SMEs and internationalization

21 May 2013 by vsalaris


Emerging  markets are rising, ratifying a new global economic framework and a new business concept. The aim is to open new international paths for business expansion. 

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Substantial changes occurred in worldwide economy: huge drop of transport costs, emergent economies - with lower labor costs  - accessing international market,  widespread information and communication technology. All this contributes to increase competitiveness pressure on Italian producers, both in home and global markets.

A primary and well-known need is to further diversify export markets, through intercepting requests coming from booming countries. In this way, foreign demand can push an economic upturn, even in case of weakness of domestic demand (this being the situation in Italy and in many advanced economies). The challenge of  markets’ growth goes along with many opportunities: worldwide medium-classes are enlarging and their native countries represent high potentiality markets.

Strategies to access and stay firmly in new markets are now a substantial need, due to the present economic scenario. Therefore Italian SMEs can no longer base their  business expansion merely on export; they need to look forward to internationalize their activities. De-localization choices has to be taken in order to grant stable access  to the most dynamic markets, not only to be more competitive thanks to costs reduction. The most correct way to win on the international scene and to face foreign competitors is to develop and propose on a certain market your product with its own specificity, yet adapted to the particular needs of the destination country.

But nowadays for SMEs is difficult to find the financial resources needed to expand on international scenarios. Because of this, many and different initiatives in support of enterprises, both at national and international level, grew up during last years.

Because of this, many and different initiatives in support of enterprises, both at national and international level, grew up during last years. The recent Italian decree called “Decreto Sviluppo bis” contains measures and incentives aiming to promote international expansion for Italian SMEs. The decree helps national companies involved in international projects by extending power of Simest SpA  (Italian Society for abroad companies). Simest can now take part to share capital of companies involved in abroad valorization and trade of Italian products. Furthermore, access to credit  by SMEs is now simplified thanks to a reinforced assets of financial intermediaries, under  Bank of Italy’s surveillance.   

SMEs are the real backbone of the European economy, generating two-thirds of private sector employment. But in the current economic downturn SMEs are very much in need of a helping hand to navigate these choppy economic waters. European Commission is therefore pulling out all the stops to support SMEs in order to meet their needs, helping  them in their potential growth and offering financing opportunities.

Accessing funding is a key concern for SMEs. In 2012, European Commission has updated a guide on the subject, entitled "An overview of the main funding opportunities available to European SMEs". This guide aims to present the main European programs and contains succinct and well formulated information about specific funding opportunities, as well as the main websites for each program. The European  Small Business Portal is also a good starting point to have an overview of EU programs for SMEs. The portal gathers together all the information provided by the EU, about and for SMEs.   

Language and legal advice, tax and customs consultancy are other essential means to support companies in a productive expansion on international  markets. Exactly to this purpose, the ERP software give companies a strong aid to internationalization process, thanks to its many native linguistic and regulatory localizations. Microarea software is already widespread in a number of countries, such as Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Switzerland. Many italian companies rely on to effectively manage their business in Italy as well as in the branches and in the factories and sales offices abroad.

Internationalization is the crucial point of our economic system in the last ten years productive model. As a structural  and irreversible process, internationalization is a growth factor and also an important way to increase performances and competitiveness. Italian companies are compelled to go through  internationalization and effectively helps SMEs to take on and win the challenge.

If you want to learn more about the tools provides to help your company in accessing new markets, you can simply leave your reference and Microarea will contact you as soon as possible.

Which are the Pluses?

17 May 2013 by vsalaris


Find out how the ERP software provides each company with a customized solution ready to manage their business in the best way.

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The reasons that make ERP a perfect solution for small and medium-sized enterprises in all sectors, are many and well - known. You can now improve the efficiency and accuracy in business procedures thanks to a number of strategic choices, while maintaining the indispensable flexibility to simplify daily work.  Microarea adopts these strategies to make its ERP extremely flexible and more responsive to a wide range of needs.

The explanations for such a wide adaptability, and for the numerous solutions provided by, are summarized in the " Plus": they show the reasons of the software’s success.
Abstracting from the single application areas (logistics, active and passive cycle, warehouse, accounting, etc.), the Plus are the strong points, guidelines and principles on which is based, in order to meet any need regardless of the business areas.
Modularity, customizability, expandability and continuous updates, as well as vertical solutions, integrations, hi-tech and connectivity, combined with compatibility with multiple operating systems (such as Windows, Mac,…), different languages and regulatory frameworks: all of this makes a global ERP software, intuitive and open, but able, at the same time, to ensure total control and security.

To achieve an even clearer picture of the Pluses, you can now find online a new and original video within the Microarea YouTube channel, which enumerates really ... briefly the main features that make the ultimate ERP solution for SMEs.
Do not just watch the movie: interact! On the Microarea YouTube channel you will find two versions of the same video: a "standard" one and second one full of "special effects". By clicking "I like", you can vote the video you prefer: the video who gets the most likings will become the cover of the YouTube channel and will be an integral part of the dedicated page on the Microarea website.

Find out the Pluses right now!


Sales.Web for, dedicated to your e-commerce

10 May 2013 by vsalaris


Sales.Web for allows reducing time and costs in business relationships, optimizing online sales.

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The vertical solution Sales.Web for is the sales management system developed by Sit, Microarea Platinum Partner, which allows managing all e-commerce processes. Sales.Web is designed for companies working in any commodities sector and represents the ultimate solution to manage a commercial network with both national and international operative headquarters. The SIT solution fully meets different needs of customers: Sales.Web provides your company with a complete system of e-commerce able to guarantee sales and data exchanges in a practical and versatile way.

Thanks to the procedures automation, orders and quotes are filled out and issued directly online by the agent or by the client company itself. All those who are concerned, in turn, may check real-time stock availability and access their customized commercial conditions. Thanks to the accurate user profiling system, information is fully accessible, but only according to pre-established criteria and standards for each user: reserved access and diversified price lists are available for customers, partners and resellers.

All data, such as orders, quotations, invoices, statistical analysis on sales and orders, are accessible and can be processed in real time – 24/7 -  from any Internet-connected device (smartphone , tablets, net-book, laptop, PC or MAC). In this way Sales.Web reduces consistently the risk in committing any type of mistake; the back office team will no longer have to understand, translate, copy and input from scratch customers’ requests coming from a phone call, a memo, a fax or an e-mail.

Positive effects are tangible, such as important saving of time and cost, real-time data sharing with sales force or with branches and offices scattered all over the territory, sales optimization and the greater satisfaction of the client.

Sales.Web makes simplifies the acquisition of potential new customers.  By visiting the company website, prospects can access the online sale system, see the full catalog as well as the individual product sheets and fill out a detailed offer request. In case of an available public price list, it is possible to fill out a quote autonomously, or require access to separated price lists just by logging in on-line.

Sales.Web is natively integrated into the ERP;  the database, the set list prices and discounts, as well as customer lists and items, are shared and immediately available. Therefore, the installation of this powerful vertical  solution does not require any additional adjustment or transfer of data.
Another advantage coming from the complete data sharing with the Microarea ERP software is the identity between working strategies: all data added to will be automatically visible and ready to be processed on Sales.Web in a very intuitive way.

Thanks to data synchronization it is possible to exploit the Sales.Web ICMS system (Integrated Catalog Management System), which allows including in current sites or software product sheets, categories and complete catalogs, and to integrate them with data.

Sales.Web offers many other features able to ensure a genuine online sales system, really easy and effective. Through the Eshop platform, you can generate unlimited catalogs customized for every single user or group of users and create a real online store with selected catalogs. Thanks to the integrated html editor, you can upgrade each catalog item with a product sheet, an image book or a document set. Sales.Web allows managing multiple price lists, carts, promotions and offers, and payment by credit cards. Finally, it offers you statistical dashboards and automatic notifications by e-mail, for each status change of one or more orders.

Sales.Web offers many useful features for an efficient commercial management: you can examine them closely by visiting the page dedicated to the SIT vertical solution, on Microarea website.

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