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26 November 2014 by vsalaris


During last month, Microarea partecipated with ERP at two big events, confirming its presence on the international scenario.

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Let’s live again in chronological order the two happenings to which Microarea and took part in October.

Between October 8 and 9 the scene is the emerging Romanian market. In Bucharest, at Romexpo Bucharest fair, there was Internet & Mobile World third edition.

Internet & Mobile World is a major B2B event in ITC field and its main players are the most important companies in crucial sector such as Software Development, ERP, Mobile & Apps, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Social Media e Cloud.

More than 130 companies participated, giving life to a very encouraging environment for business. Inside this scenario, there was more than 60 presentations and several high-level workshops that brought together local and international expertise.

This year, in particular, Romexpo was populated by events and exhibitions in Business Software, Marketing Technologies e Mobile & Apps sectors. The event launched a real network between exhibitors and the 80.000 visitors. The most part of visitors were decision makers and upper management in ITC and Marketing. was there! Following the non-stop growth of its ERP, for both efficiency and users, Microarea took part to the event to update its customers and welcome the new ones!

At Microarea-Zucchetti stand, designed for, the staff presented product demonstrations, suggesting customized solutions for the most different business needs, dialoguing with users and visitors. You can take a look to the stand visiting Microarea Facebook page!

After few days, the scene is Milano. Between 22 and 24 October, the unmissable appointment with innovation is at SMAU! Managers and entrepreneurs in these 3 days met 200 startup and research centers, attended more than 300 workshops and discovered 500 technological news proposed by ITC specialists.

Here in Milan 9 Microarea prominent Partners populated the great Zucchetti Village with workstations dedicated to their solutions.

2C Service, Antos, Centro Sistemi Treviso, Hand Made, Link Management, Micron, Project++, Sabicom and Tecnobiemme presented inside the Village the resources of their vertical solutions developed to better integrate with companies needs.

The Partners implemented the better formulas to engage public with product presentations and in-depth analysis, interactive and customized demos, able to highlight the countless opportunities to increase productivity and competitiveness of any company.

The appointment in Milan is by now a historical one that highly convinced both exhibitors and visitors and promises fruitful and positive repercussions for both parties.

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Optimizing time and business performance

25 November 2014 by vsalaris


To easily, but accurately check the profitability of each project is possible, thanks to ZTimesheet. 

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If you need to plan and monitor resources activities, reduce time for administrative tasks and provide your management with the necessary information to make the best decisions as soon as possible, the answer for you is ZTimesheet.

ZTimesheet is the Zucchetti solution suitable for all companies that require an effective tool to assess the profitability of their projects: through a complete parameterization you can manage the collection of staff working hours and get all the information you need to evaluate individual project, contract or customer efficiency.

ZTimesheet high flexibility ensures perfect adherence to the specific needs of your company, without altering its organization: ZTimesheet is indeed realized with a modular logic to allow you configure the solution and have a support perfectly suited to your needs. So you can check activities trend, staff workload, projects profitability.
ZTimesheet  acquires personal data from the ERP, attendance hours and the hourly rate from wages, real-time providing all business sectors and involved people with the data required to carry out their business.

For example, ZTimesheet integration with specific business analytics forms and its continuous dialogue with the ERP allows management to analyze and evaluate costs, to make decisions based on structured and in-context information.
Zucchetti solution is also accessible through a portal that gives you full use of the most helpful tools to facilitate and simplify your daily activities, maximizing management efficiency.

An advanced document management system (DMS) is at your disposal to manage and dematerialize all documents produced. You can use your "personal desk" via web, for a quick access to your documents, available information and processes. Through the multi - diary you can  organize your activities or those of employees, according to associated profile.  Furthermore, the powerful integrated web Client allows you to store your Mail messages in DMS.

Rely on Zucchetti ZTimesheet to assess your projects profitability, plan and monitor activities of resources you’re using, reduce administrative management time and cost, get the proper information to make the best decisions in the shortest time.

Learn more about ZTimesheet Zucchetti or ask for further information through a in-depth analysis. 

Close up: Barcode Manager

17 November 2014 by vsalaris

Tips and Tricks  

Thanks to Barcode Manager and the help of a simple Barcode reader, it only takes a simple scan for all your goods load and unload operations to be taken care of.

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Barcode reading is a 40 years old system that is nowadays used over five billion times a day.  Barcodes plays a crucial role in improving efficiency and increasing productivity in many different sectors.

That’s why 3.10 provides you with Barcode Manager, the module that extends and increases barcode reading functions: in this way you can dramatically reduce work processing time and ensure maximal trustworthiness when recording logistics data!

With Barcode Manager module you take advantage of barcode technology in all Sales&Purchase documents. The module technology is based on the experience in managing codes within WMS.
From today, this operative intelligence extends to ERP different sectors, increasing its potential. Starting from 3.10 release, you can generate and recognize several types of barcodes while loading and unloading goods.

A dedicated dialog window permits you to acquire barcodes, limiting the fields to only the information strictly needed to acquire the datum: a nice perk for usability and quickness!

The barcode input window adapts to the document it is called upon. In case of bill of laden, for example, a click on the dedicated button allows you to see the item state (Compliant, To be returned, etc…): this all happens with a simple function key or, even quicker, by scanning the linked bar code. Barcode Manager enables to generate and recognize several types of barcodes: from the simple bar code permitting to identify a single Item, may it be differentiated by Unit of Measure, to the structured bar codes, composed by more information. The module is able to interpret the GTIN codes (GS1-128), widely used in food industry and supermarkets.

The module provides much more benefits. You can attach a barcode to individual functions and then proceed to the loading or unloading without ever touching the keyboard. You can also decide to go on with fiscal print that you can send directly to the cash register. An intelligent reader, able to understand what you are processing, can facilitates the acquisition.

Which are the advantages of Barcode Manager? Data input is 5 time faster and errors are dramatically reduced, this means to strengthen efficiency, accuracy and reliability and to considerably reduce data-entry costs.

In short, Barcode Manager proves to be an extremely beneficial tool for all companies that move items with barcode labels.

To find out more, please refer to the product documentation; besides product page, the Barcode Manager White Paper is available for you to discover all module features. Auditing: security ... under control!

13 November 2014 by vsalaris


A new, captivating commercial shows the way Auditing module solves many … business hassles! 

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The new animation online on Microarea Youtube channel is about Auditing module and the pleasant consequences coming from business data monitoring and safety.
Auditing module registers the operations made on company database, with a non-stop control and tracing.

In this way, you have a powerful security system, yet flexible, able to control access to data the most sensible for you. Thanks to the integrated tools, like queries and automatic reports, you can query Auditing module in a quick and automatic way.

So you will always know who has managed certain information, which operation he has done, which day and hour. Furthermore, you can analyze in depth data modified in a set period, the list of data managed by a specific user and so on.

Have a look to the commercial and find out what Auditing is able to do for you! You can find the cartoon on Microarea Youtube Channel, inside the playlist dedicated to Solution for your Company, that includes short animated films concerning individual modules.

Enjoy the video and leave a comment, waiting for next productions about your ERP functionalities! 

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