Happy Summer Holidays by Mago.net & Microarea

30 July 2014 by vsalaris


Here are the summer break dates of  Microarea offices, with some news to discover during the holidays.

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Microarea and Mago.net will be on vacation in August, from 11 to 22.

Wishing you good vacation, we'd like to point out something new for your summer reading: in Private Area you can find the new product documentation concerning Mago.net 3.10 modules.

Learn all about Mago.net 3.10 and ... happy holidays!

Close up: WMS Mobile, warehouse logistics is in the palm of your hand!

28 July 2014 by vsalaris

Tips and Tricks  

Mago.net WMS Mobile allows you to improve customer service and better and manage your inventory, reducing delivery times and errors in items shipments.  

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Warehouse logistics cruxes are represented by the need to plan, rationalize and control. Mago.net answers with reliability and accuracy to these essential needs, thanks to WMS module... but Mago.net is able to offer you even more, with the WMS Mobile! With Mago.net WMS Mobile the warehouse is literally in the palm of your hand, allowing you to manage all logistics aspects thanks to mobile technology.

Very briefly, you can assign a unique and universal identifier to each object and acquire it automatically by radio frequency devices. Data are then remotely transmitted to a information management system, able to transfers data to and from the readers. In this sense, the RFID technology is a "direct bridge" between  the physical and the digital world.

Mago.net takes advantage from the virtually unlimited potential of this technology, in order to provide you with direct benefits within your warehouse logistics system. With Mago.net WMS Mobile and a Wi-Fi RFID portable device you can move everything in your WMS (receiving and storage, material handling, picking and shipping), in perfect sync with your Mago.net ERP.

Reading and managing module barcodes (including structured), the warehouse worker can fully interact with Mago.net with no need for computer, going through the warehouse with all the data he need to work, directly on the screen of his handheld device.
The simple and intuitive interface allows you to immediately use WMS Mobile, thanks to simple operations guided by company information system, even if you’re not particularly familiar with usual electronic devices and bar codes.

WMS Mobile allows you to browse directly on your handled device the missions, see the articles or units of stock to be picked up, areas and locations where to pick up and place the items.
From your device you can check and assign warehouse missions, confirm the successful ones,  check the deteriorated or missing items, make the inventory and even more.

By reading items, stocks and locations barcodes you can load and unload goods; WMS Mobile allows you to manage via handheld device also stock transfer operations, packing and unpacking.
WMS Mobile transmits at comapny database real-time data. WMS Mobile functions are assured even in areas not covered by Wi-Fi signal because the module is provided with an intelligent system, able to save  data in the device memory. The system will update database as soon as you fall into Wi-Fi zone, or when the device is connected to a PC.

Warehouse inventory is quick and precise thanks to Mago.net WMS Mobile. The inventory via Mobile allows you to record locations real content even if you do not know what is present in the information system. All this is done simply by scanning barcodes of items in various locations (but also identifying them as clear), indicating the actual amount in the location, the eventual third parties management, specifying units provided and the stock type and managing all the operations requested to realize the inventory in a simple, reliable and safe way.

Briefly: thanks to Mago.net WMS Mobile you are provided with a comprehensive assistant to run all warehouse logistical operations at maximum speed and precision... you just need few beeps from your handled device!

WMS Mobile has even more features. To analyze in depth the topic, please refer to the product page and to the Help & Information Center on Microarea website.

Zucchetti Sales Force App, when business is mobile

21 July 2014 by vsalaris


Zucchetti Sales force allows you to manage resentatives and sales data in full mobility on any mobile device.  

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Zucchetti Business App allow you to access data and company information directly from PC, smartphone or tablet. The Apps work on the most popular OS such as Android, iOS or Windows Mobile device and are optimized to handle the data sets you really need.

Within mobile applications family designed by Zucchetti, Sales Force easily integrates itself with Zucchetti give ERP. In this way you can manage all data sales on-the-move: data mapping, synchronization and visibility logic are natively integrated in the application.

Sales Force allows you to work even without connection with the company server because the software DB allows you to access data locally, even in off-line mode.

All the information are available within the ERP, in order to make representatives and salespersons able to fill orders directly from their smartphone, tablet or PC.
All this makes it easy not only to manage customers, contacts and potential customers (with related management data, deadlines, documents and traceability) and upload offers and orders (from recurrent products/orders lists), but also to coordinate notes, tasks, memos and appointments. The application makes available the summary of sales and commissions and allows to upload potential customers directly by the web.

From a full mobile point of view, Sales Force allows you to enable the geolocation feature in order to easily locate nearby customers, effectively plan tour visits, have maps and routes. The Zucchetti app is also integrated with DMS (Document Management System) for an easy management of documents and products.

Sales Force is part of Infinity Mobile Solution family, designed to provide corporate information assets on the move, fully responding to the request for tools accessible from mobile devices.

To learn more, please visit the Business App section on Zucchetti website.

Mago.net 10: a new release ready for you with more than 120 improvements!

10 July 2014 by vsalaris

Mago.net Service Pack  

The latest Mago.net release collects all the most requested updates and the more advanced features... discover the continuous evolution of your ERP!   

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At short distance from the last update, Mago.net improves again with a new release: Mago.net 3.10 is a concentrate of innovations and improvements in all sectors. The new release will for sure surprise you thanks  to the benefits it will bring to your business. Let’s see the main highlights of this brand new release.

Mago.net 3.10 significantly improves Sales and Purchases management experience with the new Barcode Manager Module. Barcode Manager provides you with barcodes technology in any Sale and Purchase document: data input is greatly sped up (up to 5 times!) and risk of error is cleared. The result is an efficiency, accuracy and reliability increase. The technology behind the module comes from the experience gained in barcodes management within Mago.net WMS. From now this operative intelligence is extended to other ERP areas, increasing its potential: since 3.10 release in fact, through a simple barcode reader, you can produce and recognize different codes types during loading or unloading of goods (from simple bar code on the article, to structured barcodes and GTIN - GS1-128 codes,  typical of food industry and mass market). With a dialog box specifically designed for barcode acquisition (the dialog box is adaptable to the document from which it is demanded); with the ability to associate a barcode to specific features (so you can proceed to load or unload without ever touching the keyboard); with acquisition by an intelligent reader (the reader is able to understand what you are processing); with the possibility to produce fiscal prints that can be sent to cash register, Barcode Manager reveals to be a vital and profitable module for companies that move goods with barcode labels. The Barcode Manager White Paper  is at your disposal to explore further module capabilities.

Mago.net 3.10 does not end here! Interesting innovations have been introduced even in Accounting  area: we’ll now examine the new Advanced Banks Management module.
Speaking about payment collections, it is known that starting from February 1, 2014, SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) is the service used for euro currency Direct Debit in SEPA area. With a SDD mandate the customer/debtor signs an authorization in favor of the supplier/creditor, to withdrawal from his bank account. Advanced Banks Management module provides you with the contextual printing of SEPA Direct Debit mandates, sending them by e-mail to customers for subscription. The procedure is configurable and allows you to filter customers by code. In case of e-mail sending you can customize your email text. Advanced Banks Management module allows you to print SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) DD and quick DD on XML files and, similarly, the module allows you to print the XML file Transfers SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT). Advanced Banks Management module provides you with Banks customers/suppliers update. This procedure allows you to access via webservices to bank code and number of  Italian banks and bank branches database (an evolving list), so you can  update data of your banks record. The procedure allows you to customize data control (filtering for bank code /number, search of new or removed branches, selection of the period to be checked etc ...). The result is a greater precision in bank flows, with constant updating of personal data status and the possibility to exactly select them. The dynamic via - web service provides you with a data proactive management.

In Manufacturing area, Mago.net 3:10 net presents Mobile Manufacturing functionalities, designed to manage Manufacturing procedures throughout Wi-Fi Rfid devices: manufacturing orders confirmation from handhelds and production reorder from mobile for Kanban. The extension of WiFi benefits to Manufacturing area aims to complete production modules. The new module is also an important and useful extension of Mago.net mobile functions. Thanks to Manufacturing Mobile, Mago.net ERP is able to collect data “in the field”, in order to efficiently complete production. The module applies an inductive logic based on preset rules and it manages both picking and production material replenishment. All steps are configurable by the user, thanks to a very advanced customization ability that allows you to optimize resources and space.

Mago.net 3.10 is all this and much more: download it now from download product section!

Remember that Mago.net 3.10 download is free if you have subscribed and maintained Microarea LiveUpdate service; please get in touch with International Sales Department to subscribe MLU service.
To properly update to the new Mago.net release, we kindly recommend you to contact your Microarea referral reseller. You can find  further information about new Mago.net release reading the release notes and in Private Area on Microarea website.

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