Technology Partners Italia’s winning challenge

23 December 2013 by vsalaris


As Microarea Platinum Partner, Technology Partners Italia has totally embraced  Zucchetti Group solutions. Company holder Miriam Taranto speaks about highly productive understanding and great projects.

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The long cooperation between Technology Partners Italia and Microarea began 18 years ago. It is a path undertaken with mutual satisfaction, that has evolved thanks to Company’s opening to partnership with Zucchetti Group.

Miriam Taranto, company owner, says in this regard: “Company's initial choice was dictated by the great attention Technology Partners always reserved to technological innovation. Among solutions on the market, Microarea’s one was selected because of its innovative component in terms of ideas, products and tools. Technology Partners has always supported growth and development goals in the field, introducing and sharing with customers each new module and project. That's why the partnership is playing at the highest levels from the outset, thanks to a very conscious and common-growth oriented choice".

When Microarea entered in Zucchetti Group, Technology Partners Italia has been able to recognize new chances and great opportunities in order to improve its business. Zucchetti solutions strong presence, large awards on the market, name prestige and completeness, combined with Company history, are the key factors leading Technology Partners to commercially embrace the Group. This challenge immediately proves to be successful. Thanks to Zucchetti solutions, the Company is now able to satisfy every industry sector, provides its customers with 360 °solutions and acquires new clients, while remaining  very present on the market, even during a negative period.

It is the proposals completeness (particularly in areas such as HR and CRM) that really allows Technology Partners to be present and respond to customer needs, diverting clients from paths often leading to foreign competitors. Technology Partners holder Miriam Taranto declares that "it is a real commitment to reverse the trend, in a market that can and should be enhanced from the inside, listening to its needs and offering quality products".

The constant and timely technical support provided to the Company by Microarea and Zucchetti (with special regards to  integrated solutions development) successfully combines with the commercial assistance high standards provided by the Group. This is possible thanks to a highly widespread and prompt marketing organization. Information distribution and communication network is also very appreciated as an efficient knowledge transfer system and a real time comparison with technicians and other partners.

Technology Partners Italia is sure to have made the right choice by betting on a great value synergy, which already is a good omen for 2014. Crucial and winning factors of this close partnership with Zucchetti Group (started over a year ago) are linked to innovation, technologically excellent solutions and superior commercial support. Technology Partners foresight allowed the Company itself to seize an opportunity that is already leading to extremely positive results along this partnership intense path. Innovation, e-learning training and frontal lectures, new solutions, support and much more: all of this makes Technology Partners extremely active in the market, acquiring important orders.

Basing on this positive experience, the Company choices to invest on a valuable cooperation, in order to be ready to accept all market new requirements in 2014 through the ability to provide customer companies with right answers and right tools. Please get a Technology Partners proposals overview by visiting our dedicated page on Microarea website.

Technology Partners Italia case history is an excellent example of what your company can also realize, thanks to successful partnership benefits. Would you like to know how to do, please just fill out the form and we will be pleased to contact you back and give you more information.

Manufacturing is under total control thanks to

23 December 2013 by vsalaris


Do you need a tool to efficiently plan and manage manufacturing? is the right solution for you. Find it out on YouTube! 

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A new commercial completely dedicated to production is online on Microarea YouTube channel. The spot straight explains and summarizes the benefits of the accurate planning guaranteed by

Factors coming into play in manufacturing are really complicated. In spite of their extreme complexity, is able to support this delicate stage of your business thanks to its extreme simplicity and flexibility.

Manufacturing module helps you in warehouse supplying, in system management and in delivery schedules, while reducing risks associated with too rigid and hardly controllable working systems... for efficiency and timeliness benefits.

Thanks to everything is always under control, from single item production cost monitoring, through inventory management and sales prices generation until lot tracking. You can now forget about problems and delays that too often plague production step. You just have to immediately start increasing your company productivity thanks to manufacturing planning module, designed to reduce waiting times and costs, and improve profitability.

Discover the benefits of versatile, powerful and optimized manufacturing module: please take a look to the video commercials on Microarea YouTube channel and feel free to leave a comment about it!

Or would you like a custom demo, in order to make sure that is perfect also for your production management? If so, please leave your details and we will be glad to contact you back as soon as possible.

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