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26 March 2013 by vsalaris


All users will be pleasantly surprised by the new packaging in which the software is provided. A truly “smart dress” to show up with!

edited by the Marketing Department

How many installation CDs and DVDs rest abandoned in your office or on your desk? Difficult, if not impossible, to count or re-use them once again!

Its now time to give a rest to waste of material and space! Microarea has come up with a handy and convenient solution. Forget once and for all the old-fashioned CD-ROMs, is now available on a USB flash drive.
A modern, dynamic and useful solution, yet also pleasing to the eye. The distinguished design of the USB flash drive, in which you will find the ERP software, encloses all the power of jointly with another noteworthy resource: loads of memory at your full disposal.
The USB key holds a flash memory capacity of 4 GB, and since "weighs" around 500 MB, after the installation you will have over 3 GB of free space to store whatever you wish. In this way, you can be sure that your verticals and customizations, backups, crucial business information, documents and much more, are comfortably and safely in the palm of your hand.

Yet there is more: Microarea offers the same convenience, on a practical level, when presenting SQL Server 2012, the powerful and reliable system with which you can manage the company database. Also this important tool is provided on a 8 GB capacity USB device. Given the storage space required by SQL Server, you will then have at your full disposal over 4 GB of memory.

All Editions and the Standard Edition of SQL Server 2012 are available on USB flash drives, labelled with the and Microarea logo, provided with the explanatory brochures. Everything is kept within a plastic glazed rigid case with magnetic closure.
Sometimes an image is worth a thousand words: photos of the new packaging are available on the Microarea Facebook account, waiting for you to press "like"! Should you also be interested in the new SQL Server 2012, you can request to see the USB device photos published by posting directly on the same Facebook page: with 50 requests the photos will be available straight away on the Microarea Facebook wall... this new entry deserves a little suspense!

You will appreciate thoroughly the benefits of this new "Microarea-style" starting from the software installation. Thanks to the USB device, you will be able to “read” your data six times faster than the traditional (and inevitably outdated) CD-ROM. This will significantly decrease the time needed for installation.

As you can imagine, the choice made by Microarea is not only a fashion affair, but also a pragmatic choice wishing to address your needs by providing outstanding solutions throughout small yet significant measures.
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Promotions and strategy management with Promotions_Planner for

12 March 2013 by vsalaris


Promotions_Planner is the vertical solution designed by Giga to improve business performance and strengthen your business channel.

edited by the Marketing Department 

Giga presents the vertical solution Promotions_Planner: the Microarea Platinum Partner created this software wishing to improve business performance, grow stronger competitively speaking and strengthen customer loyalty. The latter elements are of crucial importance for any business and they are pursued by Giga through the features of Promotions_Planner jointly with the active cycle.

The Giga vertical solution, first of all, allows planning and managing promotions/offers and product bundles, these be complex or simple. The complete customization of the vertical solution, based on the actual needs, allows coordinating perfectly the trade policies of the company.
With Promotions_Planner you can plan promotions according to the period, the customers (individuals or groups) and items (as a single unit or grouping), applying discount value as a percentage or on the article and provide gifts for single articles or depending on the purchased quantity.

Regarding the customer base management, the Giga vertical allows associating any defined promotion to one or more clients, indicating the promotion validity period. Also, you can customize discounts for individual customers by applying extra price-list discounts for articles, with packages in alternation or in combination.
Promotions_Planner proves to be an extremely practical and functional tool, especially with the automatic “filling out” option in the sales documents: during the order form drafting, promotions associated with the customer are systematically provided or applied. The discounts deriving from the offers are duly identified and separated according to the typology, hence facilitating the margins and planning sales strategy calculations. Setting discount policies side by side with list price policies will provide the sales force with tools that will help them compete on the market while respecting the limits set by the company itself. You can then determine which campaigns are most successful depending on, for example, the area, the agent or the customer, organizing and managing efficiently the resources within the company and the sales force throughout the territory.

The promotions modular management, and their categorization, can simplify the consultation of the sales data, providing feedback on the promotion/campaign, both in terms of receptiveness and net margins. Besides defining promotions, Promotions_Planner allows obtaining further information between the sales network and the market thanks to its full integration with and its reporting tools, with which you can generate statistical information elaboration. Studying statistics is truly useful in understanding the activity course of the sales agents, representatives or dealers. For this reason, it is essential for the statistics to be extremely flexible and, above all, parameterized in function of the variables and the needs of the sales agents. Thanks to the built-in report generator you can create a wide range of statistics reports for the vertical solution Promotions_Planner. In addition, by setting data sources, you can analyze data with Excel pivot tables.

Promotions_Planner is the vertical solution designed to manage promotions and enhance business performance: an all-inclusive, practical and functional solution. You can find out more by visiting the product page.

Digital Agenda, for the development of a hi-tech country

11 March 2013 by vsalaris

agenda digitale italiana  

The Digital Agenda is a strategy set out to develop a flourishing digital economy, capable of making the best out of ICT Technology potential in order to promote innovation, economic growth and competitiveness. 

prepared by the Marketing Department

The Italian Digital Agenda (acronym ADI) is a plan set out by the government within the framework of the so-called 'urgent measures' for growth. This provision wishes to integrate the principles of the European Digital Agenda - an initiative aiming at promoting technological innovation - in the Italian legal and administrative systems. Launched by the European Commission in 2010, the Digital Agenda outlines policies and concrete actions aimed at making the digital revolution accessible to everyone. It also introduces a number of principles such as the 'single digital market', based on Internet broadband and interoperable software - i.e. capable of working and handling data simultaneously without any compatibility issues. Member states have committed to incorporate such strategies within their legal and administrative systems, and to overcome main obstacles to smart and sustainable growth.

The Italian government carried out an analysis of the national context in order to implement these principles, and identified priorities and ways of intervention. The result is the provision of law Growth 2.0 of 2012, which laid the foundations for the concrete application of the Digital Agenda. The main course of action calls for structural innovation in a number of sectors, basically following the main points outlined by the European Commission. These points have been adapted and oriented to the needs of the Italian context.

The so-called digital identity falls within the scope of citizens' services. Citizens will receive a unified digital document. Electronic ID cards and health cards will give them access to all online services provided by public administration. Digital identity will be the main reference point for public administrations when dealing with citizens. Citizens will also gain access to a digital unified registry, digital residence registration and certified mail, the latter being already mandatory for businesses.

With respect to digital administration ADI imagines data and information, including those pertaining to public administration, to be open-access and easily accessible. This refers to the so-called open data, released under an open user license and conceived to enhance access to information and make it available for additional analysis, services and applications. Concerning sustainable mobility, the Digital Agenda supports smart transportation systems and electronic ticketing in order to reduce costs related to issuing and printing of travel documents. Furthermore, public administrations will be required to communicate with each other and with third parties exclusively online. At the same time, digital systems for online purchase of goods and services, as well as for transmission and dissemination of documents will become mandatory.

Innovation will also concern education. ADI is scheduled to launch a digital personalized student file for university students, in order to simplify academic records management procedures. The Agenda also encourages universities to dematerialize exchange of information among themselves, in order to favor and simplify student mobility. All schools will be allowed to adopt books exclusively available in digital format, or sold together with paper versions. Ad-hoc conventions with the Ministry of Education will give students the possibility to access classes through multimedia and remote connections.

The Agenda has also launched the new Electronic Health Record and Health File, which will contain all data relating to citizens' health and their complete clinical record. All health records will thus be digitalized, so as medical prescriptions, in order to set and guarantee same standards and procedures all over the country. Application of pharmaceutical prescriptions, currently limited at the regional level, has now been extended to the whole country.

Bridging the technological divide is a top priority for Italy, and calls for actions such as the promotion of broadband and ultra broadband Internet, as well as for measures to promote digital technology, by bringing Internet connections to a 2 mbps speed in previously uncovered areas and in areas where businesses are struggling. Procedures and requirements have been simplified to encourage diffusion of broadband Internet, including wireless technology, for example through land occupation tax exemption for the placing of the Internet optical fiber.

ADI further encourages use of digital payment technologies. It requires public administrations, as well as any provider of public services, to accept digital payments regardless of the sum. Public administrations are also required to publish all account details (IBAN) on their institutional websites, as well as on any payment request. Any legal person selling products or providing services, including professional ones, will be required, starting 2014, to accept credit card payments.

This process also concerns digital justice. ADI regulates time and manner of communication and notification services, in order to make justice services more efficient. In particular, with respect to any civil legal action, all notifications issued by the records office or the secretary of the prosecutor's office will be delivered digitally. With respect to bankruptcy and extraordinary administration procedures concerning large companies, main notices will also be delivered digitally.

ADI proposes a strategy to transform the country through knowledge circulation, information sharing, connectivity and digital services, in order to make Italy a place where innovation can enhance growth and productivity while significantly reducing costs and simplifying citizens' lives.
Despite being a medium- and long-term strategy whose benefits will not be immediately visible, the Italian Digital Agenda is an important point of departure, long waited by all those dealing with information technology.

Digitalization of the public and private sectors will ensure greater efficiency and cost reductions, translating into a better health care, a safer and more efficient transportation system, a cleaner environment, new ways of communicating and an easier access to public services and cultural contents.
Adopting a modern and flexible management solution will give companies the opportunity to optimize and improve their procedures. To this respect, management software is the ideal solution for supporting the growth of small and medium businesses.

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