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25 January 2017 by vsalaris

Mago4 Blog

Mago4 website collects and hosts more and more information about your ERP, helping you to be up-to-date on all Mago news and features.

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As you know, the website entirely dedicated to Mago4 ERP is active for some time now, along with the websites dedicated to Taskbuilder Studio and Taskbuilder Framework.

The news is that we have made an overall restyling also on www.microarea.it website; on this occasion several descriptive pages were transferred to www.mago4.com, to ensure uniformity of presentation and completeness of the offering information.

So, if browsing on this site you feel that "something is missing" ... take a look on the Mago4 site and give it a chance: the information is all at your disposal, streamlined in the presentation and organized in a rational way.

You may also have noticed that even the contents of the blog "Microarea Chronicles" - the one you are reading now - are increasingly finding their adequate space on Mago4 blog: indeed more and more posts arepublished in that forum. If you think you have missed something, do not worry: the newsletter Mago4 News is published by exactly one year and reaches you on a monthly basis, with all the latest products and news from Zucchetti world, and it is designed to always point you in-depth sources for the covered topics.

This trend will be more and more confirmed in the future, until the one dedicated to Mago4 will remain as an active blog: so we suggest you visit the site www.mago4.com and follow its blog, never to miss a news!

See you on Mago4 blog!

Microarea website: news in Private Area

13 December 2016 by vsalaris

Private Area

It is available a rich documentation designed to help you in the porting from Mago.net to Mago4 and tips to make navigation even more enjoyable.

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Let's see all the latest news appeared in the Private Area on the Microarea website.

Mago ERP has always been open to the widest range of customizations, and ready to welcome the most varied vertical solutions.

What to do then in the transition from Mago.net to Mago4? How to properly perform the passage of components designed for Mago.net to the new solution? Porting can indeed be complex and expensive ... but fortunately this is not the case!

It's all very simple: you can proceed in complete autonomy and port by yourself your customizations and / or vertical solutions from Mago.net to Mago4, thanks to the resources available in Private Area on the Microarea website.

In Help Center you can indeed find many documents that explain in detail how to approach the architecture of Mago4 and perform the necessary procedures. You just have to sign in with your login and browse the available material.

By signing in to the Private Area, you'll notice also another new: a notification alerts you about the possibility to create your own list of favourite links.

To facilitate the access to the pages you use the most, in fact, you can now record the links you want to have always available. Every time you see the icon of a star next to the link of access to the Private Area pages, you can select it and add the page to your list of favourite links.

Your favorite links will be always at your fingertips, right from the Private Area login page.

What are you waiting for? Visit the Private Area and discover all the news.

Close Up: Mago & Zucchetti Balance solution

29 February 2016 by vsalaris

Close Up

Integrations between Mago and the galaxy of Zucchetti solutions continues to grow, today with an application dedicated to the budget management.

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You know very well that the integration between the ERP software Mago and Zucchetti solutions is a major asset in many ways, especially when it makes your ERP even more versatile, totally for free!

This is the case of the integration between Mago and the Zucchetti software Balance & Beyond, which allows you to manage the companies of which the accountant does not administer accountancy. In this case, in fact, the integration offers you an application that provides multiple solutions for all of the Budget management issues, with particular attention to features such as importing data from external files, manual entry of data, the possibility to customize your prints.

Balance & Beyond allows you to exchange with customer companies the reports that contain the data required for the preparation of the Financial Statements and the Explanatory Notes in XBRL format, simulating the tax burden and having fiscal tables that are preset and regularly updated with the regulations, also complete by historical accounting data.

Dialogue with Mago takes place thanks to the ability, typical of Balance & Beyond, to automatically import data from external files in multiple formats. Integration with Mago is free and can be activated in the administration console via the new module "exchange Accounting Records Balance & Beyond" (localized just for Italy and with the Accounting Module as a prerequisite).

Technically, the integration between these two programs occurs through an Excel file containing the account balances of Mago for a specified period, associated with the accounts of Balance & Beyond. Given that the structure of the plan of accounts is free in Mago, while the Balance & Beyond one is EU type, the correspondence of accounts is defined by a balance reclassification. The definition of the reclassification schema for Balance & Beyond is fully automatic, which means that the procedure, once defined the pattern, easily export the balances in an Excel file, regardless of the chart of accounts used by the company. The same process allows you to run a report to print the verification report of the file content or the detail of the reclassified balances.

The integration between Mago and Balance & Beyond is just one of the improvements of Mago4: follow the blog for further overviews.

Mago4 website is online

27 January 2016 by vsalaris


We are glad to introduce the new Mago4 website, entirely dedicated to the new ERP solution.

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Here's the news: on the product site you now can find all the information, news and materials related to your Mago4 ERP !

Mago4 is online with its dedicated website: visit www.mago4.com to find out new product fiunctions and explore the areas concerning description, plus, features, integrations.

The website is based on criteria of simplicity, adopting a fresh and eye-catching graphics. The information is made available clearly and functionally, and the request for additional information is always at hand.

The alignment to the latest web-graphic trends is able to give the new website enhanced accessibility, intuitive consultation and a pleasant and relaxing browsing.

Mago4 website is optimized for mobile browsing: the responsive web design adapts the layout to the environment in which the site is displayed, allowing you to always have on hand information and content.

The new website dedicated to Mago4 is entirely devoted to public access, but the restricted area is available at the usual path www.microarea.it.

Enjoy your navigation on www.mago4.com!

Mago4 is here!

18 December 2015 by vsalaris


Mago4 has been released: here we present the new suite designed to meet operational, development and business requirements in the field of business management.

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New features, new interfaces, new logo, new design, new markets to conquer. Starting from a renewed user experience and high performance, there are many innovations introduced by Mago4, the suite of ERP solutions designed to accurately and effectively manage all administrative and accounting tasks of commercial, industrial and service companies, of different size and operating in different markets.

The ERP Mago4 "inherits" from Mago.net the results of thirty years of experience in the development of ERP applications for the SME market, and succeeds in further improving a product that is already acknowledged for reliability and technological quality: in close cooperation with Zucchetti, Mago4 is integrated with the solutions of Infinity suite, the platform that encompasses an entire range of web applications (CRM, dms, e-commerce, hr application, etc.).

Mago4 is available in client / server and web mode and it shows its strengths in the high personalization capabilities that allows it to meet all of your needs, in the strong-effect user experience that allows an optimal use even from mobile devices, and in its strong international calling. Mago4 is indeed multi legislation, multilingual, multi-currency and multi company, and offers you accurate functional localization, adapting to any environment.

A major mission is here enhanced: with Mago4, Zucchetti is more and more able to point to the final customer by offering unmatched ERP software, and represent a landmark in the national and international IT market with regard to ERP solutions dedicated to the SMEs target... no accident if nowadays over 60,000 customers choose Zucchetti solutions.

Do you want to know Mago4 even better? If you are a Mago.net user please ask your dealer, otherwise please leave us your data, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

At the root of system: TaskBuilder Framework

12 November 2015 by vsalaris


Have you ever wondered how is it made your Mago ERP software? We will try to understand it together, analyzing the component of the Mago suite called TaskBuilder Framework

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The ERP is built on a support infrastructure called Framework, which we can define as the foundations of the system. Basically, the frameworks define the overall architecture of softwares; they are structures designed to support the developer in the creation of projects, facilitating the process of writing code and they follow strict rules. Mago4 supporting infrastructure is represented by Task Builder Framework (TBF): it is now a really independent environment, an application base that can be managed autonomously and is available on desktop and / or web platforms.

Why do we put stress on the concept of self-contained environment? Because the framework of the management has always existed, but with the new suite it is provided as an autonomous element, starting from which you can develop vertical solutions, add-ons and cross products embedded or stand-alone.

This is possible because TBF was founded as an implementable structure, able to specialize the base platform and hosting solutions and vertical, adding the necessary code. The great modularity of Mago4, for example, is a direct consequence of this architecture pattern.

We now see at a glance what TBF is offering you as the backbone of Mago4 business solution. Some components of TBF manage authentication, access processes and workflow (Single Sign–on, Resources management and Workflow Service), providing security on the access roles and automating procedures and business processes of any application developed with TBF. Even the familiar  Administration Console of your Mago.net turns out to be a "portion" of the framework: in Mago4 4 it is called Administration Service, but it continues to fully meet your needs of a centralized management through a single interface.

Thanks to TBF in Mago 4 there are messaging services - enhanced compared to the past - together with new collaboration tools (such as chat, balloon, agendas, notifications), called respectively Mail Services and Collaboration Services, available to applications developed with TBF.

The possibility of implementing targeted reports (thanks to TaskBuilder Studio) is definitely one of the most important features for an ERP product. To meet these needs, from the simplest to the most complex, TBF provides its powerful engine of report execution: Reporting Service.

With TBF, document management system has a new structure, transforming the previous Easy-Attachment module in more and more sophisticated DMS versions, that are completely disengaged from Mago4 because they cross all applications hosted by TBF. Even the security functions are managed by TBF; compared to the past, security administration is now enriched by semantic management (to restrict the display of data only to the pertaining ones) and by auditing (to learn about the activities of users and the corresponding history).

The function that allows you to schedule automatic sequence of procedures within your ERP is now called Job-scheduler; it is a Web-Service component of TBF, available from any client. It is also noteworthy that the tool formerly known as Magic Link, available to developers in order to integrate with Mago custom applications or verticals made with different technologies, is actually a basic component of TaskBuilder Framework open architecture. In its Web version TBF optimizes the loading of processes thanks to LoadBalancer, which takes full advantage of the integration with Windows Internet server. 

Do you want to know even better the foundations of Mago4? If you are a Mago.net user please ask your dealer, otherwise please leave us your data and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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