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For this Christmas, offers you the best: 100 new features, including improvements and upgrades, largely resulting from listening to users’ needs.

Edited by Marketing Department comes to its 3.11 release with a complete kit, tailored for you.  With almost 100 new features, including improvements and updates for Italian and international market, your ERP seriously supports you in a more and more optimized business management. Let us have a look to all the main highlights of this release.

There are numerous and important contributions in Financial-Accounting Area. In addition to Treasury connector - we have already talked about it there - the 3.11 release introduces the Accounting Inventory Book module.

The new module allows you to print all the statements composing the Inventory Book, with the possibility to attach specific reports or statements filled in by the user. The module also manages the documents to be issued/received.  So you can specify an adjustment account on posting an issued or received document, and generate an automatic adjustment entry with accrual date in the previous fiscal year. The module also introduces personalized and flexible statements of certain value. 3:11 connects now to the world of accountants: thanks to a new module, it is now possible to exchange accounting data with OMNIA – the Zucchetti software for accountants –. The module allows you to switch data from to OMNIA ordinary accounting and vice versa.

In this way, you can easily transfer all the ledger entries to your accountant. The accountant will carry out statements and tax communications on behalf of your company without manually entering data into his software. You can also decide to adopt your accountant chart instead of the one. This is a convenient and reliable solution for those who want to start managing the accounts with, under the supervision of their accountant.

Which are the benefits of the integration between OMNIA and An unquestionable reduction of error and time!

Still talking about accounting, 3.11 implements a special procedure to export the data related to commissions and fees of self-employed, according to the Italian ministerial simplified 770 Model.
Again, with 3.11 you can now suggest the customer/supplier to compensate opposite-sign entries for sent/received documents, sending the request via e-mail. Depending on the outcome, registers the closure of the rate or deletes the compensation data.

In Manufacturing Area stands out inventory planning, while in Logistics area the focus is on internationalization. 3.11 further refines various aspects of Brazilian localization, with absolutely complete management tools. We are facing excellent results in terms of diffusion and return on investment: the potential of a so refined localization are ever larger, especially for companies that want to expand its market and reap the resulting benefits.

From this roundup, you will have already guessed the rich texture of this new release ... but that is not all! In all other areas there is plenty of innovations: just take a look at the release notes in Reserved Area to  know them at a glance!

We wish to stress a particular point: the strength of this release lies mainly in the nature of improvements. The new features of 3.11 release are in fact designed to fully meet your needs.
This is because the new version comes in the first instance from listening to the reports and requests that, day by day, so many people like you present to Microarea development teams and staff through the Community forum. The result of this constructive cooperation can only be a product of clear value for all, able to ensure satisfaction, great results and increase business opportunities.

Update now  to 3.11 release from product download page and please remember to contact your reference dealer to install it safely and accurately.
Please remember that downloading 3.11 is free if you have signed and maintained Microarea Live Update service; get in touch with Microarea International Sales Department to subscribe MLU service.