localizations: the Brazilian scenario

30 September 2014 by vsalaris


With a tradition of efficiency in international arena, ERP strenghtens its presence in the emerging Brazilian market with a highly refined localization.

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As part of its diverse, but always accurate localization, in 2014 is fully available for the Brazilian market.

Relying on vast expertises and its natively multilingual and multicurrency nature, shows internationalization features that are particularly attractive for Brazil, with special regard to production and logistics management. Thanks to "coverage" in these areas, the ERP Brazilian scenario is today complete, with a platform designed to provide the end user with several services (i.e. targeted reporting, different customizations and creation of any object with EasyBuilder tool, and more).

One of the cutting-edge implementations of Brazilian version responds to the complex needs concerning electronic invoicing, mandatory for all companies in this country. The integration with Brazilian Tax Agency web-services has been realized with a dedicated module. The localization allows you to automatically create and manage electronic invoices, send them, receive results, notifications and related documents. All in conformity with local regulations; in this way the user can fully meet his needs directly from total integration in the Brazilian reality had its driving force in Zucchetti Brazil overseas distribution, through its office in Sao Paulo. The Brazilian Zucchetti branch manages projects that wink not only to the vast metropolitan region, but also in the whole South East area (one of the most economically attractive in the Country), with the prospect of a national coverage during next year.

Already launched in 2010, continued with the introduction on Brazilian market of Zucchetti Business Intelligence in 2012, the internationalization project  took a run-up thanks to Microarea and the local Area Manager: a real localization is now a reality not only thanks to Brazil branches, but also to the local presence of the mother company, with its local expertise.

Microarea has been recognized as the ideal product for the local ERP market, given its functional characteristics and its wide flexibility oriented to internationalization.
After a first phase, which led to a perfect adaptation to Brazilian tax laws and requirements, Zucchetti end user now amount to about a thousand. Zucchetti began to acquire local companies: it is so possible to capitalize their know-how, in order to allow a complete operational synergy with Microarea team. This collaboration, together with the operating strategy able to provide continuously updated services, contributes to the ceaseless evolution in fiscal and regulatory localization, and beyond.

The joint work of Genoese headquarters and local resources has allowed to easily overcome the complexities of  the localization process, linked to the need to adapt the software to a different culture, aiming to make it ready for a specific market. The localization not only involves the translation process of the user interface from one language to another, but also its adaptation according to the foreign culture. This process entails major challenges for the development team (in addition to difficult and crucial aspects such as local taxes, specific localization features are uses and contents, symbols, methods for lists sorting, aesthetics, cultural values and social context. Everything must be replaced with equivalent local references that do not change the original meaning).

The complexity of content and processes, especially as regards the demanding fiscal localization, has been addressed correctly not only thanks to the the the expertise adapted to the Brazilian ERP market by Microarea, but also thanks to the technical-cultural background and, in particular through the creation of new skills on the spot. This way seeds for local partnerships of great interest and potential were planted, result of an important technological and cultural mediation, that Microarea helped with its ten-year experience in the field of internationalization.

The Brazilian adventure is an additional step that confirms the serious and competent international presence of, natively prepared for high-standards of internationalization and localization. Everyday business opens to new and important global opportunities, keeping the usual quality and professionalism.

Have you a branch of your company in Brazil, or are you thinking to expand your business in the South-American Country? Write to we will contact you to study together the most appropriate solution to your needs!

Milan, 22-24 0ctober 2014: is waiting for you at SMAU!

29 September 2014 by vsalaris

Welcome to Smau with is waiting for you at the event of the year in ICT field, for a close meeting with perfect solutions to any needs of your business, innovation and new technologies.

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SMAU MILANO 2014, the annual appointment with the most important event dedicated to IT and new technologies will be held in FieraMilanocity (Wing 1 and 2), from October 22 to 24.
This important and well-established showcase dedicated to IT and new technologies is now in its 51st edition, and represents a business matching platform for all companies able to look to the future and to seize the opportunities offered by new technologies. is waiting for you at Zucchetti stand, to introduce you all the main news, showing and making you experience its many positive results on your business!

That’s not all. In this SMAU Milan edition 9 partners will be ready to introduce you to all the vertical resources designed to better integrate with the needs of your company. In this way you can experience first-hand the excellent solutions of 2C Service, Antos, Centro Sistemi Treviso, Hand Made, Link Management, Micron, Project ++, Sabicom and Tecnobiemme, who will be there to meet needs, interests and curiosities of visitors and users.

Products insights, specific solutions to increase productivity and competitiveness and custom demonstrations shaped on your needs are just some of the proposals of your ERP at Smau Milan 2014.

Furthermore, to tempt you even more, the entrance is free! Download now your invitation and grab the opportunity to optimize your business by participating to the Milan three-day event dedicated to innovation.

To get all the information and schedule a tour in line with your needs, you can visit the event official website. waits for you from 22 to 24 October in SMAU Milan 2014: you cannot miss!

Business Intelligence for

29 September 2014 by vsalaris


InfoBusiness Connector is the module that provides you with a precise, clear and immediate view of the company dynamics, thanks to Business Intelligence. 

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Do you know which is the most valuable asset of your Company? The answer is right before your eyes: the business information you daily manage are a priceless capital!

Thanks to corporate information analysis, you’re able to make the right decisions at the right time, by applying strategies to increase productivity and dramatically improve your business.
A proper management of all your data assets is therefore vital to, so you can always compare, analyze, and understand them: the Business Intelligence is a set of business processes that move in this direction, aiming at a full management control.

If you have at your disposal all the information you are looking for in the form most suitable to your goal, then management control becomes optimal. This is possible thanks to BI.  Beyond the usual list, you have your data organized, i.e., according to their spatial distribution, as graphics or in combination with indicator and dashboards ... in short, you are free to analyze data in the way and in the form you prefer, resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness of your work.

To take advantage of BI full potential, two formidable allies are on your side: ERP, which manages your business data, in all sectors, in a comprehensive, reliable and safe way, and the BI solution Infobusiness Zucchetti, that provides you with autonomy, precision, flexibility and immediacy in understanding your data. But the real power of the two systems is their ability to communicate mutually, thanks to seamless integration provided by InfoBusiness Connector module for!

Thanks to the new module, can be considered as a software perfectly integrated with the Business Intelligence tool, hence ensuring top reliability. The procedure created by Microarea jointly with InfoBusiness Development team, is in fact able to automatically generate from Company data the infrastructure required for the correct Business Intelligence operation. InfoBusiness Connector allows you also to operate straightaway thanks to swift and easy settings.

InfoBusiness Connector is a tool perfectly shaped to your company needs. Thanks to the full integration between and InfoBusiness you can decide which data shall be managed by the Business Intelligence and in which way…for a really customized BI experience.

Efficiency, integration, autonomy, precision and simplicity: make a quality choice and rely on the support provided by InfoBusiness Connector, to provide your company with the power of a real Business Intelligence!

If you wish to find out more, have a look at the short video on Microarea website and YouTube channel: the commercial will show you (in an entertaining, yet efficient way!) all the module features, with the potential benefits for your company. You can also enter a comment, if you like to!

To find out even more on Business Intelligence and touch with your hand InfoBusiness Connector resources, simply get in touch with your Microarea referral Reseller. If you are not yet a user, provide us with your contact details: we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

A new video commercial about WMS and WMS Mobile is now online

24 September 2014 by vsalaris


To complete the series of posts dedicated to warehouse logistics, a new promotional video shows in a direct and engaging way the main functionality of modules in this crucial sector.

Edited by Marketing Department WMS and WMS Mobile always stand out among other modules. The two modules are specially designed to fully manage warehouse logistics, improve service to customers, better manage your inventory and reduce delivery times and mistakes in goods shipments.

Did you miss the blog post about warehouse management with Warehouse Management System  and its Mobile declination? Or are you interested in more than just a quick overview of features to improve productivity and reliability of logistics flows?

Well, you just need to watch the new commercial video online on Microarea YouTube channel!

Inside the playlist dedicated to Solutions for your Business - that includes short animated films concerning individual modules – you can now find also the new animation on warehouse management system!

Have a look and leave a comment on the cartoon… waiting for the next videos on other functionalities of your ERP!

Close up: Advanced Bank Management module

12 September 2014 by vsalaris

Tips and Tricks  

The new 3.10 module helps you to create SEPA Direct Debit and Credit Transfer in XML format, and to update your customer and suppliers bank database.

Edited by Marketing Department 

We already spoke about the SEPA XML format, mandatory since February 1, 2014. Here we are now to analyze in depth the main features of the new tool provided by to manage Financial Accounting Area: the Advanced Bank Management module.

First, the module enables you to properly create and export SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) and SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) on SEPA XML files format, valid within SEPA area since February 1, 2014.

The main prerequisite for SEPA Direct Debit is the authorization, subscribed by the Payer, who permits his account to be directly debited. The consent form to debit the bank account is called mandate (and replaces the "old" standing order, previously in force in Italy).

Advanced Bank Management module enables you to print SDD Mandates to be sent to customers for subscription. This procedure permits you to print and/or send via e-mail the selected SDD Mandates. To select the mandates you are interested in, simply apply appropriate filters (from/to client code, only the ones in edit or all, from/to mandate code).

The module also pays attention to your special needs: if you are sending mandates by email, you will be able to customize texts and reports. At the same time, print reports can be parameterized.

Furthermore, your customers’ and suppliers’ bank database is always up-to-date, thanks to the Advanced Bank Management module!

The update procedure for customers/suppliers banks accesses via web-services to the updated files of Italian bank counters codes and numbers (Italian ABI and CAB codes) and amends data using the new list. You can choose whether to download the complete file containing all bank branches, or only the ones changed within the previous month (changes are available starting from February 2013). In addition to bank codes and numbers, other data considered are description, address, province, branch and SWIFT code.

You can also choose to target your updates. By updating the registry of clients, suppliers, prospects, potential suppliers, documents and open items, you are able - for example - to add bank branches not yet recorded in customers/suppliers bank database, or turn off the deleted ones and those acquired by other banks.

As you can see, a full range of advanced features for banking data management is at your full disposal thanks to Advanced Bank Management module. To learn more, please refer to the product documentation and to the specific product page.

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