Romexpo Bucharest: good reasons for a visit

29 September 2015 by vsalaris

Internet&Mobile World, Bucarest 2015

Bucharest, 7-8 October 2015. The fourth edition of Internet & Mobile World will take place in the Central Pavilion of Romexpo Bucharest and expects over 7300 business participants. 

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Internet & Mobile World 2015 (IMWorld 2015) is the biggest B2B event in Romania. IMWorld is dedicated to digital, mobile and software solutions. Now in its 4th edition, IMWorld, posted an average annual growth rate of 31% since its launch.

The event is scheduled to take place on October, 7-8 and will host over 135 local and regional companies who will bring in public’s attention latest generation business solutions, with focus on innovation. In the same time, IMWorld 2015 will bring in front of the business and general public over 120 international and local speakers, which will share their know-how on IMWorld’s stages. There are 4 stages: in addition to the Main Stage, you will find Business Software Stage, Digital & E-commerce Stage and – new in 2015 – Developers Stage.

According to Alexandra Dabu, Project Manager IMWorld 2015 (source: blog IMWorld), The novelties brought by IMWorld this year are the start-ups section and the special stage where the latest trends in mobile apps and web apps development will be presented. Romania is already recognized globally for its IT specialists and for their ability to innovate in terms of software, mobile and online app: IMWorld wants to offer them the possibility to present their innovative ideas. In the same time, IMWorld 2015 can be a launch opportunity for local start-ups and it will support and develop the concept “Romania – regional tech hub. The Country, among all countries in CEE, has indeed the best perspectives to bring added value, even at international level, to the internet & mobile sector.

As you know, is traditionally present in Romania, with a complete localization, in line with the opportunities opened up by the ERP on the international scene. Romania is in fact one of the seven countries in which Microarea ERP is perfectly adapted to the linguistic, currency and regulatory context. The growing presence of in Romania led to broaden the experience of international development in business software, while consolidating knowledge and know-how related to the local market.

Because of its leading role as in business software in Romania, Zucchetti Group could not miss this event: will be present at IMWorld 2015 at stand B16. A central position chosen to present the leading ERP on the international scenario with live demo sessions, and to offer to users, decision makers, managers, marketing professionals and IT the most advanced technological solutions in the ERP field.

On this occasion addresses the Romanian market, but not only that. The ERP is in fact able to fully embrace all the current needs of internationalization: if your company is expanding in international markets, or if you're thinking in foreign locations for your business, you can satisfy your needs with, the international ERP. Lined up to any tax rule, has complete multicurrency support and a multilingual management of both the description of the data and the user interface, to support the growth of your business beyond national borders.

Learn more about the presence of to the last edition of the event. For all details on the imminent opening of IMWorld 2015 you can instead refer to the official website. and the great events in October

26 November 2014 by vsalaris


During last month, Microarea partecipated with ERP at two big events, confirming its presence on the international scenario.

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Let’s live again in chronological order the two happenings to which Microarea and took part in October.

Between October 8 and 9 the scene is the emerging Romanian market. In Bucharest, at Romexpo Bucharest fair, there was Internet & Mobile World third edition.

Internet & Mobile World is a major B2B event in ITC field and its main players are the most important companies in crucial sector such as Software Development, ERP, Mobile & Apps, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Social Media e Cloud.

More than 130 companies participated, giving life to a very encouraging environment for business. Inside this scenario, there was more than 60 presentations and several high-level workshops that brought together local and international expertise.

This year, in particular, Romexpo was populated by events and exhibitions in Business Software, Marketing Technologies e Mobile & Apps sectors. The event launched a real network between exhibitors and the 80.000 visitors. The most part of visitors were decision makers and upper management in ITC and Marketing. was there! Following the non-stop growth of its ERP, for both efficiency and users, Microarea took part to the event to update its customers and welcome the new ones!

At Microarea-Zucchetti stand, designed for, the staff presented product demonstrations, suggesting customized solutions for the most different business needs, dialoguing with users and visitors. You can take a look to the stand visiting Microarea Facebook page!

After few days, the scene is Milano. Between 22 and 24 October, the unmissable appointment with innovation is at SMAU! Managers and entrepreneurs in these 3 days met 200 startup and research centers, attended more than 300 workshops and discovered 500 technological news proposed by ITC specialists.

Here in Milan 9 Microarea prominent Partners populated the great Zucchetti Village with workstations dedicated to their solutions.

2C Service, Antos, Centro Sistemi Treviso, Hand Made, Link Management, Micron, Project++, Sabicom and Tecnobiemme presented inside the Village the resources of their vertical solutions developed to better integrate with companies needs.

The Partners implemented the better formulas to engage public with product presentations and in-depth analysis, interactive and customized demos, able to highlight the countless opportunities to increase productivity and competitiveness of any company.

The appointment in Milan is by now a historical one that highly convinced both exhibitors and visitors and promises fruitful and positive repercussions for both parties.

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Microarea gambles and wins the challenge on the international scenarios

27 May 2011 by vsalaris

Microarea per la Bulgaria  

Microarea believes and bets on the potential offered by the international economy throughout the services provided in the various nations, obtaining an overall established consensus, enhanced visibility and a constant growth beyond the Italian borders.  

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Amongst the various targets that Microarea pursues, the chief one is to create new development opportunities. Whilst being well aware of the efforts set forth in identifying the potentials existing in the international market, Microarea is proud to stand up and hold a first class position within the international scenario. The tangible feedback proving the extent in which Microarea trusts the international market is represented by the success determined by years of interesting cooperation brought forward by national and international companies, witnessed also by a steady growth within the 5 countries in which Microarea operates

A natural consequence of this extremely positive trend is the creation of a rock solid and productive relationship that Microarea has been able to establish with Bulgaria, giving way to new opportunities within a rapidly growing economy: another winning challenge that proved right the expectations towards the dynamic and active Bulgarian reality. Bulgaria confirms to be the country, besides Italy, that has generated the greatest number of contacts towards the Microarea website: more than 7000 clicks registered in 2010!   

The result achieved is impressive and the opportunity provided unique: the companies, as well as the branches, in Bulgaria face the possibility of increasing and optimizing their activity by taking advantage of the strategies based on The usage experience of witnessed by the companies in Bulgaria has proved to be extremely positive and advantageous: throughout the Microarea Partners, operating within the Bulgarian soil, the local companies can enjoy the benefits brought about by a product in line with the national legislation in force and available in the local language.

Microarea relies on a series of initiatives that aim towards making increasingly visible the advantageous offered and ensured by a great deal of attention is assigned to the software within the Stara Zagora (a highly active district) Chamber of Commerce website. The commercial portal of the region is enriched by useful links and close examinations wishing to present to the remarkable Bulgarian entrepreneurial class the winning moves set forth by Microarea thanks to the product  

The presence of local resellers and Italian Partners (who have decided to invest in the foreign market in order to offer their noteworthy experience beyond the national borders) provides an active cooperation in between Bulgarian and Italian companies, a cooperation that moves along preferential track and within a country that is growingly attractive to investors and entrepreneurs

Microarea and its Partners walk along the same road, with passion and enthusiasm, wishing to create a growing business environment whilst establishing solid relationships that aim towards the development and promotion of those international realities that are ready to live, work and invest in accessible, transparent and quality services.

The Foreign market: an excellent business opportunity

29 September 2010 by nazam

The Foreign market: an excellent business opportunity

The foreign market represents an excellent opportunity for your business growth.
Microarea makes available in 10 languages and conforming to the legislations in force in the various European countries.  

by Fabrizio Perricone
     Product Marketing Manager

The difference existing between a “normal” company and a “successful” company, more than often, is given by the entrepreneurial ability to drive your investments along the right road.

Lately, a large number of Italian companies have decided to invest their money in East European countries. The European market is highly competitive, and the possibility of gaining access to countries which until few years ago were considered “off limits” or quite “hard” to reach, now offers excellent opportunities of business growth.

Microarea, throughout, sets forth on the market an all-round and flexible tool for the investment management in foreign countries. Ten languages available and five specific fiscal localisations: is the perfect choice to make sure that your company is sure of using the same management tool in Italy as well as abroad.

Over 200 companies in Hungary, Romania, Poland, Switzerland and Bulgaria use daily to manage all of their corporate operations at the very best. There is large number of Italian companies that use within their HQ (Headquarters) in Italy as well as in their subsidiaries abroad: this allows you to keep under control your business also thousands of kilometres away.

Being connected via Internet to your remote server with EasyLook, or managing the exchange of data off-line in XML with a scheduled and automatic approach, are both examples of how is able to remove distances and bring close by also the utmost remote installation.

Bulgaria...A constantly growing market!

28 May 2010 by nazam

One of the targets that Microarea wishes to pursue is increase the number of business opportunities for its Partners and End Users.
The commitment towards reaching such goal is turned into practice also throughout the perpetual expansion in the international market.

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

The rendezvous which took place the 20th of May, in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria), provided to many local SMEs the opportunity to uncover the high quality of the ERP management software as well as the professional competence of the Microarea Partners.

The most important local TV channel, along with the press, provided the event with an excellent degree of visibility. The Gold Partner ACTIM from Stara Zagora (represented by the CEO Ralitsa Kulezich) and the local Chamber of Commerce planned and organised the event in every single detail, achieving an important result from an attendance point of view: 40 participating companies!
Apart from the Partner ACTIM, also the Gold Partner Magoarea (embodied by the CEO Tsvetan Kazakov) and the Microarea International Channel Manager (Réka Ujj) provided a highly significant contribute towards the successful outcome of the event.

The participants showed great interest, particularly in relation to the administrative management and manufacturing management made available by Greatly appreciated also the technology standing behind the product and ensuring an excellent usage experience (essential towards the productivity enhancement of each single end user), the “outward” openness offered by the platform and Magic Link (SaaS technology), and the strong customisation flexibility guaranteed by the integrated report generator (Woorm). 

The event lasted four hours, time that has flown by with no hesitation: matter of discussion have been the importance of the ERP software for every company, and the fundamental role that the business Partner (Microarea reseller) plays by advising and implementing the customised system in each user company. The remaining time allowed providing a swift tour of and the presentation of various “success stories” in order to match the deeds to words.

An accountant, attending the presentation, brought to the attention of everyone the fact that his job in jeopardy “due” to the atomisation and simplification that provides to the administration management! Clearly the latter was said “for a laugh”, but still it helps to demonstrate just how much the support that provides to all the company departments has been understood and appreciated

The Stara Zagora Chamber of Commerce website provides the possibility to view the article regarding the event jointly with the video broadcasted on TV... all of which obviously in Bulgarian!

"GO EAST"... Microarea attends the Eastern Virtual Fair

3 May 2010 by nazam

Microarea has attended the first ever IT world Virtual Fair to be organised in Hungary. Great interest, many contacts and countless number of new business opportunities for the entire Microarea Community.

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager has once again shown to be ready to the challenge the foreign market, also thanks to its brilliant functional and linguistic localisation.

The Szoftverbörze fair took place between the 17th to the 19th of March: three days during which the stand was firmly in the “hands” of Reka Ujj (Microarea International Channel Manager) and of the IT Ware staff (our Hungarian Partner).

By attracting over 12000 visitors, the fair has revealed itself as a prestigious showcase, capable of uncovering to the wide range of operators of the Hungarian IT field.

The Microarea stand experienced the presence of over 300 visitors, many of which have attended the “live” presentations. The international market is indeed receptive and the management software (strongly established in Italy) is gradually increasing its presence in interesting market slices also beyond the Italian national boundaries.

Microarea has developed functional adjustments in order to make perfectly conforming to the legislations in force in the nations where it is distributed (Hungary, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria and Switzerland).

The fair also included a “beauty contest” having the various stands as participants: and, Ladies & Gentlemen, the winner was...Microarea !!!

Please find hereunder the link to the fair website (available all year long) where the banner flash, created solely for this happening, can be found: case of difficulties with the Hungarian language, we advise you to utilise an automatic translation tool (e.g. the Google Toolbar).

Furthermore, an interesting article regarding the Microarea and “universe” is available for you in the virtual newspaper of the fair.

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