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25 September 2013 by vsalaris


The new Microarea commercial video on Analysis & Controlling illustrates how important it is to have the proper tools to improve your Company efficiency

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Monitoring business profitability and having a proper decision support are key factors. If you cannot distinguish your company business activity volume, you risk in losing sight of individual business sectors state. Thanks to the right management decisions, your business areas can become even more profitable.

The Analysis & Controlling module is a complete and flexible solution designed to control economical realities. allows you keeping under control your business by monitoring profitability.

Analysis & Controlling allows the free definition of Cost Centers, Orders and Product Lines and easily fits to the typical company activities. This is possible also because the module uses the general account chart, so that all the accounts can perform analytical measurements, both financial and not – financial.

Cost Centers and Orders definition allow collecting data in relation to their destination, while additional information (e.g. surface square meters, employees number or machine operation hours) are useful to automatically calculate distribution percentages. Through association between default distribution model and analytic account, you can detect final balance movements from cost / revenue accounting records, from sales and purchase documents and also by inventory movements (for example, if you want to detect the material consumption for production).

Analysis & Controlling module allows achieving a truly effective management control. By placing analytical budget movements you can divide up in proportion the annual budget amount on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annually basis; several lists give you a customized analysis of overshooting between budget and final accounts, while the two-sections analytical budget can be processed with extreme flexibility. You can also get Direct and Full Costing analysis reports, or create automatic transfers models, namely analytical movements that subdivide cost center balance on other cost centers, orders and / or product lines.

In addition to cost center and order, Analysis & Controlling module provides a third analytic reallocation item: the Product Line. The product line can be associated to each article and shown in distribution patterns and analytic movement. Analysis & Controlling offers monthly analysis, running costs and opposed budget for product line.

Briefly, with the Analysis & Controlling module, provides you with all the tools to make your company more efficient, monitoring its performance. Analysis & Controlling module is also an effective support in business decisions, since it allows you to make the right decisions at the right time.

Have an even more vivid picture of Analytical Accounting module benefits, by watching the short video commercial online on the Microarea Youtube channel. Want to know more? Leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you already are a user, keep in touch  with your Microarea reseller referral  for more information. 3.9 is still growing, with the new and extra-rich Service Pack 3

24 September 2013 by vsalaris meets business needs at the best: please welcome the Service Pack 3 with its more than 35 new features in every area!

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A new Service Pack is ready for you, full of news and designed to further improve your business management experience. This is possible thanks to a huge number of improvements created in order to enhance even more your ERP.

As always, when releasing a new Service Pack, Microarea refines its product to make your business management easier and more productive. The very new SP offers far too many updates to list them all. Let us see the main and most appreciated ones.

First of all the InfinityConnector, the module that allows a two-way dialogue with Infinity, the Zucchetti CRM. From now on, thanks to the InfinityConnector, you can use Infinity in order to manage pre-sales, sales and after-sales activities. Data are catched by Microarea ERP, while the same takes orders and customers from Zucchetti CRM. All in a simple, automatic and effective way! We will discuss CRM topic in an upcoming article.

The SP3 improves also the document management. EasyAttachment, the module designed for electronic document management, is now Web. In this way you can use the document management system via internet on your favorite browser, both for reference, and to add new documents. You’ll be able to attach to your management document every kind of electronic-format objects: images, text, e-mails will always be just a click away!

And that’s not all: SP3 offers you more than 35 new features for every sector and management area, from the administrative to the logistic, all the way to manufacturing!

You can download 3.9 Service Pack 3 right now and get in touch with your Microarea reseller in order to properly upgrade the product. Please remember that the download is available only if you are covered by the Microarea Live Update service. If your MLU has expired, but you wish to upgrade your, all you need to do is get in touch with the Microarea International Sales Department to find out the benefits adn advantages in being always up to date.

Atium for the innovation in after sales activities

16 September 2013 by vsalaris


Atium is an innovative  vertical solution proposed by IGP Software. The vertical is designed to manage every kind of technical assistance, maintenance and after-sale issue... even when you're out of office!

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Thanks to Atium, the vertical solution for, IGP Software (Microarea ISV Partner) has achieved the goal of providing a complete and full-scale functional coverage to all companies operating in the after sales sector.

The vertical Atium meets the needs of a very wide range of operating conditions and market sectors thanks to its high flexibility in parameterization and configuration.

The innovative product, made in IGP Software, easily satisfy the most diverse requirements, addressing all types of companies. The solution addresses those companies receiving calls and requests for assistance (and must hence coordinate the activities of the technicians, in office and in transfers), companies dealing with differentiated contracts hedging (e.g. prepaid, on commission, variable cost ...) and the related automatic billing, renewals and cancellations. Atium is a perfect  solution also for enterprises providing products with simple or articulated warranty coverage levels (also when such guarantees are different from the producer’s ones). Atium targets companies that manage serial numbers (even with parent-child dependencies and / or with association to head offices, factories, original manufacturer's serial number etc...) or to companies having a multi-serial and multi-contract management, intended to meet complex sectors’ operational needs (such as fire prevention systems, security etc. ...).  Yet there is more: Atium proves to be the ideal solution for maintenance companies  that operate by scheduling  activities, according to complex cycles, to technicians qualifications and / or that need  to optimize transfers.  Atium addresses also to companies that have to plan and report via the web about transferring  technicians activities, and to the ones that bill individual invoices collecting lines from delivery notes, contracts, interventions etc.

In addition to its extreme flexibility, Atium vertical solution for has a modular structure (in other words: you can are free to purchase only what you really need!) and is designed to be extremely versatile, but easy to use at the same time. Thanks to development platform (the same of you can take advantage of the integration with current functions, in order to minimize data allocation and to speed up new users’ learning abilities.

There's more: if your business strongly needs a web service to help you planning, monitoring and reporting on activities while you’re in transfer, then Atium web is definitely great news! The web platform is highly customizable and allows you to create checklists, prints, reports and other customized web templates, in no time and according to your operating requirements. All this is possible directly in the browser thanks to the integrated development environment!

If you’re maintaining your own (or third parties’) technological systems, providing a Customer Care service for in-house manufactured products, managing a service / repair shop, or installing any type of fixed or mobile equipment, Atium helps you to automate and simplify your business management, while providing you a crucial competitive edge in customers list management.

Find out even more about Atium, the vertical solution for, by visiting the product page on Microarea website.

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