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29 February 2016 by vsalaris

Close Up

Integrations between Mago and the galaxy of Zucchetti solutions continues to grow, today with an application dedicated to the budget management.

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You know very well that the integration between the ERP software Mago and Zucchetti solutions is a major asset in many ways, especially when it makes your ERP even more versatile, totally for free!

This is the case of the integration between Mago and the Zucchetti software Balance & Beyond, which allows you to manage the companies of which the accountant does not administer accountancy. In this case, in fact, the integration offers you an application that provides multiple solutions for all of the Budget management issues, with particular attention to features such as importing data from external files, manual entry of data, the possibility to customize your prints.

Balance & Beyond allows you to exchange with customer companies the reports that contain the data required for the preparation of the Financial Statements and the Explanatory Notes in XBRL format, simulating the tax burden and having fiscal tables that are preset and regularly updated with the regulations, also complete by historical accounting data.

Dialogue with Mago takes place thanks to the ability, typical of Balance & Beyond, to automatically import data from external files in multiple formats. Integration with Mago is free and can be activated in the administration console via the new module "exchange Accounting Records Balance & Beyond" (localized just for Italy and with the Accounting Module as a prerequisite).

Technically, the integration between these two programs occurs through an Excel file containing the account balances of Mago for a specified period, associated with the accounts of Balance & Beyond. Given that the structure of the plan of accounts is free in Mago, while the Balance & Beyond one is EU type, the correspondence of accounts is defined by a balance reclassification. The definition of the reclassification schema for Balance & Beyond is fully automatic, which means that the procedure, once defined the pattern, easily export the balances in an Excel file, regardless of the chart of accounts used by the company. The same process allows you to run a report to print the verification report of the file content or the detail of the reclassified balances.

The integration between Mago and Balance & Beyond is just one of the improvements of Mago4: follow the blog for further overviews. presents Infinity CRM Connector

17 March 2015 by vsalaris


With Infinity CRM Connector, establishes a close dialogue between Zucchetti Infinity CRM, for an integrated and full customer relationship management.

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In the current market scenario acquisition and customer retention are crucial for any company. It is therefore vital that all the information gathered are organically available, to understand, anticipate and meet the needs of current and potential customers and create an offer fitting to market demands.

CRM software applications (Customer Relationship Management) are used to keep in touch with customers, to insert the information into the company database providing the tools necessary to track the data and analyze their interactions.

Given the CRM specific nature, although having a reliable ERP, you may want to implement some features more typical of a CRM that of an ERP.

To address this need, is enriched with the Infinity CRM Connector module, a real operational bridge between your ERP and Infinity CRM software. Infinity CRM - part of Zucchetti Infinity suite - is the solution that permits an efficient and effective management of relationships with present and potential customers and all pre-sales, sales and after sales activities.

With Infinity CRM Connector your is fully integrated to Zucchetti solution, allowing you to take advantage of all its ... infinite potential. The integration and the two-way data exchange between the platforms fully responds to your need to use the data stored in the two systems, ensuring a reliable, complete, yet flexible structure.
The heart of the system lies in data synchronization component (Data Synchronizer), able to specialize itself according to the application with which it has to interact: in this case, Infinity CRM provider is available to synchronize Zucchetti software data.

The synchronization engine provides the data exchange from to Infinity and vice versa, so you can avoid you the burden to re-enter in Infinity CRM the data already present in The connector allows to carry  the data from towards Infinity CRM, such as customer master data, articles and price lists; in the opposite direction it is possible, e.g., to send an order to the ERP. Synchronization is real-time and you can always decide which information to transfer from / to Infinity CRM.

In this way the integration between and Infinity CRM provides automatic orders entry, keeping accounting management in thus you reduce repetitive tasks and shoot down the risk of error!

It is not all: starting from the integration with Infinity CRM, an extension of functionality is also planned, directed to Infinity DMS - the Zucchetti document management solution, to store, catalog and share any type of document. If you already use CRM you will soon be able to share with DMS the documents in the Easy Attachment database. So you can store safely and easily share all material concerning negotiations with your client or potential, thus benefiting of valuable support to your daily activities.

Thanks to Infinity CRM Connector you have a simple, but sophisticated dialogue systems, able to minimize the time for the integration between your ERP and CRM solution, maximizing the quality of information exchange between the implemented systems. All this in favor of the solution ... and of your business!

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