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27 June 2013 by vsalaris


Micron, Platinum Partner Microarea, presents, the vertical solution for specifically designed “to cut” management problems in clothing industry. 

Edited by Marketing Department is the vertical solution for designed by Micron in order to manage the clothing industry in an effective, efficient and functional way. The Microarea Platinum Partner's vertical solution is intuitive and easy to use, and is addressed to all companies operating in fashion industry. aims to the practical and rational management of samples, color cards and all the commercial handling. fully integrates to the Microarea ERP as an extension of the standard warehouse, thanks to the thorough Micron knowledge about warehouse management and  industry needs. combines the typical clothing industry features (such as those relating to sampling, labels, producers and sales lists), with inventory management, invoicing, documents shipping and customers-suppliers orders.

Micron solution's user friendliness allows you to enjoy its functionality right at first use, thanks to the simplified management of items sheets. The full integration with allows you also to manage variants just in modules whose items are included in stock.

One of strong points is the bill of materials module, which allows even the most inexperienced user to disentangle among variations and associations of sizes and colors. The management is in fact easy and intuitive, because it is based on the neutral item. Associations are made between components variants and product variants. In addition to the steady and complete control of processing stages, thanks to the bill of materials module you can manage the consumption of raw materials and reorder as missing, pouring the bill of materials components in the active cycle documents.

The wide reporting set also allows you to create and print sales statistics for variant, collection, producer or other parameters, to start a consequent warehouse enhancement.

The product is entirely developed with development platform (the same platform) so the efficency is the consolidated one, fully integrated with your own Microarea ERP configuration.

Micron solution has maximum management flexibility, high productivity and it's easy to use. In this way the investment is covered from the initial purchase, because you get immediate benefit starting from the very first  use of In addition to be a cost-effective and practical solution, the vertical solution is intuitive both in the learning phase and in maintenance. offers all the basic functionality for efficient sales and production management in the fashion industry. Learn more about every feature by visiting the dedicated page on Microarea website.

Increase the value of your business defending its data

13 June 2013 by vsalaris


As long as business is more and more resting upon ICT, is now mandatory to  implement reliable tools for data protection and accessibility to information systems.

Edited by Marketing Department

Protected management of business data is a competitiveness factor, due to the enterprise capacity in protecting data and tracing information.

ICT context is ever more complex and articulated and the traditional techniques for the security of corporate data are no longer enough. On other hand, new efficient methods and tools are required to ensure continuous business operations and to optimize profitability and development opportunities.

The information managed by the system must flow freely between the processes, but it also needs to be adequately protected from unauthorized access; at the same time activities on the information have to be monitored. In order to do this, companies require tools to control access and operations on the information system, and also to suit companies’ organizational needs. All this is possible not only thanks to an organizational security system to manage services and business procedures, but also through a technological security concerning the basic IT infrastructure.

Some best practice are intended to encourage and simplify adherence to a real effective policy for data protection, such as implementation of data-classification programs focused on information about customers, financial features and intellectual property. Protection classes should provide both private internal use and a public one. Adequate controls have to be prepared, too, in order  to ensure that sensitive information - such as customer lists or details of production costs -  may not be available outside the company. Another crucial key point is developing an architecture able to  manage the critical information flow, while protecting data with passwords, encryption, authentication and control of the operations performed on the data themselves.

Extreme privacy and data security are absolute essential for any business, as long as companies need power and flexibility to guarantee protection for the most sensitive and significant information. Among these information are definitely  the data processed by the ERP software, which has thus to ensure total reliability of the system.

Knowing that, Microarea gives you all the tools to control access and operations on precious business data, according to your own organizational needs. Security module offers a complete solution to manage the level of access to the management objects. So you can manage a “security profile” for each user and the profile itself will define objects and actions available for the actual user. From data entry to the single fields, from reports to database tables, from automatic procedures to administrative tools: everything can be placed under the control of the Security module. The menu is only composed with the objects the user has at least right of access to.

With regard to the control, Microarea provides with Auditing Module, which deals with registering operations carried out on the company database, enabling continuous monitoring and tracking of data. Auditing makes possible to monitor access to data that the company itself considers the most sensitive, going back to which user has managed the given information, to which operation the user executed and to date and time it was executed. The data registered by the module is easily accessible, so you can  perform advanced analyses, according to specific information or user.

Data availability is granted in full security thanks to Security and Auditing Modules. Privacy and integrity are insured, information processes and treatments are accurate and complete, while being accessed only by those authorized. provides your company with all the tools necessary to control the information system: to find them out leave your reference and you will be soon contacted. 

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