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29 February 2016 by vsalaris

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Integrations between Mago and the galaxy of Zucchetti solutions continues to grow, today with an application dedicated to the budget management.

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You know very well that the integration between the ERP software Mago and Zucchetti solutions is a major asset in many ways, especially when it makes your ERP even more versatile, totally for free!

This is the case of the integration between Mago and the Zucchetti software Balance & Beyond, which allows you to manage the companies of which the accountant does not administer accountancy. In this case, in fact, the integration offers you an application that provides multiple solutions for all of the Budget management issues, with particular attention to features such as importing data from external files, manual entry of data, the possibility to customize your prints.

Balance & Beyond allows you to exchange with customer companies the reports that contain the data required for the preparation of the Financial Statements and the Explanatory Notes in XBRL format, simulating the tax burden and having fiscal tables that are preset and regularly updated with the regulations, also complete by historical accounting data.

Dialogue with Mago takes place thanks to the ability, typical of Balance & Beyond, to automatically import data from external files in multiple formats. Integration with Mago is free and can be activated in the administration console via the new module "exchange Accounting Records Balance & Beyond" (localized just for Italy and with the Accounting Module as a prerequisite).

Technically, the integration between these two programs occurs through an Excel file containing the account balances of Mago for a specified period, associated with the accounts of Balance & Beyond. Given that the structure of the plan of accounts is free in Mago, while the Balance & Beyond one is EU type, the correspondence of accounts is defined by a balance reclassification. The definition of the reclassification schema for Balance & Beyond is fully automatic, which means that the procedure, once defined the pattern, easily export the balances in an Excel file, regardless of the chart of accounts used by the company. The same process allows you to run a report to print the verification report of the file content or the detail of the reclassified balances.

The integration between Mago and Balance & Beyond is just one of the improvements of Mago4: follow the blog for further overviews.

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17 April 2015 by vsalaris

Tips and Tricks connects to the world of accountants through the module Accounting Data exchange with OMNIA 

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Starting from its 3.11 release, was enriched by the module Accounting data exchange with OMNIA, realizing a significant value increase in  administrative area.

OMNIA Zucchetti is the global solution designed to accountants that combines software, training, publishing services and information into a single portal. Thanks to the accounting data exchange module it is possible to pass data from ordinary Accounting to OMNIA and vice versa.

Let's see how the module operates into practice and which benefits it provides to companies.

Frequently small businesses manage independently general accounting, but rely on the accountant to fulfill all declaratory obligations and tax communications. Sometimes, instead, the same companies transfer to the accountant also tax prints (as ledger and VAT records) and accounts closure/reopening as well as the budget preparation.

So the accountant needs to get data from his customer: it can therefore happen that the accountant has to enter the data manually into his own software, then reprocess them and fulfill his task. Until now users could address these communication needs using exporting tools, as Woorm or XGate, or allowing the accountant to access remotely through EasyLook.

Now tax and accounting movements can be transferred to your accountant with highest simplicity and reliability, thanks to the module Accounting data exchange with OMNIA.

The connection activation is very simple: just ask the accountant the company code and VAT activity to be included in OMNIA parameters, along with the master data file. After importing the sub accounts and OMNIA causal in using the special function, you can then export the ledger entries. It is not necessary to enter all the connections between and OMNIA codes, because the export procedure analyzes the ledger entries to transfer, and requires the missing combinations - such as correspondence to  OMNIA sub account and / or the tax code -.

However, the users wanting to start managing their accounting-financial area with, while maintaining the supervision of their accountant, can adopt the chart of accounts of their accountant, rather than the standard one of In this way  you can avoid the connection of account to OMNIA  sub-account.

Reduce errors, simplify  accounting management and save time with and its module Accounting data exchange with OMNIA.

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