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13 December 2016 by vsalaris

Private Area

It is available a rich documentation designed to help you in the porting from Mago.net to Mago4 and tips to make navigation even more enjoyable.

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Let's see all the latest news appeared in the Private Area on the Microarea website.

Mago ERP has always been open to the widest range of customizations, and ready to welcome the most varied vertical solutions.

What to do then in the transition from Mago.net to Mago4? How to properly perform the passage of components designed for Mago.net to the new solution? Porting can indeed be complex and expensive ... but fortunately this is not the case!

It's all very simple: you can proceed in complete autonomy and port by yourself your customizations and / or vertical solutions from Mago.net to Mago4, thanks to the resources available in Private Area on the Microarea website.

In Help Center you can indeed find many documents that explain in detail how to approach the architecture of Mago4 and perform the necessary procedures. You just have to sign in with your login and browse the available material.

By signing in to the Private Area, you'll notice also another new: a notification alerts you about the possibility to create your own list of favourite links.

To facilitate the access to the pages you use the most, in fact, you can now record the links you want to have always available. Every time you see the icon of a star next to the link of access to the Private Area pages, you can select it and add the page to your list of favourite links.

Your favorite links will be always at your fingertips, right from the Private Area login page.

What are you waiting for? Visit the Private Area and discover all the news.

Improved after- sales service: the case of MPF

25 October 2016 by vsalaris

MPF success story

MPF has improved task management and optimized profitability thanks to Mago.net and vertical solutions developed by SIT.

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MPF SpA company operates since 1984 in the Office Automation and Information Technology sectors; it is also HP Partner First Platinum, as well as an established dealer in the Canon Business Center network.

MPF relies on Mago.net ERP and on the customization of the Platinum Partner SIT to suit its needs: increase profitability, monitor the company's operating costs and manage maintenance on the machines. SIT has indeed integrated the ERP Mago.net with specific customizations and vertical solutions Assistance Net and Assistance Web, for the complete management of After Sales and Rentals, contracts, calls, technical operations and planning.

Thanks to this perfect integration of specific solutions and base ERP, MPF has been equipped with a complete system for the management of rental, call / ticket, automated invoicing of contracts and operations, personnel, purchase documents and movements of stock. In 2016 SIT has also developed the App Technical Operations, that allows MPF to automate the technical management and technical assistance from Mobile, managing the data both on-line and off-line.

Thus, thanks to a single solution, integratedto the ERP Mago.net, technicians can close the action, see the activities to be carried out, download materials, timing and make the client digitally sign at the end of intervention. All this results into a number of important advantages in terms of administration: lightening the workload of the back office, reducing the margin of error and updating data in real time via the mobile.

Thanks to Mago.net and vertical solutions developed by SIT, MPF has found the ideal, simple and complete solution to meet its business needs ... But that's not all!

Please visit the section dedicated to Success Stories, to find out some of the companies that have achieved success in various sectors thanks to Mago.net.

Excellence on the territory thanks to Mago.net

23 December 2015 by vsalaris

CH Davimar

Davimar relies on Mago and its specific vertical solutions to ensure complete traceability.

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The company Davimar, SME in Chioggia, is an excellence of the territory. The company is active in the fishing industry since 30 years, and has achieved continuous growth; Davimar deals with the manufacture, processing and packaging fresh products, which is sent to supermarket chains and wholesalers in Italy and abroad.

Because of special processing of the raw material, Davimar needed to get the full internal traceability of the product, intended as the precise mapping of the location and history of the goods, from raw materials to shipping up to the consumer's table.

All of this is indeed required by EC Regulation 178/2002 of 2005, which defines the principles that the players of the food supply chain are expected to follow to protect the consumer, in terms of safety and legality. The companies are therefore required by law to maintain the internal traceability. In the specific case of Davimar, the raw material reaches the company with a weight that decreases after cleaning: this variation must be detectable at each step. That's why the partner 2M Servizi proposed to Davimar the adoption of K-Logistic, the software for warehouse logistics verticalized by partner Kirio on ERP Mago.net, already in use in the company. This solution, fully integrated with Mago, provided Davimar with a detailed mapping of all processes of traceability, from the warehouse to the production, to the generation of delivery notes and shipping. The "K-Logistic" project is constantly evolving and is updated and "customized" whenever new regulations to follow are issued; to meet the needs of product traceability it was also installed the K-Personal vertical of Mago.net (Kfish module).

Thanks to Mago.net and its vertical, Davimar is therefore able to quickly respond to the European standards, as well as to the peculiarities of its processing: products are tracked from start to finish, their location and their production status are known and recognizable.

The automatic recording and validation of all activities and processes has obvious positive effects, recorded by Davimar as a high error reduction and a resulting operational and cost optimization.

Davimar’s one is just one of the many stories of companies that have achieved success thanks to Mago.net and its flexibility: you can find them all in the section of Microarea website to understand how Mago.net meets the most diverse business needs. If you also want to tell us your experience with Mago ERP, please contact your reference dealer to propose a case history: the next case study could be the one of your company!

Mosaico for Mago.net is waiting for you at MCM 2015

21 October 2015 by vsalaris

Fiera manutenzione Verona

Micron, Microarea Platinum Partner, is pleased to invite you to MCM 2015, the reference event for professionals in industrial maintenance and asset management.

Edited by Marketing Department

This year the maintenance world is meeting again in Verona on 27 and 28 October for the ninth edition of MCM. MCM is the conference and exhibition dedicated to the industrial maintenance, with the participation of hundreds of companies of the sector, providing an important opportunity to develop business contacts and professional updating for maintenance managers, engineers, technicians, maintenance workers, installers and many more. Now in its ninth year, MCM combines an exhibition with a training component; 6,700 professionals and 132 exhibiting companies attended the last edition.

The Platinum Partner Micron will be at stand 122 with the vertical solution Mosaico for Mago.net.

On this prominent occasion, Micron will present his product for the maintenance sector, developed entirely on Microsoft .NET technology. Mosaico.net is part of a project to simplify and manage contracts for maintenance and service, including calendar of technicals’ appointments / commitments, planned maintenance, preparation of the confirmation report of intervention, followed by the issuance of the invoice for services provided and renewals.

Mosaico.net is a fully integrated system with your ERP Mago.net, thus capable of a high degree of customization, modular and fully configurable. By creating predefined templates, the Mago.net vertical allows you to streamline the paper – based management of contracts and subsequent commitments, and can be used remotely via the Web or mobile.

If you want to learn more about the Micron vertical Mosaico.net, please refer to the dedicated page in Mago.net ecosystem, or visit www.micronsrl.net, from which you can download your free ticket to MCM 2015.

Romexpo Bucharest: good reasons for a visit

29 September 2015 by vsalaris

Internet&Mobile World, Bucarest 2015

Bucharest, 7-8 October 2015. The fourth edition of Internet & Mobile World will take place in the Central Pavilion of Romexpo Bucharest and expects over 7300 business participants. 

Edited by Marketing Department

Internet & Mobile World 2015 (IMWorld 2015) is the biggest B2B event in Romania. IMWorld is dedicated to digital, mobile and software solutions. Now in its 4th edition, IMWorld, posted an average annual growth rate of 31% since its launch.

The event is scheduled to take place on October, 7-8 and will host over 135 local and regional companies who will bring in public’s attention latest generation business solutions, with focus on innovation. In the same time, IMWorld 2015 will bring in front of the business and general public over 120 international and local speakers, which will share their know-how on IMWorld’s stages. There are 4 stages: in addition to the Main Stage, you will find Business Software Stage, Digital & E-commerce Stage and – new in 2015 – Developers Stage.

According to Alexandra Dabu, Project Manager IMWorld 2015 (source: blog IMWorld), The novelties brought by IMWorld this year are the start-ups section and the special stage where the latest trends in mobile apps and web apps development will be presented. Romania is already recognized globally for its IT specialists and for their ability to innovate in terms of software, mobile and online app: IMWorld wants to offer them the possibility to present their innovative ideas. In the same time, IMWorld 2015 can be a launch opportunity for local start-ups and it will support and develop the concept “Romania – regional tech hub. The Country, among all countries in CEE, has indeed the best perspectives to bring added value, even at international level, to the internet & mobile sector.

As you know, Mago.net is traditionally present in Romania, with a complete localization, in line with the opportunities opened up by the ERP on the international scene. Romania is in fact one of the seven countries in which Microarea ERP is perfectly adapted to the linguistic, currency and regulatory context. The growing presence of Mago.net in Romania led to broaden the experience of international development in business software, while consolidating knowledge and know-how related to the local market.

Because of its leading role as in business software in Romania, Zucchetti Group could not miss this event: Mago.net will be present at IMWorld 2015 at stand B16. A central position chosen to present the leading ERP on the international scenario with live demo sessions, and to offer to users, decision makers, managers, marketing professionals and IT the most advanced technological solutions in the ERP field.

On this occasion Mago.net addresses the Romanian market, but not only that. The ERP is in fact able to fully embrace all the current needs of internationalization: if your company is expanding in international markets, or if you're thinking in foreign locations for your business, you can satisfy your needs with Mago.net, the international ERP. Lined up to any tax rule, Mago.net has complete multicurrency support and a multilingual management of both the description of the data and the user interface, to support the growth of your business beyond national borders.

Learn more about the presence of Mago.net to the last edition of the event. For all details on the imminent opening of IMWorld 2015 you can instead refer to the official website.

Italian companies abroad: status and prospects

23 July 2015 by vsalaris

mago.net for internationalization

An official report speaks of an increase in the internationalization of Italian companies in the last three years, also in terms of a general trend. 

Edited by Marketing Department

The statistics of recent years confirm the significant and geographically widespread presence of Italian multinationals abroad. We are speaking of 21,830 companies in 160 countries, employing over 1.7 million workers and generating a turnover of EUR 546 billion. Italian companies, net of financial services, realize overseas sales accounting for 14.8% of the total produced by companies resident in Italy.

ISTAT (National Italian Institute of Statistics) shows, compared to 2011, an expansion in terms of employees (+ 3.3%) and in revenue (+ 7.1%). It therefore confirms the trend towards increasing internationalization of the Italian economy, driven by the major multinational groups and more pronounced in the services (63.5%) than in industry (54.1%). Foreign industrial affiliates, however, have major economic importance, as they employ over one million workers and generate nearly 300 billion turnover. The industrial sectors with the highest degree of internationalization are the mining and quarrying, manufacture of motor vehicles and trailers, manufacture of rubber and plastic products, the supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning and preparation of pharmaceutical preparations.

In terms of employees, the United States is the main country of location of both the industrial activities (nearly 124,000) and services (almost 102,000). In industry, Romania and Brazil are following - respectively over 89 and 88 thousand employees -, while for services, Germany (almost 74,000) and Spain (over 41,000) follow. In the analysis by region, the European Union remains the main area of localization of Italian multinationals abroad, with 57.9% of companies, 41.5% of employees and 53.9% of sales. The firms specialized in the fields typical of Made in Italy are concentrated mainly in Romania, with almost 47,000 employees, and in China (over 14,000 employees).

In summary, we can draw some conclusions. Internationalization is growing, with investments that favor particularly the European Union and a significant share of turnover exported to Italy in the fields of Made in Italy. Entering new markets is the primary motivation for the new investments, which have as their main objective the production of goods and services.

It must be said that a process of internationalization must be properly supported and enhanced by appropriate IT tools. In this scenario, it is therefore crucial to have an ERP system that can follow the company in its process of internationalization, to support it in the search for new business opportunities and access to new markets.

Structured since its inception to fit any location, Mago.net is the ideal ERP to operate in the international arena, because it is able to fully grasp the needs of globalization of companies, today and tomorrow. Natively ready for internationalization, capable of high-level localization, Mago.net operates successfully in the international market since over twelve years. Its user interface is multilingual, it can be used by users of different languages even within the same corporate network; also it allows you to enter the most of descriptive data in multiple languages, to compile documents and reports to be sent or to be consulted by foreign clients or partners. Mago.net also boasts a comprehensive muti-currency support, with which you can handle amounts in different currencies at the level of single document. Finally, it is localized to suit the tax regulations of different European and non-European countries, to allow a company with multiple subsidiaries or production sites to use the same information system. Mago.net is also able to manage all business processes in any business sector (production, trade or services), including those most active on the international stage.

The consolidated experience of Mago.net in foreign markets (operating in ten languages and present in seven countries in terms of regulations) allows to develop functional localizations highly specialized, to support your needs for growth and globalization.

By virtue of its international vocation, the ERP Mago.net opens the business of every day to new and important global perspectives, with the quality and professionalism as ever.

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