"GO EAST"... Microarea attends the Eastern Virtual Fair

3 May 2010 by nazam

Microarea has attended the first ever IT world Virtual Fair to be organised in Hungary. Great interest, many contacts and countless number of new business opportunities for the entire Microarea Community.

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager


Mago.net has once again shown to be ready to the challenge the foreign market, also thanks to its brilliant functional and linguistic localisation.

The Szoftverbörze fair took place between the 17th to the 19th of March: three days during which the stand was firmly in the “hands” of Reka Ujj (Microarea International Channel Manager) and of the IT Ware staff (our Hungarian Partner).

By attracting over 12000 visitors, the fair has revealed itself as a prestigious showcase, capable of uncovering Mago.net to the wide range of operators of the Hungarian IT field.

The Microarea stand experienced the presence of over 300 visitors, many of which have attended the “live” presentations. The international market is indeed receptive and the Mago.net management software (strongly established in Italy) is gradually increasing its presence in interesting market slices also beyond the Italian national boundaries.

Microarea has developed functional adjustments in order to make Mago.net perfectly conforming to the legislations in force in the nations where it is distributed (Hungary, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria and Switzerland).

The fair also included a “beauty contest” having the various stands as participants: and, Ladies & Gentlemen, the winner was...Microarea !!!

Please find hereunder the link to the fair website (available all year long) where the banner flash, created solely for this happening, can be found: http://metanet.hu/?page_id=55 ...in case of difficulties with the Hungarian language, we advise you to utilise an automatic translation tool (e.g. the Google Toolbar).

Furthermore, an interesting article regarding the Microarea and Mago.net “universe” is available for you in the virtual newspaper of the fair.

Mago.Net without limits!

30 January 2010 by fperricone

 Mago.<i>net</i> senza confini

Microarea is present in 5 nations (as well as Italy obviously!). Mago.net is localized both linguistically and functionally for the different countries. Once more, in 2009, Microarea issued various innovations specific for each nation.

by Fabrizio Perricone - Product Marketing Manager

Important and constant innovations allow Mago.net to conform to Bulgarian, Swiss, Polish, Romanian and Hungarian regulations!

Each year users outside Italy benefit not only from the improvements issued for all the countries, but also from specific innovations for their market.

Just to mention some specific implementations by nation: VAT registers that permit operators to print monthly intervals were issued for Romania; for Bulgaria the possibility to cancel individual entries was added; for Poland VAT calculation in the margin was introduced; Switzerland can generate the files for payment orders in the DTA format (Swiss standard); in Hungary they have a national list of the cities and postcodes.

Those set out above are just simple examples, enough to understand that Microarea is always careful to guarantee a product that conforms to the regulations of the countries concerned and to provide useful features tailor-made for the different national realities. Dealers in the 5 countries follow the user through all the phases, from installation to updating, from training to advice, just like in Italy.

The value of the MLU, abroad just as in Italy, becomes reality with hundreds of product innovations every year, with the guarantee of a management that is always in line with current legislation, a myriad of e-learning courses in English, with the Microarea Community Forums (in English).

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