Security, the commercial!

26 January 2015 by vsalaris


Privacy and data security are vital factors for your business. Security module for assures you both ... learn how, with the new video commercial from the "solutions for your business" playlist!

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The new video dedicated to Security module is now online on Microarea YouTube channel.

Security module provides you with the flexibility and power you need to protect corporate data and manage the users’ level of accessibility to information.

Everything can be controlled by Security: control is total because it is possible to profile the accesses to management objects, avoiding ... unpleasant incidents! Everything is easier than ever, thanks to the intuitive graphical interface that makes the setting of authorizations simple, fast and accurate.

The new cartoon will show you in a dynamic and engaging way the full potential of Security module: from the definition of default roles that merge the security profiles, to the control of access levels, until the perfect alignment with product updates!

To learn even more, please visit the product page and the related documentation on Microarea website, under Product Tour section. You will discover all the Monitoring tools provided by for the security of your Company .

Discover the new animation about Security: you can see it in the playlist called Solutions for your business, among the short animated films dedicated to single modules of

Watch and comment the cartoon, waiting for the next commercial about the main features of your ERP!

New year, new image for Infinity HR suite by Zucchetti!

26 January 2015 by vsalaris


A new website, new video and new materials to find out the human resources management suite chosen by over 22,000 companies in Italy.

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Zucchetti Group commitment: continuously innovate the approach to human resources management and provide high-quality solutions to optimize the efficiency of Human Resources Management. The market has widely recognized this action, allowing Zucchetti Group to gain leadership positions in HR field.

For this reason, Zucchetti renews the image of its Infinity Global HR Solution suite in all communication channels. The new dedicated website - rich in images, videos and documents that share a common modern and essential style - is able to effectively deepen unique and distinctive solutions for personnel management.

Password: less technicalities and more emotions, to best represent the flexibility, simplicity and true integration that only Zucchetti HR Infinity Global Solution can offer to companies every day.

Visit now and discover why HR Infinity Global Solution is the winning formula for the numbers 1!

Close Up: the Accounting Inventory Book module

23 January 2015 by vsalaris

Tips and Tricks introduces the Accounting Inventory Book module, one of the new features introduced by the new 3.11 release. Let's take a closer look at the new module.

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The Accounting Inventory book contains the indication and the valuation of Company assets and liabilities: its function is to provide a "snapshot" of the composition and evaluation of company assets at the end of a financial year. The inventory should therefore contain the indication and the analytical measurement of assets and liabilities, amount of goods, balance sheet and profit and loss account. Inventory must be drawn up at the beginning of the company life and each year thereafter, having as reference date the end of the year.

Law requires the keeping of the Accounting Inventory Book for all companies that adopt the ordinary accounting regime. Fulfillment and terms related to Accounting Inventory Book can be a matter of both civil and fiscal law. Book deficiencies, such as lack of certain pages or omitted preparation of inventories, are considered extremely serious.

With 3.11 it is easier to have "what it takes": the Accounting Inventory Book module apply a special procedure to print all the statements composing the Inventory Book, starting from the selection of statements to be included. The Attachment master data allows you defining which further statements have to be included in the Accounting Inventory book: they can be reports or statements set by the user, where amounts are manually entered or are calculated according to accounts balances. 

The module includes the advanced management of reclassification schemas in order to produce reclassified balances according to customizable and flexible layout. In this way, you can print and attach to the Accounting Inventory Book, both EEC Financial Statement for the accounting period, and any reclassified financial statement, according to customized schemas.

The module makes easier also the management of documents to be issued/received. Adjustment entries of documents to be issued/received are automatically generated in the previous fiscal year on saving an issued/received document, posted in the current year, where an adjustment account has been specified. In the meantime, it is also possible to achieve the statement to be attached to the Accounting Inventory Book.

Accounting Inventory Book module and all its features are part of 3.11 improvements. For more accurate and detailed information, please refer to the product page dedicated to the new Accounting Inventory Book module.

Microarea Blog: 2014 Top Five

20 January 2015 by vsalaris

top 5 posts 2014  

As every new year beginning, here we are to make a quick evaluation of the most- liked posts of this blog in 2014. Let us find out the most successful topics.

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We go right to the heart of the "top 5" posts, the most appreciated by users in 2014!

Going backwards, in fifth place we have the February deepening dedicated to 3.9 Service Pack 7, with administrative and financial news concerning SEPA Direct Debit and the Multipurpose Communication, as well as different foreign localizations.

It ranks fourth the analysis of the solutions provided to align your Company with Electronic Invoicing regulations, published in May ahead of the regulatory deadline of June 6, 2014. Since that date, electronic invoicing has become mandatory with regard of the central public administration: no surprise, then, to discover the success of the post that presented the solutions to meet the rules!

We go now to the third step of our podium, occupied by the guidelines for Electronic Invoicing, focused on the principles that regulate the procedure. In this post of March, we have tried to shed light on the mechanisms underlying the legal framework, highlighting the positive aspects of regulatory obligation, in terms of opportunities and savings associated with the new invoicing method.

In second position is once again a topic related to e-invoicing legislation, linked to FEPAConnector. FEPAConnector is the module able to create a two-way dialogue with the Zucchetti E-Invoicing software FatturaElettronicaPA. The module is part of 3.9.9, and allows you to delegate to FatturaElettronicaPA the entire transmission flow of invoices to Public Administration. The process is simple and accurate thanks to a perfect alignment of the products. Hence, with your you have a full service on which rely for  properly invoicing towards Public Administration.

And the winner is ... 3.10! Yes, the second last release of your ERP software had great success on the blog, certainly because of the over 120 improvements and new features in all areas. The three 3:10 new modules - Barcode Manager, Manufacturing Mobile and Advanced Bank Management - have met with great interest, deserving individual insights into dedicated posts.

We end this ranking with a brief consideration. It is clear that the most followed topics in 2014 were concerning practical information related to tax compliance and regulatory requirements, further confirming the practical utility of Microarea blog. It is evident that users and partners correctly perceive this appointment: the blog is a tool able to keep you updated and give you helpful and clear guidelines, even in the intricate current context.

Follow the blog and interact with Microarea social network even in 2015! Not to miss a post, subscribe to News newsletter: so you will be sure to timely receive focused insights and previews of great interest about the features and the evolution of your ERP.

If you are not yet a user, but you are interested in finding out more, leave your reference and we will contact you soon.

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