Romexpo Bucharest: good reasons for a visit

29 September 2015 by vsalaris

Internet&Mobile World, Bucarest 2015

Bucharest, 7-8 October 2015. The fourth edition of Internet & Mobile World will take place in the Central Pavilion of Romexpo Bucharest and expects over 7300 business participants. 

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Internet & Mobile World 2015 (IMWorld 2015) is the biggest B2B event in Romania. IMWorld is dedicated to digital, mobile and software solutions. Now in its 4th edition, IMWorld, posted an average annual growth rate of 31% since its launch.

The event is scheduled to take place on October, 7-8 and will host over 135 local and regional companies who will bring in public’s attention latest generation business solutions, with focus on innovation. In the same time, IMWorld 2015 will bring in front of the business and general public over 120 international and local speakers, which will share their know-how on IMWorld’s stages. There are 4 stages: in addition to the Main Stage, you will find Business Software Stage, Digital & E-commerce Stage and – new in 2015 – Developers Stage.

According to Alexandra Dabu, Project Manager IMWorld 2015 (source: blog IMWorld), The novelties brought by IMWorld this year are the start-ups section and the special stage where the latest trends in mobile apps and web apps development will be presented. Romania is already recognized globally for its IT specialists and for their ability to innovate in terms of software, mobile and online app: IMWorld wants to offer them the possibility to present their innovative ideas. In the same time, IMWorld 2015 can be a launch opportunity for local start-ups and it will support and develop the concept “Romania – regional tech hub. The Country, among all countries in CEE, has indeed the best perspectives to bring added value, even at international level, to the internet & mobile sector.

As you know, is traditionally present in Romania, with a complete localization, in line with the opportunities opened up by the ERP on the international scene. Romania is in fact one of the seven countries in which Microarea ERP is perfectly adapted to the linguistic, currency and regulatory context. The growing presence of in Romania led to broaden the experience of international development in business software, while consolidating knowledge and know-how related to the local market.

Because of its leading role as in business software in Romania, Zucchetti Group could not miss this event: will be present at IMWorld 2015 at stand B16. A central position chosen to present the leading ERP on the international scenario with live demo sessions, and to offer to users, decision makers, managers, marketing professionals and IT the most advanced technological solutions in the ERP field.

On this occasion addresses the Romanian market, but not only that. The ERP is in fact able to fully embrace all the current needs of internationalization: if your company is expanding in international markets, or if you're thinking in foreign locations for your business, you can satisfy your needs with, the international ERP. Lined up to any tax rule, has complete multicurrency support and a multilingual management of both the description of the data and the user interface, to support the growth of your business beyond national borders.

Learn more about the presence of to the last edition of the event. For all details on the imminent opening of IMWorld 2015 you can instead refer to the official website.

6 strategies for Safety communication

25 September 2015 by vsalaris

Zucchetti Webinar 09/2015

Zucchetti set an important training appointment about new approaches and perspectives on safety issues. 

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Occupational safety, risk assessment, health surveillance, training of workers, procurement and construction sites management, supplier qualification etc. are not only legal requirements, but also strategic activities for the business: studies demonstrate that every euro invested in security has an economic return of 2.2 euro.

Without the contribution everyone, however, the safety will always be just on paper! Therefore it is essential to communicate it at the best.

In this regard, Zucchetti has organized a webinar, to learn strategies to develop a "culture of safety" in the company and to exchange views on specific cases of application.

The appointment made use of the valuable contribution of Davide Scotti, General Secretary of LHS Foundation. The LHS Foundation - Leadership in Health and Safety - is a nonprofit organization established in 2010 to develop research, information campaigns and training programs in the field of health and safety, based on innovative methods.

The event opened to professional profiles who in various ways are concerned with safety and human resources management, as Prevention and Protection Managers, Prevention and Protection Workers, Workers' Representative for Safety, Security Coordinators, Safety Consultants, Employers, Managers and Supervisors, Personnel Manager, Human Resources Manager, IT Manager.

Mago4: a totally new look

11 September 2015 by vsalaris


Here is a new insight about the main features of Mago4: discover how Mago evolves in its design. 

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We have already mentioned that the new Mago4 preserves the functional features of, while radically changing its interface. The new design has to deal with not only graphic elements, and color, but it goes beyond the concept of User Interface to embrace the broader idea of true User Experience.

The new look is inspired by the latest trends in content before chrome: data and content on which you work are the primary substance to perceive, while the interface elements remain in the background. Mago4 adopts a flat appearance without 3D effect and photorealistic images with stylized icons and rich colors.

Mago4 design also takes into account the evolution in referring to the size and resolution of the displays in use. The traditional constraints associated with these features are now meaningless, given the multifaceted range of available devices, each with their own values. The goal of the new design is the dynamic adaptation to different situations: the new interface applies the principles of responsive design to adapt the elements to the available screen space. Special attention also goes to touch-screen devices, which, while not ideal tools for a complex operability, are useful for consultation and for operations of verify or confirmation. Mago4 interfaces are then touch friendly, responsive and have enough space to tapping as an alternative to clicking.

To give Mago4 a highly intuitive design, we started with an observation: "If there is a need to explain the interface, you probably made a mistake in the choice of design." The new design communicates the user a clear message about the meaning of what is displayed and on possible actions, taking care of the affordances (ie the invitation) proposed by the elements. The affordance draws on the common and computer cultural background (a blue underlined text suggests a link to other information; three diagonal lines at the corner of a window indicate that the same can be enlarged, etc.). Users can predict which actions will be performed, starting from the look of interface elements.

The restyling of the Home Page leads to a totally new look, clear, clean and light, characterized by the presence of tiles (ie panels containing groups of consistent fields), that are also the key elements common to all the application interface. The responsive design is here: the tiles can change size and orientation adapting to the various form factors and the extension of the texts in different languages. The occupation of space is improved, readability and understanding are maximized.

Navigation is intuitive; the desired functionality are recalled with a few clicks and the appearance of the home page is customizable, to fit the daily operational flows, hiding the items used with a lower frequency. A powerful search system allows you to quickly find any functionality of application or framework: the entire usual search functions are implemented: bookmarks, last-used and pinning.The look and feel is linked to the theme and therefore is customizable.

All the windows of the application interface (data entry, batch, wizards, forms, etc.) are new in look and organization of information. The data are grouped by operation logic and meaning in the new container represented by the tiles, which can be collapsed by the user, while continuing to carry information. All you need is at hand on the first page of the document, and other not-basic information are in accessory boards. You have the same result in Activity Panel thanks to the Accordion model: the sections collapse or expand themselves while you proceed in the activity. There are also other characteristic elements, such as lateral selectors with customizable icon and description and a concise and descriptive header, designed to recall the information that you always want to be visible (name of the customer, document number, etc.).

Even toolbars change: from uniform stripes of small images, functions move in different areas of the display. The new toolbars are lighter, thanks to the drop-down buttons, and can move freely; toolbars are reduced in number (the accessory functions are in separated informative panels), they have larger icons, useful on a touch screen, accompanied by a descriptive text for easier understanding. Available icons change depending on the context and the possible actions.

Colors, fonts and other graphics change: a powerful templates technology collects the styles of different components to model the product on the tastes of the individual user. In this way, it is easy to create a familiar user experience, even between different applications and products.

These are just some of the innovations - mainly related to the product interface - that you will soon experiment with Mago4. If you are curious to see other innovative features that will change your ERP, you just have to follow the next editions of the blog!

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