Food production

In 2016 it will be mandatory to apply the EU Regulation about the provision of food information. A vertical solution helps you to comply with regulations.

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From 2016 come into force new European rules that make the information on foods label more transparent. The EU Directive No. 1169/2011 requires that each food should carry nutrition labeling clearly visible to the consumer. It is also established that the technical data sheet must be presented to the control authorities, should they request it.

Furthermore, according to European regulations all companies must have the technical details of each element and the nutritional values will be expressed per 100 g / ml of the product, with reference also to individual portions and with the possibility to indicate daily or indicative recommended percentages.

The technical details, in addition to the information on the nutrition label, will bring the table of food allergens (specifying which are present, contaminated or absent), the storage conditions of the product, the number of individual units contained in a package, the package description, the type of packaging and the date of minimum durability.

To meet these needs, S.I.T., Microarea Platinum Partner, developed the vertical Food Managing. Food Managing uses the whole infrastructure of the ERP and allows you to "build" the food label by collecting and systematising all the necessary information (product name, ingredients, net weight, the expiration date of the food, the name and the headquarters of the producer), managing even the label printing.

By integrating Food Managing with you can now manage all processes, from production to sale of food products, through batch tracking and management of the product sheet.

Food Managing is a unique vertical that uses the potential of your ERP software to satisfy all the requests in the European legislation. The solution of S.I.T. suits for any size of European companies that produce and / or commercialize food products of any kind.

To examine all the information about the product, please visit the Food Managing page in the section " ecosystem".