help you disentangling among legislation.

The 2013 winner, in first position, is the October article about Service Pack 4 and 5, an extensive summary of Mago.net 3.9 latest improvements and additional features. This double Service Pack main innovation is a useful and important updates set designed to meet Tax agency requests and to be up-to-date with the latest tax matters instances.

During 2013 users have therefore paid great attention especially to updates and product upgrades notes, these aspects being often linked to legal fulfillments. This result is an important information to let Microarea blog meet readers’ interest, addressing gripping topics and providing more and more useful information for business productivity.

That way Microarea website keeps its benchmark role, with a decisive and up-to-date informative connection between company, users, partners and web surfers. We must especially highlight its function in informing and updating about Mago.net new features, while general interest topics and specific solutions are in-depth analyzed.

Microarea information is permanent and updated, so keep following Microarea Chronicles during 2014! If you have not done yet, subscribe now Mago.net newsletter and connect to Microarea profiles on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. You will realize these are the perfect tools to improve your business keeping up with all latest news, updates, curiosities and tips in an immediate and active way.

Manufacturing is under total control thanks to Mago.net

23 December 2013 by vsalaris


Do you need a tool to efficiently plan and manage manufacturing? Mago.net is the right solution for you. Find it out on YouTube! 

Edited by Marketing Department 

A new commercial completely dedicated to production is online on Microarea YouTube channel. The spot straight explains and summarizes the benefits of the accurate planning guaranteed by Mago.net.

Factors coming into play in manufacturing are really complicated. In spite of their extreme complexity, Mago.net is able to support this delicate stage of your business thanks to its extreme simplicity and flexibility.

Manufacturing module helps you in warehouse supplying, in system management and in delivery schedules, while reducing risks associated with too rigid and hardly controllable working systems... for efficiency and timeliness benefits.

Thanks to Mago.net everything is always under control, from single item production cost monitoring, through inventory management and sales prices generation until lot tracking. You can now forget about problems and delays that too often plague production step. You just have to immediately start increasing your company productivity thanks to Mago.net manufacturing planning module, designed to reduce waiting times and costs, and improve profitability.

Discover the benefits of versatile, powerful and optimized Mago.net manufacturing module: please take a look to the video commercials on Microarea YouTube channel and feel free to leave a comment about it!

Or would you like a custom demo, in order to make sure that Mago.net is perfect also for your production management? If so, please leave your details and we will be glad to contact you back as soon as possible.

Milan, 23-25 October 2013: happy 50th birthday to SMAU

6 November 2013 by vsalaris


On October 25th ended SMAU’s fiftieth edition. Three days dedicated to innovation, business and ITC professionals.

Edited by Marketing Department

SMAU is already half a century old, but it doesn’t show its age at all: the most important Italian ITC and technology innovation happening is renewing every year. SMAU always represents the ultimate site where you can analyze new technologies benefits.

As always, the events and appointments agenda was very busy, during the three days exhibition in Milan. In this way SMAU fulfilled its core mission: it’s confirmed that the event is the preferential location where Companies and innovation and digital solution suppliers can meet.

In this context that Zucchetti Group's stand intensely worked, welcoming visitors and operators and proposing innovative content and solutions to business needs.

Among the players, 12 prominent Microarea Partners from all over Italy made themselves totally available to the public to provide, explain and demonstrate customized, effective and fully efficient strategies. The innovation offered by Zucchetti Group team at SMAU represents a concrete strategic lever to help SMEs accelerating their business.

For SMAU 50th birthday, thus, a pleasing gift was at Zucchettis’ exhibition space: the right people to talk to, the right technologies to work with.

To recall the key stages about SMAU Milan 2013, please have a look (and, why not, leave a comment!) at the short on line video on Zucchetti YouTube Channel.

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