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30 April 2014 by vsalaris


Today we inaugurate a new blog section called Close Up. It is an information container that will surprise you for its eclecticism.  Designed to collect different  information with different nature, this section is close to you also in the way of speaking, with a direct and colloquial language.

We begin this Microarea blog section facing a technical subject, articulate and crucial part of the production: the MRP system.  We’re talking about planning, having special consideration for all those who, while not technical, need to have clear ideas about internal processes and solutions.

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MRP stands for Material Requirements Planning.  The MRP as we know it today dates back to the early 70's of 1900, when it was born as opposed to the materials procurement technique  based on Reorder Point (RoP).  Against RoP,  MRP major advantage lies in its ability to minimize material stock, while improving customer service level.

MRP purpose is to plan purchases and production, taking into account the constraints imposed by factory resources.  The critical factor for every production company is the answer to three key questions: what, how much and when to produce and buy.  MRP is the tool you need to answer these questions, since its purpose is to ensure materials availability in the right quantity and at the right time.  It seems important, right?  It is, above all in relation to the supply stock management. This is one of the most serious problems, because choices in this field reflect on both technical and production process, as well as economic.  It is easy to see that materials storage is expensive, whereas a small material amount can lead to irregular production.

A  wise planning allows you to supply raw and semi-finished materials only when actually needed.  To achieve the goal, MRP algorithm receives as input ongoing production, stock situation, market demand, supply timing and production and sales forecasts, producing as output a proposal for production and purchase orders to meet the demands.  In order to obtain this result, MRP system also verifies that the time necessary for production (calculated in hours of both human and machines work, including the time required for their setup), does not exceed the actual availability.  In this way you get a realistic production plan, that functionally meets market demand.  In this way you can know what, how and when to produce and buy.

Conceptually, then, MRP analysis leads to plan and fulfill a series of different items needs (purchased, semifinished or finished product) through time by generating proposed Purchase Request  and proposed Production Orders.
What does this mean?  To simplify, imagine having to cook a full meal, from appetizers to desserts: MRP tells you how to go shopping, what and how much food to buy, with which timing prepare the courses and how to optimize the use of the oven to serve dishes in the proper sequence and without delay.  In practice, MRP transforms the finished product requirements (food to be served) in components and raw materials requirements of the (ingredients to prepare or buy).  But there's more: MRP knows that something is already "in the pantry," and this is when we talk about netting off, ie the calculation of how much we have to produce net of inventories.

Beginning early to prearrange your lunch, you are also able to go forward with the preparation and seize best deals on the market;  you can arrange that a minimum stock of ingredients is always present in the pantry. Transposing the analogy in the company, we see how the MRP system takes account of this and is able to calculate flow of incoming and outgoing products and components from the warehouse, providing a daily situation forecast.

If you're looking for a way to increase your company productivity and minimize annoying waiting times and production costs, can help you thanks to its MRP functionality.  Let's see how and why. MRP is the flexible and effective tool that optimizes production scheduling.  Using the wizard makes available, MRP system evaluates warehouse size, raw materials to be purchased and items to be produced, generating purchase orders and production orders. The orders can be confirmed through  Proposed Orders Confirmation process and Generating Supplier Orders process. MRP allows you to know at all times what is necessary to supply in order to complete the ongoing production without delay, and which are the dates most suitable for such supplies.
Launching the procedure it is possible to  act on net, calendar days to exclude, on possible loads from vendor to be considered in advance, setting the preferred production policies.  After processing, MRP reports allow a proper situation analysis.

Planning means to choose between different potentially efficient options.  For this reason, MRP module allows you to hold unlimited simulations in line at the same time. Simulations can be compared to each other, before you decide which one best meets your business productivity.

Production costs preliminary analysis (achieved through MRP features) allows an objective assessment and provides practical support to final decisions. Even individual production costs results are continuously monitored and updated: total elasticity and complete decision making are fully guaranteed during the simulation as well as in work progress.

The distinction between articles to produce and items to buy is not always clear.  It may happen that buying directly from the suppliers articles usually produced on the farm (and vice versa) is cheaper. In such cases MRP analysis can activate the Make or Buy option. This option allows you, when confirming Production Proposed Orders, to choose whether to create a Production Order or an Order to Supplier.  Once you have successfully completed the planning, you can choose to automatically convert any future productive activity into corresponding purchase order to the supplier. MRP  features are many more. If you are a more "technical" fellow or simply want to know more, please visit the Help & Information Center, or follow the online course dedicated to Production module.  On Microarea YouTube channel you can also find a short animation, concerning benefits in Production Management.

Anyway, do not miss next edition of the new blog section… fresh news from Microarea world are coming for you, waiting for the first "Close Up" monograph. 

Efficiency is also known as Zucchetti HR Portal

28 April 2014 by vsalaris


Your business take advantage of a contact point between Human Resources Department and company population thanks to  HR Portal  This means an  optimal Human Resources Management!  

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In a previous post we presented the innovative Zucchetti HR tool: a suite for complete human resources management under administrative, management and organization profile.  Today we take a step forward talking about Zucchetti HR Portal, the portal that further enhances Human Resources Management.

Thanks to HR Portal efficiency increases immediately.  From a single access  point you’re able to manage all activities concerning human resources, such as absences and overtime, business trip, goals assignment and analysis. You can also publish and store personal documents, corporate communications and receipts, while providing your employees with tools to check clockings, insert vouchers, holidays and expenses, subscribe to courses ... and much more.
HR Portal services provide immediate and tangible benefits.  By breaking down repetitive tasks, in fact, HR department can focus on strategic activities.  At the same time internal communication processes costs are drastically reduced.

The entire workforce is also involved in business processes:  the only distribution point of so-called self-services makes possible for employees to independently and safely access the information they need (checking their  clocking and inserting presence / absence evidence, entering their vacation, expense reports, viewing the training plan and registering for courses etc.).
 All in the name of innovation, thanks to the mobile app!

 Find out more on Hr Portal, the contact point between Human Resources Department and company population that improves personnel department efficiency, on Zucchetti website dedicated page.

Talking about at "We make" meeting, within synergies, confidence and innovation

23 April 2014 by vsalaris


Last 15th April ended the Zucchetti meeting dedicated to the ERP world. It was a convention with important content, glancing about near future.

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Riccione, April 14th  and 15th , 2014: more than 600 people, representing over 300 structures, attended to the We Make! meeting, organized by Zucchetti and dedicated to Group partners, which met to witness a virtuous cooperation.

During these two very intense days, enthusiasm was not missing, with complicity of innovative content, excellent synergy between Group companies, products and features previews and, last but not least, the beautiful setting of the Riccione Conference Palace, combined with perfect organization.  Among premiere, state of the art, awards and acknowledgements, the meeting has been a real success.

In this context, Microarea conducted two independent sessions, concerning in-depth technical analysis and functional forthcoming upgrades.  Several speakers, members of Microarea Development Division alternated on Microarea focus stage.  With skill and a good dose of dialectic, the speakers were able to drive partners through an exciting journey across  ERP next future and its most important features.

Anticipations were many and related to all fields;  we will try to very briefly review them, in order to relive the Microarea team individual presentations.

Morning session starts with a thorough examination of Task.Builder ( development platform that allows you to create integrated ERP solutions) through a look at upcoming 4.0 release important developments. Among them stands out the multi device principle. It then goes on analyzing EasyBuilder 4.0 version increased ergonomics (the embedded tool for customizing and dynamically developing applications). It is then turn for WebLook 1.0, the new web framework designed to use ERP software via Internet and mobile.  Easylook ( web interface) evolution is served!  The future of EasyAttachment, module dedicated to document management, is called WebDMS 1.0 and never fail to impress for its typically "web" features and functionality.  An important insight is later dedicated to security concepts, from the functional one to data protection, through new TaskBuilder Security Layer Framework 1.0 safety evolution

So here we are at the second session. It is time for an overview about content coming with the next version (the long-awaited 3.10), from foreign locations, to 4.0 version in progress features, through the new GUI layout.  A focus on warehouse logistics via PDAs follows, with an active demo dedicated to WMS and WMS Mobile modules, and previews concerning 3.10 version. Therefore a look at the main changes introduced for production processes management into next release cannot miss: more space to WMS and Manufacturing Mobile, simplifying integration and new coming-soon features. Conference ended with an overview of integrations. adopts these integrations to broaden his horizons and communicate with all Zucchetti family products, amplifying its potential for users

Questions and comments, which have turned into a constructive dialogue between partners and Microarea have enriched the scene, making innovation the real star of the event!
Finally, Microarea competence in  ERP industry helped to make the Zucchetti meeting a successful event of certain value for the many partners that gathered together.  You can relive Riccione productive days  by taking a look to the slideshow you can find on Microarea Youtube Channel  , or reading the press review on Microarea Facebook profile. Feel free to leave your comments, express an opinion on Microarea social networks.  If you want more information, do not hesitate to leave a reference, you will be contacted back as soon as possible.

The conclusion of this great adventure?  It is summarized into the fitting conference slogan: Together, we make difference! 

Multipurpose communication are easy games thanks to!

16 April 2014 by vsalaris

multipurpose communication  

A new video commercial presents module specifically designed to meet Tax Agency requests. Find out how easy it is to handle tax obligations with the right tool! 

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Tax Communication , Black List… there are so many deadlines and requirements to be fulfilled in order to meet Tax Agency requests. We already discussed the “game rules” in Chronicles previous posts, but now there’s more

On Microarea YouTube channel, under the section dedicated to Solutions for your Company, you can find the video commercial related to Mago.netMultipurpose Communication” module. Watching this short and captivating summary you will discover that is able to manage deadlines and make fully available data required by Tax Agency. All this in an easy and automatic way, under your total control.

The new video commercial highlights all the benefits is able to grant you. Thanks to this powerful, accurate and up-to-date tool you will be able to verify deadlines, satisfy any request and control the documents you’re sending.

The result? Mistakes are drastically cut and you have more time for other activities.  

Find out Tax and Multipurpose Communication module right now on Microarea YouTube channel. Enjoy! 

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