Multipurpose communication are easy games thanks to!

16 April 2014 by vsalaris

multipurpose communication  

A new video commercial presents module specifically designed to meet Tax Agency requests. Find out how easy it is to handle tax obligations with the right tool! 

edited by marketing Department 

Tax Communication , Black List… there are so many deadlines and requirements to be fulfilled in order to meet Tax Agency requests. We already discussed the “game rules” in Chronicles previous posts, but now there’s more

On Microarea YouTube channel, under the section dedicated to Solutions for your Company, you can find the video commercial related to Mago.netMultipurpose Communication” module. Watching this short and captivating summary you will discover that is able to manage deadlines and make fully available data required by Tax Agency. All this in an easy and automatic way, under your total control.

The new video commercial highlights all the benefits is able to grant you. Thanks to this powerful, accurate and up-to-date tool you will be able to verify deadlines, satisfy any request and control the documents you’re sending.

The result? Mistakes are drastically cut and you have more time for other activities.  

Find out Tax and Multipurpose Communication module right now on Microarea YouTube channel. Enjoy! 3.9, Service Pack 4 and 5: new Tax Communication and Black List Operation

17 October 2013 by vsalaris


At short distance from SP3, here are the latest service packs: 3.9 SP4 and SP5, with extremely interesting and useful tax adjustments.

Edited by Marketing Department 3.9 Service Packs 4 and 5 contain a number of important updates, especially useful to meet the Tax Agency requests.

Starting from October 2013, the Directorial Provision issued  by Tax Agency in 2013, august 2nd, defines new communication techniques and deadlines, as regards to VAT transactions (the so-called Tax Communication). Tax Agency has also established that the same template, now called Multi-purpose Communication, should also be used to transmit Blacklist Operations

Therefore, in the new improvement packages stands out, among all, the Tax Communication module’s review. The wording is now replaced by “Tax and multi-purpose Communication”. The definition change is not merely a matter of form, but involves the module’s substance.

This means a functional extension. With 3.9 Service Packs 4 and 5, the Tax Communication module expands, so that all the communications required by the Tax Agency are merging into a single component. Thanks to the SP4 update the module includes now not only the new Tax Communication, but also the Black List function. Users who have purchased the Tax Communication module will automatically have the new "Tax Communication" included in the version 3.9.4 upgrade.

A slight variation is instead expected for users who have not activated the Tax Communication module, but are using the Black List (already present in the Accounting module). In this case, the Black List may be used for 2013 statements, since the Tax Agency allows to use for this period both the old  and the new version. For the 2014 statement, however, the Black List function of Accounting module can not be used to create new files, though it still will be useful for reprinting.

Thanks to Service Pack 4, 3.9 is able to ensure a timely update in full compliance with the Tax Agency requests. does not even overlook the economic point: despite the functional extension, the price of the Tax Communication module is the same. An added bonus!

As always, if you have subscribed and still activated the Microarea Live Update service, you can immediately download the Service Packs 4 and 5 for 3.9. We kindly recommend you to get in touch with your Microarea dealer, in order to properly upgrade your product. If your M.L.U. has expired, please contact Microarea International Sales Department to find out the benefits in being always up to date.

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