Argus and Mago Succes Story

Argus Security and cutting edge technology and international leadership in the fire prevention wireless devices.

Edited by Marketing Department

Argus Security is a major player in the global market for fire alarm systems: it designs and produces a wide range of fire detectors and accessories, from the conventional to the most advanced wireless solutions, and relies on for the management of materials, inventory and accounting.

For Argus Security some key aspects, such as planning of material requirements and inventory management, prove to be particularly complex, as they often involve processing by contractors from all over Europe, and components with a long lead time.

During the software selection, was chosen according to very positive feedback by highly trained users of ERP system in this specific business sector.

To meet the specific needs of Argus, the module dedicated to Material Requirements Planning (MRP) has been customized by the partner Giga to ensure precise distinctions between different subcontractors, manage the inventory and re-orders, manage forecasts for supplies.

Argus Security recognizes a real plus of the product in the opening of to wide customizations, this being a factor closely linked to significant flexibility of the ERP, that is therefore able to open up to targeted projects.

Amongst the modules of most appreciated by the company stands out EasyAttachment, the document management system able to provide the company substantial savings in terms of consumables and time, facilitate the recovery of documents and simplify the whole management of documentation, optimizing stock movements and inventory adjustments. For Argus Security also the integration of with Infobusiness, the Business Intelligence solution by Zucchetti, is crucial to extract data, analyze them and have a valid support in the strategic choices. Last but not least, also security system is given full marks by Argus, which precisely identifies in the modules dedicated to security management a complete and high-value feature.

Elisa Turio, head of the ERP system and production planning, focuses in a few words the winning features of ERP: "... the strong flexibility and the ability to carry out targeted customizations are the properties that make an excellent tool, open to new projects."

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