3.12 is ready

27 April 2015 by vsalaris Service Pack  

The new release of comes with almost 50 news in all sectors, with particular regard to Electronic Invoicing

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The new release of provides improvements for the integration with the accountants software OMNIA, in addition to other improvements in Administrative Area, Logistics, Sales and Purchase Management, Manufacturing.

The main news, however are about to Electronic Invoicing, and in particular about the dialogue between and the Zucchetti service dedicated to Electronic Invoicing via web. This integration allows you to use the full potential of FatelWeb directly from your ERP.

With 3.12 you can manage from your ERP the creation of invoices towards Public Administration, connecting via Web Services. Thus, the whole process is inside your, without the need to interface with other systems: with a few clicks you are ready to delegate all the bureaucratic process to the Web service.

This is just a glimpse! Do not miss the next chronicles, because we will soon analyze in detail the integration between and FatelWeb, offering many interesting ideas on electronic invoicing. 3.12 ready for download; if you have subscribed and maintained Microarea Live Update service, downloading 3.12 is free. Otherwise, you can subscribe MLU service getting in touch with International Sales Department.

We kindly recommend you to contact your reference dealer to safely and properly install the upgrade to the new version.

Know your customer to Grow

27 April 2015 by vsalaris

Zucchetti CRM  

Statistics to hand, a new information document explains the state of corporate strategies for customer-centric company

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We have often emphasized that the key to increase efficiency and gain competitive superiority is the focus on the customer. A global business strategy, integrating all available tools - from Customer Relationship Management to Business Intelligence - provides the company the ability to study, learn and build customer loyalty.

To explore these topics, Zucchetti has recently published an interesting Whitepaper, that lists, among other things, the data of a study conducted by CRM Observatory. The research was carried out aiming to explore the maturity of Italian companies in the strategic, operational and technology management of its customer base and its data through CRM systems.

The results show a positive trend in the use of CRM systems to achieve greater efficiency in the management of customers, data, information, and business processes. The same Whitepaper - not surprisingly titled "Know your customer to Grow" - proposes an overview of all the Zucchetti tools available to guide your organization into customer relationship management, deepening knowledge and developing targeted initiatives, starting with Infinity CRM strategy.

The information document is an important summary of present situation and opportunities. Please examine the Whitepaper to find out all the tools designed to make your business grow, even in the long term. & DocFinance: advance treasury management

22 April 2015 by vsalaris

DocFinance e  

DocFinance treasury connects to, for an integrated and strategic management

Edited by Marketing Department

The origin of the advance corporate treasury management resides in the collection and payment obligations arising from contracts for investment, purchases and sales: to control the resulting time lag is daily task for business administration.

DocFinance by Sedoc Finance Network is the leading treasury software solution in Italy. Doc Finance is a  complete application for  advance treasury management that communicates with the accounting systems of your ERP and integrates the remote banking services with the company's information system, drawing all kinds of analysis and reporting.

Into SMEs, generally, those who are engaged in accounting records also take care of bank’s accounting records. The process of integration of remote banking services with the accounting, in addition to receiving cash flow, has the task of making the cash booking necessary to transfer following the Reconciliation.

Here then that the dialogue between DocFinance and your ERP ensures you completeness and efficiency, and avoid the subsequent reconciliation of bank accounts. The integration between Doc Finance and also allows your company administration to have an eye on the updated financial situation, while the periodic reporting and statistics allows you to systematically monitor the relationships with the banks.

Thanks to the integration between DocFinance and your company can keep everything under control, learn, plan and manage treasury events: by master data to movements, through accounting integration and management of collections / payments, to risk management, analysis of the historical and centralized management.

All through a single connection, starting from the perfect integration of DocFinance with the accounting system of your Through this connection the company relationship with the bank becomes more transparent, thanks to a better negotiating power and the systematic control of money and services costs.

Addressing strategic financial management means to improve the efficiency of processes, simplifying corporate daily tasks and transforming data into valuable information, in order to make decisions, plan future activities with timeliness and safety and be even more competitive on the market.

To explore the topic please refer to the post previously dedicated to the connector between and DocFinance, or visit the dedicated section on SEDOC Finance Network website: you will find all the information you need.

Close up: Omnia &

17 April 2015 by vsalaris

Tips and Tricks connects to the world of accountants through the module Accounting Data exchange with OMNIA 

Edited by Marketing Department

Starting from its 3.11 release, was enriched by the module Accounting data exchange with OMNIA, realizing a significant value increase in  administrative area.

OMNIA Zucchetti is the global solution designed to accountants that combines software, training, publishing services and information into a single portal. Thanks to the accounting data exchange module it is possible to pass data from ordinary Accounting to OMNIA and vice versa.

Let's see how the module operates into practice and which benefits it provides to companies.

Frequently small businesses manage independently general accounting, but rely on the accountant to fulfill all declaratory obligations and tax communications. Sometimes, instead, the same companies transfer to the accountant also tax prints (as ledger and VAT records) and accounts closure/reopening as well as the budget preparation.

So the accountant needs to get data from his customer: it can therefore happen that the accountant has to enter the data manually into his own software, then reprocess them and fulfill his task. Until now users could address these communication needs using exporting tools, as Woorm or XGate, or allowing the accountant to access remotely through EasyLook.

Now tax and accounting movements can be transferred to your accountant with highest simplicity and reliability, thanks to the module Accounting data exchange with OMNIA.

The connection activation is very simple: just ask the accountant the company code and VAT activity to be included in OMNIA parameters, along with the master data file. After importing the sub accounts and OMNIA causal in using the special function, you can then export the ledger entries. It is not necessary to enter all the connections between and OMNIA codes, because the export procedure analyzes the ledger entries to transfer, and requires the missing combinations - such as correspondence to  OMNIA sub account and / or the tax code -.

However, the users wanting to start managing their accounting-financial area with, while maintaining the supervision of their accountant, can adopt the chart of accounts of their accountant, rather than the standard one of In this way  you can avoid the connection of account to OMNIA  sub-account.

Reduce errors, simplify  accounting management and save time with and its module Accounting data exchange with OMNIA.

Welcome to the new Microarea website!

8 April 2015 by vsalaris

website april 2015  

We are happy to introduce you the new Microarea website: more fresh, more direct, more light....more  your! 

Edited by Marketing Department

Microarea renews its website, providing it with improved accessibility and in line with the latest web-graphic trends.

Starting from home page and in all the pages of the site, the graphics are completely new, to provide you a streamlined tool, even more intuitive in consultation.

You'll notice that the information is organized as always: so you can explore the site as usual, while living a new browsing experience and the most relaxing visit!

Accessibility is optimized also for mobile surfing: responsive design makes the layout suitable to the environment in which the site is displayed, allowing you to always have content and information at your fingertips.

Explore the new Microarea website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter: we will listen to your suggestions and tips, to get better and better!

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