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23 December 2015 by vsalaris

CH Davimar

Davimar relies on Mago and its specific vertical solutions to ensure complete traceability.

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The company Davimar, SME in Chioggia, is an excellence of the territory. The company is active in the fishing industry since 30 years, and has achieved continuous growth; Davimar deals with the manufacture, processing and packaging fresh products, which is sent to supermarket chains and wholesalers in Italy and abroad.

Because of special processing of the raw material, Davimar needed to get the full internal traceability of the product, intended as the precise mapping of the location and history of the goods, from raw materials to shipping up to the consumer's table.

All of this is indeed required by EC Regulation 178/2002 of 2005, which defines the principles that the players of the food supply chain are expected to follow to protect the consumer, in terms of safety and legality. The companies are therefore required by law to maintain the internal traceability. In the specific case of Davimar, the raw material reaches the company with a weight that decreases after cleaning: this variation must be detectable at each step. That's why the partner 2M Servizi proposed to Davimar the adoption of K-Logistic, the software for warehouse logistics verticalized by partner Kirio on ERP Mago.net, already in use in the company. This solution, fully integrated with Mago, provided Davimar with a detailed mapping of all processes of traceability, from the warehouse to the production, to the generation of delivery notes and shipping. The "K-Logistic" project is constantly evolving and is updated and "customized" whenever new regulations to follow are issued; to meet the needs of product traceability it was also installed the K-Personal vertical of Mago.net (Kfish module).

Thanks to Mago.net and its vertical, Davimar is therefore able to quickly respond to the European standards, as well as to the peculiarities of its processing: products are tracked from start to finish, their location and their production status are known and recognizable.

The automatic recording and validation of all activities and processes has obvious positive effects, recorded by Davimar as a high error reduction and a resulting operational and cost optimization.

Davimar’s one is just one of the many stories of companies that have achieved success thanks to Mago.net and its flexibility: you can find them all in the section of Microarea website to understand how Mago.net meets the most diverse business needs. If you also want to tell us your experience with Mago ERP, please contact your reference dealer to propose a case history: the next case study could be the one of your company!

Zucchetti: best of 2015

21 December 2015 by vsalaris

Best of 2015

A 2015 made of success and acknowledgments: we assess the year now ending.

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2015 was a year of great satisfaction for Zucchetti, being once again the first Italian softwarehouse in Europe.

With new solutions (among which we must mention the ERP Mago4!), national and international awards and acknowledgments, increased hardware acceleration, new businesses and markets, Zucchetti has lived an entire year of success!

To get a global glance of all the results achieved in the year now ending, an infographic is ready to summarize the Best of 2015. You can see the graphic here, so you can start to explore all the goals achieved in 2015.

Find out all the successes of Zucchetti's year 2015 and ... follow us to learn about those of 2016!

Mago4 is here!

18 December 2015 by vsalaris


Mago4 has been released: here we present the new suite designed to meet operational, development and business requirements in the field of business management.

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New features, new interfaces, new logo, new design, new markets to conquer. Starting from a renewed user experience and high performance, there are many innovations introduced by Mago4, the suite of ERP solutions designed to accurately and effectively manage all administrative and accounting tasks of commercial, industrial and service companies, of different size and operating in different markets.

The ERP Mago4 "inherits" from Mago.net the results of thirty years of experience in the development of ERP applications for the SME market, and succeeds in further improving a product that is already acknowledged for reliability and technological quality: in close cooperation with Zucchetti, Mago4 is integrated with the solutions of Infinity suite, the platform that encompasses an entire range of web applications (CRM, dms, e-commerce, hr application, etc.).

Mago4 is available in client / server and web mode and it shows its strengths in the high personalization capabilities that allows it to meet all of your needs, in the strong-effect user experience that allows an optimal use even from mobile devices, and in its strong international calling. Mago4 is indeed multi legislation, multilingual, multi-currency and multi company, and offers you accurate functional localization, adapting to any environment.

A major mission is here enhanced: with Mago4, Zucchetti is more and more able to point to the final customer by offering unmatched ERP software, and represent a landmark in the national and international IT market with regard to ERP solutions dedicated to the SMEs target... no accident if nowadays over 60,000 customers choose Zucchetti solutions.

Do you want to know Mago4 even better? If you are a Mago.net user please ask your dealer, otherwise please leave us your data, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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