IT solutions for large - scale distribution and retail

23 June 2016 by vsalaris

IT solutions for retail

A focus on the impact and prospects of ICT in the Retail and LD sector, also with regard to the trends of corporate investments.

Edited by Marketing Department

The trade - wholesale and retail - is worth about 12% of Italian GDP. The role of this sector has great importance also for the employment dynamics, given that the trade employs about 15% of the total of Italian workers.

Specifically, the sector of retail trade is affected by several phenomena that are rapidly changing its scenario, including a strong change in the purchasing habits of Italians, increasingly projected towards digital solutions. The percentages of online shoppers are growing, and even more is increaesing the number of those seeking information on the Internet about products before purchase. Thus, companies operating in the retail and LD sector need to work on all phases of the buying process, with the goal to fully understand their consumers and guide their choices.

Zucchetti Group, thanks to an experience resulting from numerous projects in the field, is an experienced partner that can support the process of modernization in one of the sectors that can get more benefits from the digitalization of its own processes. The Zucchetti softwares, available both in license and in Cloud mode, allow you on one hand to improve the efficiency of processes and business performance, and on the other to increase sales, responding to customer demand for a more personalized shopping experience.

As for technological solutions that seem to play greater appeal, recent studies indicate that the investment priorities of the sector are intended for IT projects creating new connections in orer to develop new types of user experience across all contact channels and sale assets.

Thus, Retail and LD companies that need to manage all business processes (from accounting and tax warehouses to intelligent logistics) strongly need to rely on ERP software in web technology. ERP systems like Mago integrate with Zucchetti CRM and DMS systems, for a state-of-the-art management system.

Workforce Management is another crucial point that allows you to manage all aspects associated to the presence in retail outlets on the territory, streamlining the activities of the staff offices and reducing the related errors. The effectiveness of this type of solution is powered by the seamless integration with the suite HR Infinity Global Solution by Zucchetti for the complete management of personnel, in all respects.

An essential factor is Work Health and Safety, that is why Zucchetti offers a set of products able to give each store the complete autonomy on the individual processes, all under the control of headquarters.

In order to speed up the process and ensure reliability and flexibility, the POS solutions by Zucchetti Group transform the traditional cash registers into multifunctional systems that allow you to analyze sales, plan activities and retain customers, with the possibility to implement additional IT applications.

Business Intelligence also dominates the sector's priorities, to have immediately available information and immediate interpretation of data: InfoBusiness solution by Zucchetti is able to support strategic decisions in this regard .

Last, but not least important aspect is certainly the control of the means of transport. Zucchetti offers for this purpose the satellite tracking system called Remote Angel Fleet, able to realize a constant monitoring of fuel consumption and distances, optimization of working time, in addition to the means and business planning.

For more information, please visit the website dedicated to the Retail and Large-scale Distribution sector:

Transportation & Logistics: the Italian market

24 May 2016 by vsalaris

logistics solutions Zucchetti

A snapshot of the transport and logistics sector that shows its strengths, perspectives and investment priorities.

Edited by Marketing Department

The transport and logistics companies are one of the most efficient and performing sectors in Italy: in fact, in Italy the logistics worth 110 billion euros, equivalent to about 7% of GDP. In particular, the turnover of logistics in 2015 reached almost 80 billion euros (+ 1.1%).

The current transportation market see winning new approaches to logistics, that require greater synergies between client companies, technology suppliers and logistic service, to deploy even more innovative systems and produce performing results, thereby increasing the economic profits.

A deep transformation and technological upgrading is crucial to keep the sector alive. The economic crisis of recent years has in fact brought the transport companies to seek greater productivity, reducing costs and delivery times, to increase its efficiency.

This is why the digitalisation plays a key role in the transformation process and the evolution of the entire sector: in fact, the overall IT budget of the Transportation and Logistics segment reached in 2015 the estimate of 1,140 million euros, equal to 5% the overall IT spending value, with an annual increase of + 2.5%.

In the coming years, companies of logistics services will aim to increasingly advanced technology, allowing new opportunities to have contact with their customers and consumers.The solutions to be implemented are those of CRM, Business Intelligence, Social Media and Digital Marketing. It will also be essential to exploit new delivery modes of services through Mobile App and Cloud services.< /p>

The Zucchetti Group is already prepared to offer all these solutions and to support Italian companies to meet the complex requirements of each area in the transportation and logistics sector (integrated, marine and coastal, road transport), with an offer that completely covers the business needs and provides innovative management and ERP software, a complete HR suite for personnel management, integrated and customized solutions in the field of CRM and BI, Digital Marketing, resources for Safety at Work, satellite localization and much more ...

All this even in the cloud: an increasingly important and frequent choice for companies operating in the transportation and logistics sector, which reduces the costs of start-up, management and evolution of IT infrastructure, quickly launch solutions, have constant updates and the guarantee of maximum IT security.

Learn more on the dedicated website:

Know your customer to Grow

27 April 2015 by vsalaris

Zucchetti CRM  

Statistics to hand, a new information document explains the state of corporate strategies for customer-centric company

Edited by Marketing Department

We have often emphasized that the key to increase efficiency and gain competitive superiority is the focus on the customer. A global business strategy, integrating all available tools - from Customer Relationship Management to Business Intelligence - provides the company the ability to study, learn and build customer loyalty.

To explore these topics, Zucchetti has recently published an interesting Whitepaper, that lists, among other things, the data of a study conducted by CRM Observatory. The research was carried out aiming to explore the maturity of Italian companies in the strategic, operational and technology management of its customer base and its data through CRM systems.

The results show a positive trend in the use of CRM systems to achieve greater efficiency in the management of customers, data, information, and business processes. The same Whitepaper - not surprisingly titled "Know your customer to Grow" - proposes an overview of all the Zucchetti tools available to guide your organization into customer relationship management, deepening knowledge and developing targeted initiatives, starting with Infinity CRM strategy.

The information document is an important summary of present situation and opportunities. Please examine the Whitepaper to find out all the tools designed to make your business grow, even in the long term. presents Infinity CRM Connector

17 March 2015 by vsalaris


With Infinity CRM Connector, establishes a close dialogue between Zucchetti Infinity CRM, for an integrated and full customer relationship management.

Edited by Marketing Department

In the current market scenario acquisition and customer retention are crucial for any company. It is therefore vital that all the information gathered are organically available, to understand, anticipate and meet the needs of current and potential customers and create an offer fitting to market demands.

CRM software applications (Customer Relationship Management) are used to keep in touch with customers, to insert the information into the company database providing the tools necessary to track the data and analyze their interactions.

Given the CRM specific nature, although having a reliable ERP, you may want to implement some features more typical of a CRM that of an ERP.

To address this need, is enriched with the Infinity CRM Connector module, a real operational bridge between your ERP and Infinity CRM software. Infinity CRM - part of Zucchetti Infinity suite - is the solution that permits an efficient and effective management of relationships with present and potential customers and all pre-sales, sales and after sales activities.

With Infinity CRM Connector your is fully integrated to Zucchetti solution, allowing you to take advantage of all its ... infinite potential. The integration and the two-way data exchange between the platforms fully responds to your need to use the data stored in the two systems, ensuring a reliable, complete, yet flexible structure.
The heart of the system lies in data synchronization component (Data Synchronizer), able to specialize itself according to the application with which it has to interact: in this case, Infinity CRM provider is available to synchronize Zucchetti software data.

The synchronization engine provides the data exchange from to Infinity and vice versa, so you can avoid you the burden to re-enter in Infinity CRM the data already present in The connector allows to carry  the data from towards Infinity CRM, such as customer master data, articles and price lists; in the opposite direction it is possible, e.g., to send an order to the ERP. Synchronization is real-time and you can always decide which information to transfer from / to Infinity CRM.

In this way the integration between and Infinity CRM provides automatic orders entry, keeping accounting management in thus you reduce repetitive tasks and shoot down the risk of error!

It is not all: starting from the integration with Infinity CRM, an extension of functionality is also planned, directed to Infinity DMS - the Zucchetti document management solution, to store, catalog and share any type of document. If you already use CRM you will soon be able to share with DMS the documents in the Easy Attachment database. So you can store safely and easily share all material concerning negotiations with your client or potential, thus benefiting of valuable support to your daily activities.

Thanks to Infinity CRM Connector you have a simple, but sophisticated dialogue systems, able to minimize the time for the integration between your ERP and CRM solution, maximizing the quality of information exchange between the implemented systems. All this in favor of the solution ... and of your business!

CRM strategies, the integration with

27 October 2014 by vsalaris


Thanks to the dialogue with Infinite CRM solution by Pat, ensures a proper, accurate and reliable management of relationships with your customers. 

Edited by Marketing Department

For a "market-oriented" Company the market is no longer just the client, but the surrounding environment. For this reason, it is now mandatory to implement proper Customer Relationship Management strategies, closely concerning communication, business processes integration, people and culture, to focus on the customer.

CRM concept is realized in a business strategy that aims to understand, anticipate and meet the needs of current and potential customers of a company, increasing the value of their relationship. The CRM strategy is not really just a matter of computer systems, but uses them massively: CRM applications are used to keep in touch with clients, to enter the information into the database and to provide interaction mode such that the interactions themselves can be recorded and analyzed.

It is thus clear that the two-way dialogue between your management software and CRM solution is crucial to create an integrated system, containing all the required functionality and flexible, so that it can be used by different business profiles. Some questions then arise spontaneously: how is it possible to exchange information between the already implemented systems, or build new ones? How to have a complete customers relationships management and use their presales, sales and after-sales service full potential, while maintaining the financial-accounting management in

The answers come from the connection system between and InfiniteCRM, the Pat group CRM solution that has always been compatible with every type of enterprise infrastructure and fully integrated with ERP platforms. From this openness to integration was developed the iCRM Pat Connector module for a real operational bridge able to establish an ongoing dialogue between your ERP and InfiniteCRM, so you have the data stored in both systems.

The operating principle of the procedure is to "capture" the data in the database, and then to replicate them in the target database: the information will coincide in all databases controlled by and Infinite CRM are integrated thanks to a procedure able to quickly and efficiently manage large volumes of data. A sophisticated system of real-time synchronization keeps constantly aligned data of the two software. The connector not only synchronizes with Infinite CRM (eg for the master data and customer items and price lists), but also starts a two-way dialogue between the two systems, for example if you have to send an order to the ERP. As a result, your sales and marketing activities are constantly traceable and monitored by both and Infinite CRM!

Thanks to iCRM Pat Connector architecture, different company areas are able to implement CRM strategies, all feeding the same database and accessing a customer card with all the information. This allows you to improve all processes and to respond in a reliable and comprehensive way to any need: Microarea ERP hooks the data, while fetching orders and customers from Pat CRM. All in an easy, automatic and efficient way.

If you are a user, you can take advantage of the capabilities of PAT CRM infinte thanks to iCRM Connector. The connection tool enables the exchange of data between the two platforms, is able to align the data minimizing the integration time required and maximizing their quality. All of this to the advantage of the solution ... and then of the customer!

iCRM Pat Connector is part of 3.10 Service Pack 2: find out more in Product Download section and in the Help & Information Center. For even more details and information about iCRM Pat Connector, please leave your reference.  You will be contacted as soon as possible.

Customer Relationship Management, that’s why you will love it

4 November 2013 by vsalaris


By managing relationships between the Company and its current and prospective clients, CRM systems are nowadays a winning business strategy.

Edited by Marketing Department

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a widespread term in the today's business world. The word has diffused on large scale starting from 90s of XX century, when the first related technological solutions were released. Although the CRM acronyms meaning is simple (literally: to manage relationship with the client), actually the issue is more complex. CRM is a business strategy aiming to understand, anticipate and meet company current and potential customers’ needs. It  is also a powerful tool to retain both old and new customers, while increasing the value of relationships between the company and its clients.

The concept may seem obvious, but it is not. The business operating context is indeed complex and relationship management channels are manifold. The market in fact is no longer represented just by the client, but also by individual, society and surrounding environment values, which the company has to establish short and long term relationships with.

In the business practice all this is put in effect thanks to strategies designed to provide clients with proposals able to meet their needs, as well as manage a relationship based on trust. This is why it is crucial to plan and put in practice customer care dedicated strategies. Here comes into play the CRM resource, that addresses both business-to-business and business-to-consumer.

CRM uses in a massive and productive way several informatic tools able to improve management, although CRM itself has not to be considered totally just like a software (CRM is in fact intrinsically linked to strategy, communication, business processes integration, people and culture). CRM applications are used to keep in touch with customers, enter their information into databases and provide interaction modes that can be recorded and analyzed.

CRM infrastructure (namely the activation of informatic tools helping the management process) is strategic to activate processes and procedures of interaction oriented to customer requests and needs. Thanks to Reporting, Analysis and Scenarios Projections tools, CRM software are able to extract, process and make information available. It’s easy to guess that all this has a strong impact on all business processes.

CRM system has a great importance in the pre-sales step, in order to define market targets and acquire potential customers, even through mailings or telesales and the related findings management. Such a marketing strategies optimization is a crucial process to organize all the information in a structured database. Starting from this data it is possible to understand and anticipate clients needs.
CRM can support the company in sales and business negotiations, by storing and analyzing information. In this case, too, collected data are processed in useful statistics to segment customers in specific ranges. Once data are organized, you can analyze them in order to develop customized communication and commercial offers, aiming to develop personalized content and services and, as a result, to retain customers. With regard to the post-sale phase, CRM activities goes on with the technical support, maintenance, warranty contracts, commercial and administrative assistance services. Post-sale management allows you to define, record and allocate all the problems set by the customer. In this way you thus can analyze, assess, plan and define automatic rules for each activity.

In order to allow your company to take full advantage of all the CRM strategy benefits, introduces InfinityConnector. InfinityConnector is the module that enables a two-ways dialogue with the CRM software Infinity by Zucchetti. InfinityConnector allows you to use the CRM Infinity to manage the pre-sale, sale and after-sale steps. Data are collected by Microarea ERP, while itself extracts orders and customers from Zucchetti CRM. All in a simple, automatic and efficient way.

Would you like to have  more details and information, kindly leave your reference and we will be pleased to contact you as soon.

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