Promotions_Planner is the vertical solution designed by Giga to improve business performance and strengthen your business channel.

edited by the Marketing Department 

Giga presents the vertical solution Promotions_Planner: the Microarea Platinum Partner created this software wishing to improve business performance, grow stronger competitively speaking and strengthen customer loyalty. The latter elements are of crucial importance for any business and they are pursued by Giga through the features of Promotions_Planner jointly with the active cycle.

The Giga vertical solution, first of all, allows planning and managing promotions/offers and product bundles, these be complex or simple. The complete customization of the vertical solution, based on the actual needs, allows coordinating perfectly the trade policies of the company.
With Promotions_Planner you can plan promotions according to the period, the customers (individuals or groups) and items (as a single unit or grouping), applying discount value as a percentage or on the article and provide gifts for single articles or depending on the purchased quantity.

Regarding the customer base management, the Giga vertical allows associating any defined promotion to one or more clients, indicating the promotion validity period. Also, you can customize discounts for individual customers by applying extra price-list discounts for articles, with packages in alternation or in combination.
Promotions_Planner proves to be an extremely practical and functional tool, especially with the automatic “filling out” option in the sales documents: during the order form drafting, promotions associated with the customer are systematically provided or applied. The discounts deriving from the offers are duly identified and separated according to the typology, hence facilitating the margins and planning sales strategy calculations. Setting discount policies side by side with list price policies will provide the sales force with tools that will help them compete on the market while respecting the limits set by the company itself. You can then determine which campaigns are most successful depending on, for example, the area, the agent or the customer, organizing and managing efficiently the resources within the company and the sales force throughout the territory.

The promotions modular management, and their categorization, can simplify the consultation of the sales data, providing feedback on the promotion/campaign, both in terms of receptiveness and net margins. Besides defining promotions, Promotions_Planner allows obtaining further information between the sales network and the market thanks to its full integration with and its reporting tools, with which you can generate statistical information elaboration. Studying statistics is truly useful in understanding the activity course of the sales agents, representatives or dealers. For this reason, it is essential for the statistics to be extremely flexible and, above all, parameterized in function of the variables and the needs of the sales agents. Thanks to the built-in report generator you can create a wide range of statistics reports for the vertical solution Promotions_Planner. In addition, by setting data sources, you can analyze data with Excel pivot tables.

Promotions_Planner is the vertical solution designed to manage promotions and enhance business performance: an all-inclusive, practical and functional solution. You can find out more by visiting the product page.