Mobile Solutions for Business: status and perspectives

28 October 2014 by vsalaris


Recent studies analyze the impact of Mobility on key business processes, assessing their major opportunities for the future.

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The adoption of mobile technologies to support business processes is a powerful tool to develop innovative digital paths that can significantly increase efficiency, recover productivity and dramatically improve effectiveness. It is no coincidence that the Italian mobile market is growing fast: the Mobile Enterprise Observatory of Politecnico di Milano estimated that the mobile market will grow by 46% over three years, reaching 2.7 billion by 2016.

Primary levers of this increase are Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and PDA, Mobile Business Apps supporting the processes, considering the company devices, and Enterprise Application Stores, platforms that allow the ICT directions to monitor and manage the entire mobile ecosystem. This mix of terminals, applications and governance environment can overcome the already low barriers of users to adoption, to renew, simplifying them, sales, maintenance, personnel management, supply chain processes, and so on.

Such a significant volume growth it is not surprising, given that Italian mobile workers are now 13 million, and the production value recovered in 2014 thanks to mobile solutions for professional activities is estimated at about € 9 billion per year (according to the Observatory). The Mobile Enterprise is thus having a deep impact on Enterprises, who found a way to turn the mobile potential into real value. The benefits in effectiveness and efficiency recorded by each organization are reflected on the entire country, as value appreciable both from productivity that from a purely economic point of view.

Zucchetti, together with Group companies, offers you cutting-edge tools to access the information contained in the company's information system directly from a PC, smartphone or tablet. Your data is thus available at any place and at any time, to real-time control and analyze your business. This means a concrete answer to needs of a management in full mobility. To learn more, please visit Zucchetti website.

CRM strategies, the integration with

27 October 2014 by vsalaris


Thanks to the dialogue with Infinite CRM solution by Pat, ensures a proper, accurate and reliable management of relationships with your customers. 

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For a "market-oriented" Company the market is no longer just the client, but the surrounding environment. For this reason, it is now mandatory to implement proper Customer Relationship Management strategies, closely concerning communication, business processes integration, people and culture, to focus on the customer.

CRM concept is realized in a business strategy that aims to understand, anticipate and meet the needs of current and potential customers of a company, increasing the value of their relationship. The CRM strategy is not really just a matter of computer systems, but uses them massively: CRM applications are used to keep in touch with clients, to enter the information into the database and to provide interaction mode such that the interactions themselves can be recorded and analyzed.

It is thus clear that the two-way dialogue between your management software and CRM solution is crucial to create an integrated system, containing all the required functionality and flexible, so that it can be used by different business profiles. Some questions then arise spontaneously: how is it possible to exchange information between the already implemented systems, or build new ones? How to have a complete customers relationships management and use their presales, sales and after-sales service full potential, while maintaining the financial-accounting management in

The answers come from the connection system between and InfiniteCRM, the Pat group CRM solution that has always been compatible with every type of enterprise infrastructure and fully integrated with ERP platforms. From this openness to integration was developed the iCRM Pat Connector module for a real operational bridge able to establish an ongoing dialogue between your ERP and InfiniteCRM, so you have the data stored in both systems.

The operating principle of the procedure is to "capture" the data in the database, and then to replicate them in the target database: the information will coincide in all databases controlled by and Infinite CRM are integrated thanks to a procedure able to quickly and efficiently manage large volumes of data. A sophisticated system of real-time synchronization keeps constantly aligned data of the two software. The connector not only synchronizes with Infinite CRM (eg for the master data and customer items and price lists), but also starts a two-way dialogue between the two systems, for example if you have to send an order to the ERP. As a result, your sales and marketing activities are constantly traceable and monitored by both and Infinite CRM!

Thanks to iCRM Pat Connector architecture, different company areas are able to implement CRM strategies, all feeding the same database and accessing a customer card with all the information. This allows you to improve all processes and to respond in a reliable and comprehensive way to any need: Microarea ERP hooks the data, while fetching orders and customers from Pat CRM. All in an easy, automatic and efficient way.

If you are a user, you can take advantage of the capabilities of PAT CRM infinte thanks to iCRM Connector. The connection tool enables the exchange of data between the two platforms, is able to align the data minimizing the integration time required and maximizing their quality. All of this to the advantage of the solution ... and then of the customer!

iCRM Pat Connector is part of 3.10 Service Pack 2: find out more in Product Download section and in the Help & Information Center. For even more details and information about iCRM Pat Connector, please leave your reference.  You will be contacted as soon as possible.

L'Erbolario, a natural success!

23 October 2014 by vsalaris  

The historic brand L’Erbolario, leader in the natural cosmetics, relies on to ensure the traditional product quality, transparency in production processes and high business performance.

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The loyalty to nature is a promise kept by L’Erbolario, thanks to the strict certifications obtained in production and environmental sustainability (the Company is certified GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices – and DNV- for materials management -, not to mention the historical cruelty-free warranty and energy-neutral operation).

L’Erbolario quality standards are therefore very high and require rigorous efforts in production and market procedures. To maintain high the parameters of the huge amount of business processes, the company based in Lodi (Italy) always relies on The ERP flexibility is able to ensure a precise control of each order phase in all company areas. With tailored reports and a number of customizations developed by Micron, the referral Microarea Platinum Partner, L’Erbolario is able to exploit the full potential of EasyBuilder module (designed for fast and accurate customizations) and of TaskBuilder development platform.

Thanks to, the company is sure that its information flow is monitored, secure and real-time. This is possible with a fully computerized management that involves the issuance of transport and sales documents, automatically generated by Magic Link ( module able to connect via Web Services to all management resources). In addition to streamlined, efficient and highly productive operability, L’Erbolario is also sure of a significant mistakes reduction, energy and resources saving otherwise unimaginable, given the huge data volume handled daily by L’Erbolario.

More benefits coming from implementation and Micron cooperation are the availability of a high-level reporting, ERP ease of use and the posibility to create interfaces through which all kinds of data are constantly exchanged: this is a critical step to dialogue with more than 150 franchised stores.

Find out the details of L’Erbolario success story: this is one of the case studies supported by There are many other companies that improved their performance in the most different sectors; you can learn more visiting the dedicated section on Microarea website.

Please remember: if you want to tell us your experience with ERP, just get in touch with your reference dealer to propose a case history. The next highlighted success story could be yours!

Close Up: manufacturing management goes mobile

16 October 2014 by vsalaris

Tips and Tricks Mobile Manufacturing module extends the mobility benefits in manufacturing management.

A cura dell'Ufficio Marketing 3.10 release introduced interesting news in Manufacturing sector, attuning many of its features to the mobile version.

As stated at 3.10 launch, the use of mobile devices as part of the manufacturing processes is particularly suited to the management of the internal processing steps, resulting in the finished product.

Starting from this consideration, Microarea developed Manufacturing Mobile for This module is designed to confirm and load in production the last phase of an internal order with a mobile device.

The module is a further support to manufacturing management and allows you to integrate the production flow processes with the flexibility and ease of use of your mobile device.

Let's see how Manufacturing Mobile extends WiFi benefits also to manufacturing area, representing not only a relevant integration of manufacturing modules, but also an important extension of mobile functions.

Thanks to the new module, you can enable - in basic as well as in advanced production phase – both the Production Loading, and Production Kanban Reordering procedure via mobile device. The ERP collects data "on the field" to efficiently complete production. The ERP reasons with an inductive logic, basing on preset rules, and rationally manages picking, reordering and supply of production material.

Basically, the manufacturing orders that the server gradually launches are automatically sent to the mobile device. The synchronization with the server begins once you have confirmed on your handheld device. This synchronization reports on manufacturing orders the information coming from confirmations, generates inventory entries, closes the completed manufacturing orders and re-sends new loading missions for manufacturing orders that are still open.

That’s not all: MO confirmation is based on a configuration of your choice, thanks to a very advanced customization. In addition, thanks to the integrated monitoring tool, you can always check the storage missions status sent to the devices.

Manufacturing Mobile is flexible, because it does not affect your choices for traditional confirmation and loading; is tailor-made for you, because you can adjust its use to the most different business needs; is fully compatible with your manufacturing parameters.

Meet all your manufacturing needs, maximizing space and precious energy thanks to Manufacturing Mobile!
To learn more, please consult the documentation or see the product page.

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