How to get your risk evaluation document in order

28 November 2013 by vsalaris


Different workplaces and activities entail as many risk types, which, according to the law, must be assessed and recorded in a specific document.

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Increasing accidents in workplaces have highlighted the need to set more and more security measures for employees’ health protection. Risk Assessment Document (Italian acronym DVR) is moving in this direction. The Document is a tool put in place by Uniform Occupational Safety Code provisions (Legislative Decree no. 81/2008).

DVR is an informative document about safety, related to various risk types in workplaces. DVR shall contain business description, work cycle and tasks and have to identify in detail the dangers present in the company (for example, the use of machinery or toxic substances). Next step is risks assessment, in association with identified dangers. Starting from this evaluation, security measures program is defined in order to ensure, keep and improve over time workers health and safety. This program has to include, for example, installations and equipment periodic maintenance and it must certify that all workers are provided with means, information and training designed to prevent risks.

DVR has necessarily to be present in workplace and it must be available to any eventual examination by supervisory bodies. You have also to remember that DVR should be regularly updated, to take into account any change potentially affecting health and safety. Failing to upgrade the document can lead to severe penalties.

DVR has to be set up by anyone who owns a business with working members or subordinates employees. Deadline for document processing was May 31, 2013, but many companies have postponed the fulfillment and, even today, are not in compliance. It will then soon be necessary to use appropriate instruments to compile the Document in accordance with the in-force legislation.

In order to do achieve this goal, in November Zucchetti is offering to all his customers, companies and professionals an interesting opportunity: Safety Solutions at Work by Zucchetti is now in promotion.

Specifically, Standardized DVR is being promoted. Standardized DVR is the service for DVR online compilation, issued by Information Supermarket. Standard procedure is able to satisfy DVR requirements for companies with less than 10 employees and professionals who want to meet costumers "spot" demands. When the compiling procedure is different from the typical one, the promotional offer is supplemented by Zucchetti Safety Solution. Zucchetti Safety Solution software is fully managing all the measures provided for by Legislative Decree 81/08 and concerning Safety in the Workplace (such as DVR, Interfering Risk Assesment Document, Operational Safety Plan, Contracts, Training, Labour Medicine, etc). Zucchetti also promotes Saas DVR solution (that is Software as a Service), to allow professionals to enrich their offer, integrating it with a DVR processing continuous service in behalf of client companies.

Zucchetti offer ultimately represents an excellent opportunity for all companies that have yet to fulfill the obligations related to the Risk Assessment Document drafting, in order to regularize their situation in a timely, efficient and cost effective way.

Whether you are a professional or a company the Zucchetti Safety Solutions at Work service allows you to streamline procedures and cutting down costs ... while reducing risks. If you want to learn how to meet your business needs, please visit the Standardized DVR  and Safety Solutions dedicated pages.

Credits are under control thanks to xCreditiNet for

14 November 2013 by vsalaris


Alterbit provides an effective answer to all debt collection needs.

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Alterbit (Microarea Platinum Partner) conceived and developed xCreditiNet for, the vertical solution created to properly manage activities related to credit recovery. xCreditiNet meets the needs of all Companies requiring accurate and detailed analysis and planning, concerning credit recovery.

Alterbit solution provides users with simple and intuitive monitoring. xCreditiNet specific graphical interface allows you to quickly visualize activities to be carried out, those already performed and the future ones.

Not only xCreditiNet reports allow you to list and customize standard actions according to the customer, but also allow the operator to examine in detail the job done, indexing data and sorting activities by operator, customer and period. Just by setting your chosen parameters, you can also get custom prints in order to track activity basing on your own preferences. Starting from these data it is possible to analyze information throughout customized procedures and statistics.

Activities customization ability is one of Alterbit vertical solution’s major prerogatives. On one hand, set up actions are performed in chronological order (respecting the business parameters initially defined), on the other hand you can always define specific recovery procedures for each customer, different from the standard ones.

Streamlined and customizable debt collection management  provided by xCreditiNet is complemented by benefits coming from the total integration between the vertical solution and Advanced reporting is indeed using Woorm resources (being Woorm the same report generator). The constant dialogue between xCreditiNet and allows you to block a client, in the event that a new debt collection tab related to him is opened, or unblock him in the opposite case, when an old sheet is closed.

Alterbit solution is able to manage in a simple and automatic way also the reminders that have to be sent to customers, this being an activity prone to delays or oversights. xCreditiNet allows you instead to automatically send dunning letters via fax and e-mail with updated ticklers, cutting down time, resources and mistakes usually affecting this delicate step in debt collection. Alterbit solution also provides you different preset solicits templates in addition to an overdue interest calculating system. The system also takes in account different interest rates over the course of days.

More utilities allow you to coordinate relevant factors such as: tabs massive upgrade, operator assignment changes, report execution and analysis about  company overdue, undone activities history setting, client individual customizations. Thanks to xCreditiNet the operator can log everything, quickly displaying debt collection activities (both the already done and the ones to be carried out); the list can be exported in Microsoft Excel.

Administration can in turn always check out all the activities carried out by operators, thanks to a set of reports. They allow you to filter the information by period, customer and operator, or, more simply, to  list the actions performed per operator.  Thanks to advanced task management you can even compare individual operator activities in different periods.

With its immediacy, customizability and accessibility the vertical solution xCreditiNet is an ideal resource in order to manage all the debt collection activities.

Please learn more about Alterbit solution by visiting the product page.

Milan, 23-25 October 2013: happy 50th birthday to SMAU

6 November 2013 by vsalaris


On October 25th ended SMAU’s fiftieth edition. Three days dedicated to innovation, business and ITC professionals.

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SMAU is already half a century old, but it doesn’t show its age at all: the most important Italian ITC and technology innovation happening is renewing every year. SMAU always represents the ultimate site where you can analyze new technologies benefits.

As always, the events and appointments agenda was very busy, during the three days exhibition in Milan. In this way SMAU fulfilled its core mission: it’s confirmed that the event is the preferential location where Companies and innovation and digital solution suppliers can meet.

In this context that Zucchetti Group's stand intensely worked, welcoming visitors and operators and proposing innovative content and solutions to business needs.

Among the players, 12 prominent Microarea Partners from all over Italy made themselves totally available to the public to provide, explain and demonstrate customized, effective and fully efficient strategies. The innovation offered by Zucchetti Group team at SMAU represents a concrete strategic lever to help SMEs accelerating their business.

For SMAU 50th birthday, thus, a pleasing gift was at Zucchettis’ exhibition space: the right people to talk to, the right technologies to work with.

To recall the key stages about SMAU Milan 2013, please have a look (and, why not, leave a comment!) at the short on line video on Zucchetti YouTube Channel.

Customer Relationship Management, that’s why you will love it

4 November 2013 by vsalaris


By managing relationships between the Company and its current and prospective clients, CRM systems are nowadays a winning business strategy.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a widespread term in the today's business world. The word has diffused on large scale starting from 90s of XX century, when the first related technological solutions were released. Although the CRM acronyms meaning is simple (literally: to manage relationship with the client), actually the issue is more complex. CRM is a business strategy aiming to understand, anticipate and meet company current and potential customers’ needs. It  is also a powerful tool to retain both old and new customers, while increasing the value of relationships between the company and its clients.

The concept may seem obvious, but it is not. The business operating context is indeed complex and relationship management channels are manifold. The market in fact is no longer represented just by the client, but also by individual, society and surrounding environment values, which the company has to establish short and long term relationships with.

In the business practice all this is put in effect thanks to strategies designed to provide clients with proposals able to meet their needs, as well as manage a relationship based on trust. This is why it is crucial to plan and put in practice customer care dedicated strategies. Here comes into play the CRM resource, that addresses both business-to-business and business-to-consumer.

CRM uses in a massive and productive way several informatic tools able to improve management, although CRM itself has not to be considered totally just like a software (CRM is in fact intrinsically linked to strategy, communication, business processes integration, people and culture). CRM applications are used to keep in touch with customers, enter their information into databases and provide interaction modes that can be recorded and analyzed.

CRM infrastructure (namely the activation of informatic tools helping the management process) is strategic to activate processes and procedures of interaction oriented to customer requests and needs. Thanks to Reporting, Analysis and Scenarios Projections tools, CRM software are able to extract, process and make information available. It’s easy to guess that all this has a strong impact on all business processes.

CRM system has a great importance in the pre-sales step, in order to define market targets and acquire potential customers, even through mailings or telesales and the related findings management. Such a marketing strategies optimization is a crucial process to organize all the information in a structured database. Starting from this data it is possible to understand and anticipate clients needs.
CRM can support the company in sales and business negotiations, by storing and analyzing information. In this case, too, collected data are processed in useful statistics to segment customers in specific ranges. Once data are organized, you can analyze them in order to develop customized communication and commercial offers, aiming to develop personalized content and services and, as a result, to retain customers. With regard to the post-sale phase, CRM activities goes on with the technical support, maintenance, warranty contracts, commercial and administrative assistance services. Post-sale management allows you to define, record and allocate all the problems set by the customer. In this way you thus can analyze, assess, plan and define automatic rules for each activity.

In order to allow your company to take full advantage of all the CRM strategy benefits, introduces InfinityConnector. InfinityConnector is the module that enables a two-ways dialogue with the CRM software Infinity by Zucchetti. InfinityConnector allows you to use the CRM Infinity to manage the pre-sale, sale and after-sale steps. Data are collected by Microarea ERP, while itself extracts orders and customers from Zucchetti CRM. All in a simple, automatic and efficient way.

Would you like to have  more details and information, kindly leave your reference and we will be pleased to contact you as soon.

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