HR management between needs and opportunities

27 May 2015 by vsalaris

HR webinar 10.06.2015

Human resources management between needs and opportunities 

Edited by Marketing Department

One of the last Zucchetti webinars focuses on personnel management, to achieve business goals. Human resources management is a growing challenge. In this sense, Human Resources must rethink their role, defining new strategies to support and accelerate organizational change. Objective: facilitate the achievement of business goals.

The online workshop organized by Zucchetti investigated the priority areas of innovation for the HR departments: training, analysis and skills development, performance rating, definition of compensation policies and more. The historic publishing house Giunti Editore SpA brought its experience in the HR field enriching the content.

The web seminar, held on June 10, addressed to Staff Managers, HR Managers, Owners, Entrepreneurs and all those who for various reasons deal with human resource management. You can consult the program at this link.

Microarea website: more and more ... mobile!

25 May 2015 by vsalaris

Microarea: new mobile friendly website

Microarea Website has been further improved, to make your navigation from Mobile even more enjoyable!

A cura dell'Ufficio Marketing 

Microarea has recently refined the new responsive layout of its website, so you can browse the pages of anytime and anywhere: thus you have all the information you need, in full mobility.

Microarea Website has also passed with flying colors the test of compatibility with mobile devices developed by Google. According to its new policy, Google rewards the sites designed to work at the best even on mobile devices; these virtuous sites are inevitably destined to rise to the top of the search results.

The choice is linked to the change in accessing the web, certified by many studies: nearly 60% of the online traffic comes from mobile devices and the proportion is set to rise to 70% in 2020 (comScore data). It’s indeed taking place sort of a “passing of the baton” widely announced, regard to which Microarea wanted to keep pace. Nevertheless, many people fear this change: according to SumAll research, 67% percent of the first Fortune’s companies is not "mobile friendly".

But you have not to worry: you can find Microarea content ranked among the most interesting and high quality sites, because Microarea website is optimized for an effective displaying on any mobile device. Try the new browsing experience on your tablet, smartphone or iPad and ... good mobile navigation!

Mago in Vending Sector

21 May 2015 by vsalaris

Mago Vending

The vertical solution for developed by Sabicom and designed for vending machines was greatly appreciated at the Vending Industry Exhibition. 

Edited by Marketing Department

Mago Vending is the vertical solution created by Sabicom, Zucchetti and Microarea Partner, to manage all the needs of the vending industry. Sabicom vertical solution provides simple yet highly innovative answers to the real needs of your company.

Mago Vending is an easy and intuitive software, able to facilitate the entire operations flow: a simple graphical interface provides you with a "glance" on clients and the machines in charge. In this way you always have under control the most important data and can quickly get any kind of information.

Sabicom vertical is perfectly integrated to and is able to automate management: you can accurately control in a few clicks costs and revenues, optimizing sales and maximizing profits. Mago Vending allows you it to import data from each machine, reading the files directly from the most widespread sales systems software and recording fees automatically. With Mago Vending you can manage your warehouse, plan maintenance and visits, control and trace collections...saving time and resources at the same time. You have at your disposal statistics on revenues, sales, operators; you can compute profit margins and send accounting data directly to your accountant.

Furthermore, the vertical solution for has been very successful in Venditalia, the Vending Exhibition, also for the possibility to adopt only the modules your company really needs. With Mago Vending, Sabicom offers a modular and cost effective solution to add more features as the company and its needs grow. Venditalia took place in Milan, May 3rd to 6th, and saw a big traffic at Sabicom stand, that was set up with a real Formula 1 to emphasize the connection with innovation and advanced technology! That was the perfect chance to launch Sabicom vertical solution, presenting Mago Vending to a vast and specialized public thanks to demos and presentations and receiving considerable interest in the Italian and foreign market, especially, but not only, among users.

Mago Vending confirms to be the integrated solution designed to provide effective responses to managers who want to make their work more efficient, thanks to a simple, yet highly accurate, control of cost and revenue.

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