3.9, Service Pack 4 and 5: new Tax Communication and Black List Operation

17 October 2013 by vsalaris


At short distance from SP3, here are the latest service packs: 3.9 SP4 and SP5, with extremely interesting and useful tax adjustments.

Edited by Marketing Department 3.9 Service Packs 4 and 5 contain a number of important updates, especially useful to meet the Tax Agency requests.

Starting from October 2013, the Directorial Provision issued  by Tax Agency in 2013, august 2nd, defines new communication techniques and deadlines, as regards to VAT transactions (the so-called Tax Communication). Tax Agency has also established that the same template, now called Multi-purpose Communication, should also be used to transmit Blacklist Operations

Therefore, in the new improvement packages stands out, among all, the Tax Communication module’s review. The wording is now replaced by “Tax and multi-purpose Communication”. The definition change is not merely a matter of form, but involves the module’s substance.

This means a functional extension. With 3.9 Service Packs 4 and 5, the Tax Communication module expands, so that all the communications required by the Tax Agency are merging into a single component. Thanks to the SP4 update the module includes now not only the new Tax Communication, but also the Black List function. Users who have purchased the Tax Communication module will automatically have the new "Tax Communication" included in the version 3.9.4 upgrade.

A slight variation is instead expected for users who have not activated the Tax Communication module, but are using the Black List (already present in the Accounting module). In this case, the Black List may be used for 2013 statements, since the Tax Agency allows to use for this period both the old  and the new version. For the 2014 statement, however, the Black List function of Accounting module can not be used to create new files, though it still will be useful for reprinting.

Thanks to Service Pack 4, 3.9 is able to ensure a timely update in full compliance with the Tax Agency requests. does not even overlook the economic point: despite the functional extension, the price of the Tax Communication module is the same. An added bonus!

As always, if you have subscribed and still activated the Microarea Live Update service, you can immediately download the Service Packs 4 and 5 for 3.9. We kindly recommend you to get in touch with your Microarea dealer, in order to properly upgrade your product. If your M.L.U. has expired, please contact Microarea International Sales Department to find out the benefits in being always up to date.

SMEs, public financing for digital innovation

9 October 2013 by vsalaris


An amendment to the “Action Decree” extends funding and subsidized rate contributions to hardware, software and digital technology investments, made by  small and medium-sized enterprises.

Edited by Marketing Department

With an amendment to the legislative “Action Decree”, approved in August 2013, the Italian government provides public financing and subsidies for SMEs buying computer services and products.

After the change to paragraph 1, art. 2, the Decree now reads: "micro, small and medium-sized enterprises [...] have access to funds and subsidized rate grants for investment, also through financial leasing transactions, in machinery, equipment and tools newly manufactured for use production, as well as for investments in hardware, in software and digital technologies".

This statement is recognizing the importance of ICT investments in Italian economy development. Innovation through digital technologies is now compared to all the other industrial innovation measures, by making explicit the possibility to purchase computer equipment, software solutions and web applications. Experts, insiders and industry associations applaud the initiative and identify positive impacts in the chance to develop and deploy on a large-scale ERP, CRM and e-commerce platforms.

Let us now have a look to the practical aspects. The Decree specifically encourages SMEs investments in technology, facilitating their purchase or leasing with an initial budget of 2.5 billion Euros (that can be increased up to 5 billion). The Government will provide the borrowers  with a contribution in the form of interest cut terms, in order to cover a part of the tax burden that is resulting from the loan taken out to face the financing. Payable interests related to the new equipment purchase will be included in the income statement at the time of invoice registration. The interests will then be spread over the years, through prepaid expenses during the loan period. Therefore, the interest subsidy will not be distributed in just one solution, but still it will be related to the funding interests.

The low-interest loans will be payable starting from decree publication in the Official Gazette (which took place August 20, 2013), until 31 December 2016. The funds will be supplied by the banks party to the agreement between Economic Development and Economy Ministries with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and Italian Banking Association (ABI). Payments will last maximum 5 years after the contract has been signed, for a total value not exceeding 2 million Euros per company. The amount will also cover all eligible costs. Grants will be guaranteed by the SMEs Fund up to a maximum of 80% of the loan.  Access and granting terms will be defined by the Decree, edited by the same Ministries (Mise and MEF).

To whom are the subsidies addressed? The loans and subsidized rate grants are reserved to micro enterprises and SMEs able to meet two requirements, chronologically related to the last approved accounting period before signing the subsidy application. The first condition concerns the annual turnover, that must be less than 50 million euro, or the total assets must be less than 43 million in the last accounting year. The second requirement is to have less than 250 subordinate employees (except in extraordinary layoff ). This amount is calculated as annual work units, based on the monthly average of full-time employees , plus the part-time work share. For companies not requiring ordinary bookkeeping or financial statement, criteria are based on last tax return, assets and liabilities statement, employees number and total assets of the balance sheet.

This Action Decree measure is not only crucial from a practical point of view, but also has a symbolic meaning for the Country. It is confirming that digital technologies are driving innovation and industrial production, and that production can also be digital. The ERP fully falls in the digital production categories identified by the Government, while representing a highly productive investment that can be supported thanks to the decree facilities.

If you still do not know all the benefits related to innovation and guaranteed to your company by, please feel free to leave your details. We will be glad to contact you, in order to give you all the information you want.

Venban.Pack refines cash sales

5 October 2013 by vsalaris


Completeness, efficacy and flexibility combine with the simple use of Venban.Pack for

Edited by Marketing Department

Venban.Pack for is the vertical solution created by Package Azienda (Microarea Platinum Partner), specifically designed to meet both technical and commercial selling needs, and those of related activities.

Venban.Pack points to any business that carries out cash sale on single workstation or network. The Microarea Platinum Partner solution allows managing the sales activity within branches networks, individual shops and wholesalers, up to cash & carry.

Several types of companies are already using the vertical solution in order to manage retail: computer stores, hardware stores, bookstores, clothing, supermarket, sanitary ware, paint, perfume chains, water-heating systems, furniture, jewelry, food, leather, and many more. In particular, VenBan.Pack provides specific functions related to perfume shops  (stores and networks) and jewelries management.

This wide spread is due to the extreme flexibility of VenBan.Pack, which allows managing different commodities sectors, specialized for types and activities. The vertical  can be profiled with the specific needs of the sector, and works both in single and multi-user mode. VenBan.Pack is available both offline and online for installations on sales networks. In the on-line case, the head office is updated in real time about the work performed in the individual stores.

The vertical solution allows the store to combine the advantages of inventory management to those of a fast and efficient sales system. Thanks to effective search tools and the reading barcode function, you can search according to the supplier or to the sale value bar-code, this last being created by the user. VenBan.Pack allows you to issue the receipt or record receipts and invoices, helping cashier work.

You can also compile and print quotes through bar code readers or Wi-Fi Rfid handheld devices. The loyalty card module allows you to detect the sales flow per customer / quantity and value, ensuring a continuous sales and inventory trend monitoring. VenBan.Pack is a great support in technical sales , where the desk clerk must be able to explain to the customer the items features that require specific knowledge. In this way the operator is able to independently manage the sale, from quotation up to delivery . The vertical effectiveness is also evident in promotions, sales and cashiers interchanges management. All of those factors are completely customizable.

The vertical is fully integrated with all versions. VenBan.Pack exchanges data with and takes advantage from Woorm ( report generator), in order to create analysis and reports about sales, stores / branches, products, assortments, returns, promotions, profitability and much more. VenBan.Pack fits perfectly into the management cycle, from order to cash closure, from single shop inventory management, up to the request of minimum items stock.  The orders placed in are imported in the VenBan.Pack procedure, which controls their regular reception, verifies their compliance, and makes the orders available for sale through sales slip, delivery note, invoice or receipt.

Package Azienda solution is available in two versions: SHOP, with branch and shops option, and TECNICK, with images and documentation option (with and without EasyAttachment, the document filing system integrated in

Despite its completeness, VenBan.Pack proves to be easy to use, thanks to the touch screen and the customizable templates. One of the vertical’s greatest values is its modularity: the package can be configured on customer needs and customized for each company. The commercial packages provide the basic setup with one workstation, and the possibility to expand, following the company's growth or the modules list implementation.

VenBan.Pack modules and functionalities are many and flexible: sizes and colors, calendar, promotions, stock enhancement, restocking, document management, stocks, inventories, etc..

For a complete overview please visit the product page, where you can find all the details of vertical proposed by Package Azienda.

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