Mosaico for is waiting for you at MCM 2015

21 October 2015 by vsalaris

Fiera manutenzione Verona

Micron, Microarea Platinum Partner, is pleased to invite you to MCM 2015, the reference event for professionals in industrial maintenance and asset management.

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This year the maintenance world is meeting again in Verona on 27 and 28 October for the ninth edition of MCM. MCM is the conference and exhibition dedicated to the industrial maintenance, with the participation of hundreds of companies of the sector, providing an important opportunity to develop business contacts and professional updating for maintenance managers, engineers, technicians, maintenance workers, installers and many more. Now in its ninth year, MCM combines an exhibition with a training component; 6,700 professionals and 132 exhibiting companies attended the last edition.

The Platinum Partner Micron will be at stand 122 with the vertical solution Mosaico for

On this prominent occasion, Micron will present his product for the maintenance sector, developed entirely on Microsoft .NET technology. is part of a project to simplify and manage contracts for maintenance and service, including calendar of technicals’ appointments / commitments, planned maintenance, preparation of the confirmation report of intervention, followed by the issuance of the invoice for services provided and renewals. is a fully integrated system with your ERP, thus capable of a high degree of customization, modular and fully configurable. By creating predefined templates, the vertical allows you to streamline the paper – based management of contracts and subsequent commitments, and can be used remotely via the Web or mobile.

If you want to learn more about the Micron vertical, please refer to the dedicated page in ecosystem, or visit, from which you can download your free ticket to MCM 2015.

Zmenu is tempting to the catering business

21 October 2015 by vsalaris

Zmenu by TCPOS

The solution developed by Zucchetti TCPOS enables catering companies to meet every need: operational, sales, administrative, accounting, logistics and marketing.

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TCPOS Zucchetti is a company of Zucchetti Group, a leader in IT solutions for the Hospitality and Retail. Multifunctional POS solutions produced by the company allow you to easily manage every aspect of the sales process and are currently used in over 30 thousand cash desks all over Europe, for a total of over 6 million transactions processed every day.

Zmenu is the solution designed by TCPOS for manage every type of local in the restaurant industry: taverns, restaurants, pizzerias, eateries, canteens, cafeterias, take-away, bars, ice cream shops etc. Flexible and modular, the system allows to meet any requirement in a few simple steps.

Zmenu optimizes and automates every process, from order to payment of the bill, through inventory and employees management, up to a direct interface with the banking POS. You can also check the status of tables and orders, calculate the time of preparation and delivery of courses, easily coordinating kitchen, bar and lounge.

Thanks to Zmenu you can also manage the monthly summary invoices for more frequent customers, checks accounts not yet paid and print receipts without having to retype the amount, thus minimizing typing errors and speeding up the preparation of the account and payment.

You can have a visible feedback of every deal made by the employee and of the related timing thanks to the advanced reporting, integrated with Zucchetti business intelligence solutions. In this way you have valuable information to increase profits, reduce operating costs and define personalized proposals for your customers.

The look and feel of Zmenu meets specific functional and aesthetic requirements with optimized interfaces for each operating system. The solution is also compatible with a wide range of touch screen and wi-fi mobile devices to easily connect scanners, fiscal and kitchen printers, displays, vending machines, handheld devices and tablets.

Want to know more? Then mark the event on the agenda: Zmenu will be at HOST, the most important event for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, foodservice, retail, department stores and hotel industry, scheduled in October 23 to 27 at the Milan Fair (Zucchetti TCPOS will be guest at the stand of Orderman Italy, Hall 10 stand L100 BIS).

Inside Mago4: TaskBuilder Studio

13 October 2015 by vsalaris


TaskBuilder Studio is the hub of Mago4's flexibility: it is the platform created to develop flexible and strong ERP and Business applications.

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Having analyzed the innovations of Mago4 in terms of interface, in this post we discover, beyond the technicalities, why Mago4 is modeled on your needs and ready to respond to all of your needs.

We speak of TaskBuilder Studio (for friends TBS), the component of the Mago4 suite able to make unique your own ERP Mago4 . You know how important it is the ability to develop customized applications: this is precisely what makes Mago4 able to adapt to your needs.

To meet the needs of customers or the market, the behavior of the standard features have often to be extended or modified. Thanks to TBS your reseller can develop the solutions that best fits your needs, targeted to the specific market sectors in which you are operating, or even applications designed to increase productivity in certain business areas.

TBS is the same development platform used to build Mago4, but it was not designed just for that: TBS allows developers to build vertical solutions integrated Mago4 or real stand-alone solutions. In this way different applications, provided by other manufacturers and addressed to various areas of the company, are placed in the same installation, and you have a coherent set of interfaces and behaviors, even if realized by third party manufacturers.

The developed applications are not rigid, but rather composed of modules that can be installed optionally, as it happens for the application modules of Mago4. Not only that: because TBS is an open platform (that uses standard languages and development environments), the developer is free to integrate other software components to enrich your customization, which is ready for the addition of third-party applications.

TaskBuilder Studio provides an extensive set of software components geared to ERP solutions: controls, forms, database management, radar, menus, reporting, setup, and so on. The integration with the framework (Task Builder Framework - TBF), which contains all the general instruments, such DMS, Security, Auditing, etc., allows you to interact with the application, using the Tools to navigate and search for data, manage rights of access to functions and data, track activities, etc.

All the orchestration between the components takes place using the Web Services, the communication interface used by the components of TaskBuilder Studio and the applications realized with it. The result? All functions and application components are accessible via Web services transparently. In addition, the TBS WebLook component allows you to have business applications that can operate in native mode on the web.

Another component of TBS is Reporting Studio, which is the tool that allows you to develop and put in your full disposal a sophisticated reporting system, send email reports in PDF format, rely on Google Maps and Skype links ... and much more. Furthermore, the applications built with TaskBuilder Studio are easy to localize, thanks to International Studio: the ultimate localization tool, capable of providing multicurrency, multilingual and multi-regulations support.

How do you install applications? It’s very simply: Setup Studio allows you to create installation packages in all similar to the distribution package of any Windows product, providing the reading at Run-Time, without the need for additional components to be installed.

Finally, thanks to TBS EasyStudio you can rely on the creation of real vertical for specific market sectors: the module easily and intuitively manages multiple needs within the personalization of Mago4.

There are many features of TBS that “cannot be seen", but that make the suite Mago4 an ERP solution complete and reliable, open and customizable. Here it is, at least in part unveiled, the heart of the operation and performance of Mago4 ERP.

Do you want to know more? If you are a user please ask your dealer, otherwise kindly leave your data and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Close Up: the Piececounter

12 October 2015 by vsalaris

Tips and Tricks

Discover a fast and safe way for a reliable count of the items in the warehouse to be shipped.

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You know well the importance of sending your customers the actual quantity of goods required: precision is everything! Yet the error is still there, especially in the case of shipments composed of several items. The risk? In case of error by default, you must certainly meet a claim by the client; but if you send in excess, it is possible that the goods... are lost!

Now imagine being able to perform an accurate count, quick and accurate, of the items to be shipped, and imagine also to be able to check their status, with the automatic and real-time update of data in your WMS. Imagine you exploit the full potential of WI-FI terminals, to act in full mobility on every stage of the warehouse missions; and now imagine being able to do all this with a single ... Beep!

You no longer have just to imagine: you can take advantage of the full potential that puts at your full disposal with the Piececounter function of WMS Mobile, dedicated to logistics and its management through WI-FI mobile devices.

The Piececounter is a really cool feature of WMS Mobile: as its name says, the functionality Piececounter allows it to perform a precise and reliable counting of the inventory items, through the simple reading of the barcode.

How does it work? Simply activating the function Piececounter in your WMS Mobile for and scanning the barcode of items with the reader of your handheld device. The game is done! You can also rely on several attributes to assign to goods covered by the count: to-move, moved, broken / missing, that can not be shipped.

Once the Piececounter have scanned, WMS Mobile deals to transmit the data recorded at the company database in real time, even if you are in areas not covered by WiFi signal. WMS Mobile has in fact a clever system of saving data in the memory of the portable device, that updates the database as coming in WI-FI zone, or when the device is placed in its cradle connected to a PC.

Benefits are obvious and immediate. Piececounter certifies without mistakes you've made the taking,since you scan the bar code of the corresponding article. The plus factors of Piececounter lie in its accuracy, and are more evident in the case of handling a few units of items that must be constantly monitored. This is because the act of manual scanning involves some sort of direct verification, making the operator aware of the counts in the warehouse through the association with the physical action of the scan. Thus you fully automate the counting and updating of data in your WMS.

With Piececounter you will reduce errors and ensure accurate and real-time updating of information in your company database, as well as faster and more secure operations, in all simplicity.

Piececounter is not the only smart-feature of the WMS of to explore the topic see the product page and read more about in the Help & Information Center on Microarea website.

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