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28 January 2014 by vsalaris


Tips and insights to optimize business management are always welcome, some more than others ... find out which ones have been the most followed in 2013 in  "Perhaps not everyone knows that ..." column.

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The great attention reserved by  Microarea website visitors to the advice column about ERP is highly indicative of the widespread interest in the more practical management issues.

Every month, indeed, the appointment with the analysis of "Perhaps not everyone knows that ... " section tackles a different topic with practical implications, highlighting particular aspects related to company optimal management. Essentially, the section provides useful tips and tricks to make the most of functionality.

To give some practical example, let's see what were the most interesting articles in 2013.

Lead time management has been faced keeping in mind how important it is to provide fast response to customer demands. This is an essential and competitive tool, optimized by thanks to Production Lead Time Calculation procedure, that you can see in items database. The related article is therefore placed at fifth place, giving useful advices about production efficiency measuring  and customer service level increasing.

Another production aspect has reached fourth place: the labor costs management. The result is not surprising, since it has to do with an improvement in the resources management during estimation and calculation phase and with the creation of a special manpower board. Readers attention has been captured by tips to assess processing cost more effectively and to correct any problem.

In third place we find an important insight on notices and circulars sending to customers. Our "Perhaps not everyone knows that..." has hit the target, highlighting the proposed solutions to cut down time, effort, cost, and ... boredom of this activity. The post in question has sparked interest by explaining how Mail Connector interacts with Zucchetti PostaLite allowing you to  benefit of e-mail and correspondence services in a flexible and effective, easy and quick way.

Let's take a leap forward in ranking, going back to more closely operational aspects, related in this case to warehouse. In second place we find a WMS MOBILE monograph, focused on saving time and resources in warehouse management through the use of advanced handled devices and inventory correction procedure performed by A nice cut even to mistakes!

Our personal podium winner’s spot is occupied by a tax issue, relating to Cash Accounting procedure. This was the item you clicked on the most, perhaps because it has helped to extricate within the last European directive. The decisive factor in victory was practical feature. The ERP is indeed able to simplify the registration procedure for postponed cash collection documents through proper accounting models. The first place is won by the guarantee that even the most complex accounting will become simple.

Also in 2014 the "Perhaps not everyone knows that ..." column is waiting for you every month with its tips and ideas to maximize your management potential. You can find the tips and tricks review in Microarea website dedicated section, as well as in News newsletter. Keep following or subscribe to begin receiving it directly in your mailbox!

One year with

24 January 2014 by vsalaris


2013 has been an eventful year for everyone, even for ERP. In this post we retrace past year main stages.

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2013 months have been marked by several upgrades, product improvements and innovations, confirming continuous evolution. Five new Service Pack for 3.9 release have seen the light during the year, with  updates in every sector, keeping your company in line with times.

In February, after an almost quiet year beginning, in a few days here there are meteorites, earthquakes, and an epoch-making "great refusal"… in such unusual - at least- climate the first 3.9 Service Pack 1 is released, providing a generous set of ten news. Updates are particularly focused on perishable goods law adjustments, Enasarco calculation, crucial warehouse lot management and currencies fixing.

During march, the next month, spring comes, together with a new pope and a cut to material and space waste. is indeed offered on a USB memory device, with a new approach in favor of convenience, speed and style!

April was a busy month for the country, with the President of Republic re-election and a new government establishment. In this dynamic time solutions expand with the richest Service Pack 2 release. More than 30 new features make this package sturdy as a real release! Among the main innovations are SOSConnector module (for documents electronic storage in Zucchetti Data Center), further additions to perishable goods management, data adjustment relating to CONAI and ABI / CAB banks contributions and the Tax Communication module crucial update meeting the first Tax Agency requests. SP2 also introduced great innovations in WMS Mobile sector (handheld devices), thanks to improvements resulting from  the collaboration between Microarea, its Partners and Users. A further opening is given by MA-Hypercall technology, that allows you to create links to documents or reports in any kind of document (word / excel / email ).

The following are great maneuvers months, in order to present further important updates immediately after the summer break. In September, while Costa Concordia cruise ship is recovered, 3.9 pulls out its Service Pack 3 consisting of more than 35 innovations in all management sectors and areas, from administrative to logistics, through to production. One of the new features is a further integration between and Zucchetti products, thanks to InfinityConnector module. The module is specially designed to launch the two-way dialogue with Zucchetti Infinity CRM software (made for simply and efficient pre-sale, sale and post-sales activities management). SP3 also refines the document management provided by EasyAttachment, enriching it with web function in order to view and place documents on the Internet from your favorite web browser.

It’s October. While Sebastian Vettel is winning Formula 1 World Championship, Magician. Net too scores a great result with the release of a double service pack. SP 4 and 5 have a considerable number of updates especially useful to align you with latest Tax Agency demands, thanks to  the new and more advanced Tax and Multipurpose Communications module features  .

2013 news have been so many that it is difficult to keep them all in mind! That’s why we recommend you to actively follow Microarea blog and social channels, that collect every continuous evolution step. Moreover, Microarea Live Update service allows you to keep your  up to date with current regulations, take advantage of free online training and all the countless services available in Microarea website reserved area.... an added bonus!! For more information on MLU service, feel free to contact Microarea International Sales Department .

If you are not yet a user, but you're interested in finding out more about the evolving ERP, please leave your reference and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Tax adjustments and much more: here's Service Pack 6

23 January 2014 by vsalaris


"Well begun is half done," an old adage says... and so 3.9 begins the new year with a rich Service Pack, designed to further enhance all management areas.

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With more than 20 upgrades and improvements, 3.9 launches its sixth service pack, offering a sharp productivity increase thanks to more and more updated features.

Among the main innovations stand out those in Accounting. Starting from now, Tax Agency requests about communication of purchases from San Marino suppliers are taken up. So far, this fulfillment was required only in paper form. SP6 adopts in advance data submission terms, and puts into practice the technical methods. Multipurpose Communications module launches a special procedure, able to generate the specific communication file for San Marino purchases.

As far as Multipurpose Communication module is concerned, the new service pack introduces a decisive parameter, i.e. the limit up to which it is not necessary to report Black List transactions. All transactions are currently communicated. Starting from now, by setting the parameter to 500 €, it is possible to transmit just the operations with a taxable income exceeding this amount. The parameter is applied only by the new Black List procedure, as part of Multipurpose Communication, and it represents an updated process  to exactly comply with tax matters provisions.

That is not all: SOSConnector module  (the cloud service for documents electronic storage in Zucchetti Data Center) versatility is further enhanced. Thanks to SP6 updates, with SOSConnector you can now store documents related to ledger, records and VAT summaries, assets log, intent statements records... giving a cut to bulky paper archive!

There are great news also in Warehouse Management System sector. An important functionality is added to WMS Mobile by upgrading to Service Pack 6. We’re talking about email automatically sending from your mobile device at the conclusion of picking, positioning, supply, returned items operations, and much more. All this benefits your WMS continuous monitoring and optimal management!

New 3.9 Service Pack innovations do not end there: you can see them all for yourself simply downloading SP6. Please contact your Microarea reference dealer to properly upgrade your and start now appreciating the benefits of permanent updating.

We’d like to remind you that download is available exclusively for those who have subscribed Microarea Live Update service. If your MLU has expired, please contact Microarea International Sales Department to find out how easy and convenient is to be updated.

2013 Greatest Hits: Microarea blog top 5

21 January 2014 by vsalaris


How  was 2013? Which were the "most highly rated" posts rated by users on Microarea blog? Here's the annual list of the 5 most popular services among those appearing on Microarea Chronicles!

Edited by Marketing Department

January: a new year begins, the old one is over. Traditionally, this is time for evaluation and so is also for Microarea blog. Opening 2014, here we are to rank the articles you more appreciated during the past year. So let’s see the list updated for visitors traffic on blog pages and monthly links to News newsletter. pluses analysis is placed in fifth position. The topic is closely related to the PDF brochure and to the short, dynamic online video spots on Microarea YouTube channel. The spots are a visual overview of strong points, guidelines and strategic principles by which meets the needs in each business sector.

Fourth place is assigned to 3.9 Service Pack 1 chronicle, with its over 10 new features offered at the beginning of 2013, such as adjustments concerning perishable goods management, Enasarco calculation, currencies fixing automatic updating and much more.

Next, rich Service Pack 2 article follows on the heels, in third position. SP2 set a record with over 30 updates in many different sectors including Article 62, WMS, documents electronic archiving.

The second place is occupied by a difficult subject, though introduced with simplicity. We’re talking about the fundamentals explanation of Tax Agency tools called Tax Communication (Italian Spesometro) and Income Communication (Italian Redditometro). The basic elements of this very topical and interesting issue are  explained in order to help you disentangling among legislation.

The 2013 winner, in first position, is the October article about Service Pack 4 and 5, an extensive summary of 3.9 latest improvements and additional features. This double Service Pack main innovation is a useful and important updates set designed to meet Tax agency requests and to be up-to-date with the latest tax matters instances.

During 2013 users have therefore paid great attention especially to updates and product upgrades notes, these aspects being often linked to legal fulfillments. This result is an important information to let Microarea blog meet readers’ interest, addressing gripping topics and providing more and more useful information for business productivity.

That way Microarea website keeps its benchmark role, with a decisive and up-to-date informative connection between company, users, partners and web surfers. We must especially highlight its function in informing and updating about new features, while general interest topics and specific solutions are in-depth analyzed.

Microarea information is permanent and updated, so keep following Microarea Chronicles during 2014! If you have not done yet, subscribe now newsletter and connect to Microarea profiles on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. You will realize these are the perfect tools to improve your business keeping up with all latest news, updates, curiosities and tips in an immediate and active way.

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