LML Italia and WebFarm for Mago.net, flying in first class towards success

26 February 2013 by vsalaris


The LML Italia S.p.A. dealers independently control orders, spare parts and warranties thanks to WebFarm, the Mago.net vertical solution made in Project + + specifically designed to manage the company intranet.

by the Marketing Department

The Microarea Platinum Partner  Project++ produced and develops the vertical  solution for Mago.net called WebFarm. LML Italia Spa, Star Deluxe scooter dealer, implemented WebFarm. Thanks to WebFarm, LML is able to meet their basic needs, including the entire manufacturing cycle and data access via web.

The Project++ vertical solution offers to LML the possibility to focus exclusively on the marketing and after-sales service for Star Deluxe: in fact, the synergy existing between WebFarm and Mago.net guarantees a perfect manufacturing management, the latter including the product customization, quality control,  and the components logistics. The sales order is fully governed while the spare parts, and their specifications, are managed entirely by Mago.net.

One of the primary goals of WebFarm is to slim down and improve, from a manufacturing point of view, the relationship existing between the company and the dealers, a goal that the Mago.net vertical solution achieved through the creation of a centralized IT system that is referenced by the LML website. Throughout the company website, in fact, retailers can draw directly from the central system without the needing to import and export data.

Let us briefly see how this system works.
The ERP Mago.net is installed within LML on a multilingual portal, based on CMS DotNetNuke Professional, and hosted in a farm connected to high-speed internet access. The individual dealer can access at anytime the website, this giving way to maximum usability under any circumstance.

The Web portal is responsible for the making public all features typical of the sector, such as orders of vehicles and spare parts, together with tables and stock availability. On the same central system are also available the warranties records and back orders, as well as data activities related to the financial statements, the commissions and statistics. All of these information are obtained in real time from Mago.net throughout the use of Web Services and are made available by WebFarm.

From the same portal, the end users can download any document, in pdf format, created by Mago.net (e.g. invoices, specific reports, order confirmations). Given the fact that Mago.net allows managing the data in real time, all partners are able to autonomously verify all necessary information in a practical and updated manner.

WebFarm for Mago.net ensures to LML information certainty and unties the staff from an approach predominantly carried out by phone, this in favour of a consistent improvement in business efficiency. You can find further details regarding this successful synergy within the Case History dedicated to the success story of LML Italia and broaden your knowledge on the capabilities of the vertical solution made by Project++ by visiting the relating product page.

Mago.net 3.9 Service Pack 1: new features and further improvements

4 February 2013 by fperricone



Updates regarding Article 62 (management of perishable goods), the Enasarco calculation, together with the automatic update of the currencies fixing directly from the internet are just examples of the new features included in the Service Pack 1 for Mago.net 3.9.

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

In 2012, over 300 innovations were introduced in order to make Mago.net even more performing, complete and in line with the most recent legislative regulations. The new year starts off with a service pack containing more than 10 new features and several measures aimed  towards improving the usage ergonomics.

In order for the invoicing management of perishable goods to be even more flexible, in full compliance with the requirements of Article 62 of the "Liberalization Decree", two improvements have been introduced. The first allows associating the rows to the goods or services lines (this being useful also beyond the context of perishable goods and very convenient when trying to avoid losing the proximity between the row and goods/services lines when invoicing). The other new feature concerns the calculation of the deadlines: it is now possible to define the terms of payment with a due date being of 30 or 60 calendar days end of month.
In line with the most recent indications provided by the Tax Agency addressing the due commissions date, you can now calculate the Enasarco contribution (should you be managing agents), the FIRR and the customers allowances on the commissions acquired rather than those accrued.

The warehouse lots management is crucial towards a number of activities. The procedure for closing the warehouse now automatically manages the verification and the alignment of the lots data according to the fiscal data regarding the warehouse items.

If your company holds business relations with countries outside the Euro zone, you consequently need to update constantly and precisely the fixing of the currencies, this being, with no doubt, a tedious and very delicate job. Mago.net 3.9 SP1 makes sure you are always up to date with the fixing: it is now possible to update this information directly from the internet!

Other new features are waiting in the Service Pack 1 Mago.net 3.9: discover them all by reading the release notes.

Do remember that the Mago.net Service Packs are cumulative and therefore allow saving precious time when updating your installation. For example, if you install the 3.8.2 and you wish to upgrade to the 3.9.1, you don’t need intermediate steps. You can directly upgrade to the most recent Service Pack!

We advice you to seek the assistance and support of your Microarea Reseller referral when wishing to upgrade your Mago.net: you can be sure that safe and experienced hands will take care of your Mago.net and your company data.

You can download now the update from the download area (found in the Microarea website) thanks to the Microarea Live Update service: verify now whether you have subscribed to the service, or get in touch with Microarea International Sales Department.

If you are not yet a Mago.net user yet, and would like more information regarding the product, leave us your contact details and we will reach you as soon as possible!

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