SMEs facilitation

The Sabatini-ter decree opens a new session of funding for SME investment in capital goods.

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5 billion euros to finance your investments: the instrument established by the Italian Decree-Law n. 69/2013 aims to increase the competitiveness of the productive system of the country and improve access to credit for micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for the purchase of new capital goods.

Starting from May 2, 2016 ,SMEs may in fact apply for funding according to the so- called Sabatini-ter decree, aimed to invest in new machinery, system and equipment, including hardware and ERP software. The Ministry of Economic Development issued the 26672/2016 Circular, which complies with all the changes introduced by 3/2015 Decree-Law (which, among other things, introduces a facilitated financial leasing) and the following inter-ministerial implementing decree of January 25, 2016.

The potential recipients of the subsidies are SMEs meeting specific conditions at the date of application. Above all, Companies need to be properly constituted and registered in the Italian Commercial Register; if not resident in Italian territory, SMEs must have legal personality recognized in the State of residence, resulting from the inclusion in the corresponding register. Companies are also required not to be in "difficult" conditions, be in the full and free exercise of their rights, not to be in voluntary liquidation or subject to bankruptcy proceedings or, again, not to be among those who received , and not refunded, benefits recognized as illegal and incompatible by the European Commission.

To take advantage of facilitations set out in this decree, companies must be based in Italy; otherwise, they must comply within the deadline for the completion of the investment; the penalty is the revocation of the granted subsidies.

The funding must be used entirely for the purchase - or acquisition in the case of financial leasing operations - of machinery, equipment, capital goods business, new factory equipment and hardware, as well as software and digital technologies intended for productive structures existing or to be implanted, located anywhere in the Italian country.

In view of the funding is granted a benefit, in the form of a contribution equal to the total interest calculated on a conventional basis of a loan to the 2.75% interest rate, with a duration of five years and an amount equivalent to the financing.

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