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16 July 2013 by vsalaris


A new Microarea advert in now online, describing the way in which Mago.net significantly contributes to primary business issues, such as  customers credit management, reduction in defaults, debts collection. 

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Company overexposure, intended as financial credits given by the company to its customers, can be a serious risk factor. The risk, in the worst case, is that the customer fails to pay. Too often, unfortunately, the consequence is a long, exhausting and unproductive non-payment recovery activity.

A company must be able to duly manage the granted credit to its customers, in order to avoid too high concessions or exaggerated caution in the definition of new contract terms.

Mago.net makes the credit management and debt collection procedures easier, faster and safer, while providing all the tools you need to dramatically reduce insolvency risks.

The customers situation analysis provided by Mago.net provides you with a strategic and effective control, combined with a high customization level, a wide set of reports and a full-scale operations in mobility.

Valuations and alerts regarding customers exposure, reliability and solvency, allow blocking automatically orders at risk or assessing any situation. Mago.net also allows managing the dunning procedures addressed to defaulting customers,  creating reminders  with individual, increasingly severe texts. You can then choose to send the reminders by e-mail or post mail.

Thanks to this automatic and scheduled control strategy, Mago.net prevents damaging mistakes and oversights, while flatly saving  time and resources

Thanks to Mago.net you are the one who decides how much to expose yourself with customers, which is the right credit limit for orders, invoices and payments to be received. In this way you can now take control of your business exposure and automate the debt recovery processes.

For a quick and catching overview of all the mentioned features, enjoy the short video commercial online on the Microarea Youtube Channel.  

Want to know more? Leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you already are a  Mago.net user, get in touch now with your Microarea reseller referral for further information.

Sdì Report: accent is on reliability

12 July 2013 by vsalaris


Sdì Report is the reporting service about reliability of companies and natural persons, proposed by the Information Supermarket Division of Zucchetti Group.

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Doing business is always more risky: in 2012, 25% of major outstanding accounts was made by customers older than  5 years, the ones that you think you "know better”. With Sdì Report you can really know who you're going into business with, thanks to a control that aims at reducing credit risk and prevent problems in outstanding accounts.

Sdì Report’s range of services exactly meets companies fact-finding needs, providing information about  natural and legal persons. With a single query, you can get a complete collection of verified and cross-checked information, coming  from a variety of official databases (Chamber of Commerce, Land Registry Office). The result is a document able to provide you an extensive and detailed information framework.

Sdì Report has now become even richer thanks to the collaboration between Zucchetti Group and Cerved, Italy leader in commercial information. The new Business and Person Reports are now updated  in content and graphics. The Sdì Reports easily and effectively meet all the users’ needs in order to evaluate suppliers, customers, prospects, competitors, through different levels of in depth-analysis and study.

The information assets of Lince - Cerved Group has always ensured completeness and safety. Thanks to this new partnership Sdì Report can now rely on its information set: by querying several sources and databases, the reports provide a large number of information sets. You can be warned, for instance, that a company has been protested or  that detrimental events occurred involving the company, its leading exponents and / or shareholders. Furthermore the information can include financial indices and in depth-analysis of budget and historical data related to the company, even in real time.

SDI Report is therefore a reliable tool to prevent risks and avoid outstanding accounts, which are more and more expected in the present  uncertain economic context.

To sign in and take advantage of Sdì Report, as well as of all other Information Supermarket services, you must hold a Sdì Card. The Sdì card is a reloadable prepaid card that allows you to purchase services with the utmost freedom and security. To activate the Card, please contact your Microarea reseller.

If you are a Partner and you want to provide SDI Report service, you just have to sign the SDI Distribution contract and buy a SuperCard, the special account dedicated to Partners. The amounts to activate and recharge end-customers’ SDI Cards will be withdrawn from your SuperCard. Your Microarea sales representative will give you all the details.

Rely on SDI report and get top performances, thanks to the business opportunities coming from the new reports on companies and persons reliability!  
For more information about SDI Report services, visit the Supermarket Information: http://servizi.supermercato.it/report/imprese_italiane.aspx  for Companies Report and http://servizi.supermercato.it/report/persone.aspx for Persons Report.

Service.Net is the Mago.net vertical solution designed for Service needs

9 July 2013 by vsalaris


Service.Net by Piero Basso & C. Ltd is the Mago.net vertical solution that meets the user and satisfies all the dynamic  Service industry needs.

Edited by Marketing Department

Piero Basso & C. Ltd company is on the market since 60 years and it is a historical Microarea Platinum Partner. From this company's experience was born Service.Net, the Mago.net vertical solution addressed to customer service. Piero Basso & C. soundness is linked with innovation in presenting the first vertical solution of its kind, which is developed with TaskBuilder platform, the same of Mago.net.

Services market is characterized by situations of high complexity. The crucial factor is the ability to react quickly to changes, in order to adapt to these situations. Given this specific need of the industry, it is essential that the management system is able to streamline processes, while allowing to recover all the information to follow the market. In so doing it is possible to get the best results and achieve customer satisfaction.

Service.Net reaches these goals thanks to a Mago.net ERP integrated suite of applications. The suite is able to extend traditional management features to the typical capabilities of service companies . In this way enterprise-class performance are ensured.

The Piero Basso & C. Ltd. vertical solution provides the user with a set of tools for a full and integrated management of the installed base. The full traceability of systems, serial numbers warranties, calls and technical interventions allows you to keep a detailed and interactive historical archive. Service.Net allows you to manage counters, spare parts and consumables also in remote control. Furthermore, Service.Net supports you in services provision  through specialized contracts and helps you in  executing  ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, this being scheduled or not.
Enterprise resource planning is easier thanks to the Piero Basso & C vertical solution for Mago.net, as well as coordination of various sectors, even if equipment or serial numbers technical specifications are different. The helpful checklist and numerous statistic sets complete the Service.Net suite.
At the same time, the Service.Net suite is able to put in the hands of your company executive board both the summary and detail information required to make strategic decisions in a timely manner. In fact the Service.Net Business Intelligence module draws to a large number of data. The data are arising from the many forms of which the module is composed, in order to generate a full and customizable set of reports and charts.

The latest developement for Service.Net is Myservice suite, designed to achieve maximum efficiency from web potentialities, by integrating them in the requirements of Service industry. Thanks to Myservice it's possible to schedule tasks via the web, as well as end calls in offices and by-customers at the same time. You can also allow qualified technicians to access the deposits data, automate detection of counters readings, manage consumables alerts in real-time.  
All this and much more happens in full mobility, on your iPad or Blackberry: using IServiceApp the technicians can be fully operational even when internet or Mago.net cannot be reached. Furthermore, the control manager can be On Cloud.

Individual Service.Net modules come from the needs of specific markets, as a result of a 20-years experience in different sectors. This experience made possible to integrate in the solution all the functionality required to intuitively perform each Service industry task, and to ensure users with a functional, integrated, comprehensive and reliable product. Service.Net also grant a constant alignment to the latest Mago.net release and is certified for the Professional and Enterprise Mago.net editions.  

Discover all the benefits that Service.Net for Mago.net reserves you, referring to the product page on Microarea website.

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