A history of care and success

26 January 2017 by vsalaris

Case Study

The Care Home Uboldi relies on Mago to optimize the administrative management processes in the social and health care sector.

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The Care Home Uboldi in Paderno Dugnano (Milan, Italy) was created in 1952, for testamentary bequest of the Grand Officer "Commendatore" Ferdinando Uboldi, as a non-profit organization for solidarity purpose. The aim of Uboldi care home is to provide social, health and welfare services to vulnerable people, paying special attention to the elderly dependents.

In 2010 Mago was implemented with the support of Linearetta, Microarea Gold partner, following the decision to internalize all administrative procedures, in order to dispose of the accounting data in real time, control and manage the daily processes (general accounts, cash , payments, banking, customer orders, invoicing and warehouse stock) independently and without relying on third parties.

At the moment of Mago activation, it was necessary to enter all the current year accounts data: thanks to the versatility of Mago and with the support of Linearetta, the budget was presented to the Board of Directors in accordance with the schedule.

In less than six months the situation has been normalized and the operation is at full speed: this is due to the ability demonstrated by Mago in making the approach to work simple, but effective, even for beginners. Linearetta partners has followed all of Mago implementation phases, forming the administrative staff and customizing the accounting models. After a year of full use, Mago functionalities have been extended to supplier orders and warehouse management, in particular to manage medicines: Mago has ensured a daily reporting of consumption and a reduction in costs.

Today, the new challenge is to integrate Mage and its modules with the medical record software, created and prepared by the continuous cooperation between Linearetta and the Direction of the care home. This new frontier will ensure quality of care, personalization of care interventions and efficiency of the core business, accompanying the organization in the use of business intelligence.

The director of Uboldi care home, Paola Cattin, points out that Linearetta partner is a key element of the project and expresses her satisfaction with these words: "The information ensures full awareness in the choices. This will result in savings, growth and development. Mago was able to bring to our structure all this. "

That of Uboldi care home is one of the success stories achieved through Mago ERP software: you can read them and find the cases of other companies on the Microarea website. Remember that your company could be the next case study! Contact your reseller and discover how to become part of the "Success Stories with Mago ERP" section.

Where do I find all the news about Mago?

25 January 2017 by vsalaris

Mago4 Blog

Mago4 website collects and hosts more and more information about your ERP, helping you to be up-to-date on all Mago news and features.

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As you know, the website entirely dedicated to Mago4 ERP is active for some time now, along with the websites dedicated to Taskbuilder Studio and Taskbuilder Framework.

The news is that we have made an overall restyling also on www.microarea.it website; on this occasion several descriptive pages were transferred to www.mago4.com, to ensure uniformity of presentation and completeness of the offering information.

So, if browsing on this site you feel that "something is missing" ... take a look on the Mago4 site and give it a chance: the information is all at your disposal, streamlined in the presentation and organized in a rational way.

You may also have noticed that even the contents of the blog "Microarea Chronicles" - the one you are reading now - are increasingly finding their adequate space on Mago4 blog: indeed more and more posts arepublished in that forum. If you think you have missed something, do not worry: the newsletter Mago4 News is published by exactly one year and reaches you on a monthly basis, with all the latest products and news from Zucchetti world, and it is designed to always point you in-depth sources for the covered topics.

This trend will be more and more confirmed in the future, until the one dedicated to Mago4 will remain as an active blog: so we suggest you visit the site www.mago4.com and follow its blog, never to miss a news!

See you on Mago4 blog!

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