Zucchetti HR, for an efficient and up-to-date Human Resources Management

25 February 2014 by vsalaris



Zucchetti HR is the winning formula for  Human Resources Management. An ultimate solution that meets company needs, also with headquarters, branch offices or production facilities abroad. 

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HR is the Zucchetti solution designed to efficiently meet all the needs concerning Human Resources Management , both at home and abroad.

This innovative tool advantages in Human Resources Management are many and significant: we will now take a look at the main ones.

Thanks to  Zucchetti HR your  Company will be provided with a multi-language and multi-currency suite, in order to fully run human resources from administrative, management and organizational point of view. Human Resources Management basic logic and procedures are perfectly balanced, being the same both at home and abroad.

Zucchetti HR is web-based and boasts unique features in the international scene, using the most widespread technological standards. HR allows you to benefit from a unique master data database and properly control mobile personnel. 

Zucchetti HR also allows you to decentralize processes management at headquarters, branches and foreign facilities, thus bringing substantial benefits in terms of simplification and efficiency.

Thanks to Zucchetti HR you can now refer to a single technology Partner for the whole human resource management system (both at home and abroad), avoiding complex and often wasteful integration between different systems and the resulting updates.

Advantages do not end there: HR Zucchetti is mobile, thanks to the App designed to enter clocking, receipts, expense accounts, etc...by portable devices.

There are already thousands of companies using HR with satisfaction; take yourself Zucchetti solution benefits choosing to reduce costs, streamline processes and significantly improve efficiency in personnel management.

Zucchetti solution  is available licensed as well as Software as a Service. If you want to know more, please visit HR page on Zucchetti website.

News for Mago.net: here is Mago.net 3.9 Service Pack 7!

7 February 2014 by fperricone



At short time since the last update, here we are with a new service pack, introducing interesting administrative and fiscal news.

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Further useful and new features are coming for your Company: Mago.net 3.9 Service Pack 7 is ready to download!

Why to download this update? Because SP7 contains innovations related to SEPA Direct Debit  (SDD, the future of DD, Direct Debit) and refines the Multipurpose Communication. In SP7 are also included dozens of steps to improve present functionalities. There are also new administrative and fiscal specifications for Romania and Bulgaria.

Thanks to Microarea Live Update service you can download Service Pack 7 right now. Please remember to get in touch with your Microarea reference dealer for installation. In this way you will be sure to get all the benefits of Mago.net new version in a totally safe way.

The historic partnership between Microarea and Columbus Informatica

3 February 2014 by vsalaris

  On occasion of its 25th birthday, Columbus Informatica looks back to Microarea partnership  most important steps. The two Companies are following together a path of strong understanding and great success.

Edited by Marketing Department

Columbus Informatica is a company settled in Genoa that celebrates its 25th birthday right in 2014. The Company represents a benchmark for sales, service and maintenance related to hardware and software leading brands. Microarea Partner since beginnings, Columbus Informatica specifically dedicates an entire department to Microarea ERP. It’s here that a highly qualified team of consultants, developers and commercial are fully engaged in Mago.net, providing customers with telephone support, intervention, installation and training, besides developing customized and  Mago.net-integrated procedures.

Columbus Informatica partnership originates with Mago I, the first installed package, and goes up to more than 500 installations in 2013. The relationship with Microarea has been consolidated over time through constant dialogue between the two companies. This is a highly productive attitude, both in terms of substance, and for business opportunities offered by Microarea marketing and commercial initiatives.

From a more technical point of view, Columbus is able to add value thanks to the technological platform and various tools (TaskBuilder.net, Woorm, EasyBuilder) that allow to customize Mago.net, while helping company development and further strengthening the partnership. Columbus Informatica has immediately focused on TaskBuilder.net, because of the possibility to create its own vertical along with countless customizations, fully integrated with Mago.net. Columbus’ decision is a strategic and strong one, because of the possibility to customize Mago.net according to customer needs, the product flexibility in the most varied product sectors, its scalability and ease of use.

Columbus Informatica is also a highly active partner on the stage of Microarea Community. Microarea Community aims to provide Microarea Partners with visibility and to expand the solutions range for users, sharing and exchanging knowledge and skills through Microarea forum. Columbus fits in Microarea Community by periodically exploiting Mago.net News information channel (the Microarea Newsletter addressing more than 30000 companies) and presenting solutions and success stories on Microarea website. These means are widely used by Columbus to enhance its visibility in a decisive way, promoting the over 100 integrations to Mago.net developed by the Company. Such a visibility provides the Company with a wide range of opportunities and new cooperation, while Columbus technicians discuss ideas and proposals within Microarea Community.

Columbus Informatica is also taking full advantage from the technical formation offered by more than 130 free educational courses and on-line updates of Microarea University. Starting from this resource, Columbus was able to create a specialized ecosystem able to provide the perfect solution for every market, customer and associated needs.

Given the partnership excellent outcomes, supported by cutting edge technological solutions and constant support, Columbus Informatica has chosen to allocate several internal resources to manage and develop Mago.net solutions. That’s why a company department is  entirely dedicated to Microarea product.

Find out how Columbus Informatica was able to take full advantage of Microarea Platinum Partner privileged position…starting from marketing and sales support, through the perfect technology to create added value, taking part  to a vibrant and proactive community, up to reach a guaranteed and complete training at no cost.

Would you like to learn more and explore possibilities and advantages a successful partnership is reserving you, please visit the dedicated page on Microarea website. If you prefer, feel free to leave your reference. We will be pleased to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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