Blog 2012: the top 3!

23 January 2013 by vsalaris


2012 is gone ... but give us one last moment to have a peek at the Microarea blog to find out what were the most popular articles issued last year!

by the Marketing Department

Even during last year, the Microarea website  was a valuable point of reference for users, partners and visitors. The Microarea Blog was indeed a crucial intersection of information able to highlight the many new features of, generate a widespread attention on topics of general interest while presenting specific solutions for every need and emphasize the importance of keeping your ERP software up to date.

We believe that in 2013 the trend will be the same and this is why we have come up with a small ranking of the most treasured issues in 2012 within the Microarea Chronicles, this in order to satisfy the approval ratings for the blog and make the newsletter even more interesting and useful. Hereunder are the most "popular" and appreciated topics according to the “readers”.

In third place, the subject related to Business Intelligence, brought to the fore by the InfoBusiness Connector for, the module that acts as a bridge with the operational BI Zucchetti solution InfoBusiness, thus ensuring access to the world of Business Intelligence for an accurate, clear and immediate picture of the corporate dynamics. The subject was also integrated with the video dedicated to InfoBusiness Connector on the Microarea YouTube channel, created and "aired" to offer a full and entertaining communication!

In second place the Spesometro (tax communication module) for, a great help to unscramble the obligations resulting from the change in tax law that the Italian government has set in place starting from April 2012. The Spesometro for, which is worth saying was already available from 2011, was the subject of an informative article published on the Microarea blog in March, allowing many to promptly satisfy their fiscal requirements.

And finally, ladies and gentlemen, in first place, the major update dated January 2012: version 3.6. The update was characterized by substantial improvements in all areas and enriched with new useful features (including the Credit Line Management module). The Microarea website visitors are well aware and able to identify which new features are able to generate new opportunities, as shown by this pole position!

Microarea is committed to ensuring thorough and updated information. In 2013 make sure you visit our website in order to find out all the latest news, updates, curiosities, and the countless useful information specifically designed for your business.

The Perfetto...product for your plant engineering company

18 January 2013 by vsalaris


Perfetto is the software based on that simplifies corporate organization and improves economic control through the constant analysis of contracts and margins.

by the Marketing Department

Perfetto is the software based on that Antos created to manage the jobs in companies installing Technological Systems. The Microarea Platinum Partner offers a perfect solution that includes all necessary functions to keep control of the plant engineering dynamics: through the availability of real-time information, Perfetto allows making quick decisions, solving the job management problems.

The point of strength of Perfetto is the Job Control Panel, an innovative tool that allows you to visualize in real-time and in graphical format all the information on the economic status and progress of the operations. Thanks to the intuitive and comprehensive interface, the engineer with a single glance can see all the relevant data for the optimal management of the job, information drawn from the management documents (orders, delivery notes, invoices, reports, etc. ...).

Perfetto, thanks to its full merging with, allows intuitively controlling costs and revenues, displaying in real time the economic margin for both the individual project, as well as for groups of orders (consolidated gross turnover). The areas in which the vertical Antos ensures full and optimal control are several and diverse, including the efficiency of the labor force, the management of suppliers and warehouse materials, the administration of receipts and payments, the budgeting, general accounting and balance of payments.

Perfetto is simple to use and provides reliable data that is easy to read and understand. The Datachecker function allows verifying the project order details, ensuring that the latter have been properly filed and identifying any input errors or incorrect use of management procedures. Consequently, correcting document errors becomes easy, and this allows obtaining always reliable and certified information. The versatility of Datachecker is proved by the fact that it can be installed also exclusively for the ERP modules (with or without the job management of Perfetto).

Perfetto is available in two versions, the Yellow and Orange Pack, addressing respectively the management of the job or the tout court company, yet both perfectly fitting to the standard quality level of Perfetto is part of the Perfetto suite (containing Perfetto.Net and Perfetto ERP) management products created by Antos, based on, and designed to manage companies having different dimensions, different organizational structures and requirements. 

Small and large size plant engineering companies identify the Antos product Perfetto as the perfect ally for the preventive checkup of the job projects, this thanks to a superior control and organization: these factors can improve the quality of the company's work towards employees and customers.

For more information, visit the product page (in italian language) dedicated to Perfetto, the system embedded in and developed by Antos. over 300 new features in one year!

16 January 2013 by fperricone


Well over 300 new features in 2012. From taxation to technological improvements: each area has been enhanced and improved.

Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

Thanks to 300 new features in 365 days, proves to be the constantly evolving ERP software. More than 300 implementations spread over seven updates.

New modules for a greater functional coverage together with new integrations with Zucchetti products (Microarea is part of the Zucchetti Group) and hundreds of new functions added to already existing modules. A truly sensational year for the ERP made in Microarea.

In January, we celebrated the New Year with the 3.6 release that brought along the Credit Limit Management module, tool that helps you provide the most deserving clients with the correct level of trust. Invoicing is indeed important, but you also need to cash in! The 3.6 was an outstandingly rich release: read the article on where you can find the highlights of the more than 100 new features.

In February, stood up against the coldest days of last winter and released the 3.6.1 version: 13 new features including the Spesometro.

Despite the “relaxing” weather, in April does not stop from evolving, upgrading to the 3.6.2 version. The new service pack contains the regulatory compliance related to the contributions Enasarco and other enhancements increasing performances and improving the application ergonomically.

In May we greeted Hollande at the Palais de L’Elysèe by installing 3.7. The new release of contains approximately 60 new features concerning all product areas: accounting, logistics, and manufacturing. The flagship of the 3.7 version is the creation of the connector joining and the Business Intelligence solution Zucchetti InfoBusiness. Read the original article in order to “refresh” your memory on how many useful things the new version of is able to offer to your business.

Few days before the opening of the 30th edition of the Olympic Games, held in London in the month of July, Microarea issues the new 3.8. Over 40 new features addressed to the thousands of companies that rely on in order to manage their business day after day. In 3.8 there is another achievement of the synergy existing between Zucchetti and Microarea: the automatic importation of the accounting entries in in order to read the salaries from the Zucchetti Omnia software. New fiscal features in the Fixed Assets context and much more in the summer release of find all the 3.8 news by reading the relating article.

October, or in other words the month in which Felix Baumgartner jumped from a height of 39 km and Microarea released Service Pack 1 for 3.8. The 3.8.1 version was characterized by the exceptional new integration between and the Zucchetti cloud service called PostaLite. No more queues at the post office or waste of time in preparing envelopes: one simple click in allows sending by mail any electronic document! The Service Pack included also further interesting news which you can find out all about by reading the concerning article.

In December, the very day on which the Mayans predicted the end of the world, Microarea made available the download of the new release of 3.9. Important fiscal updates (Article 62, VAT for cash), compatibility with SQL 2012 and Windows 8, full support of the Certified E-Mail ... in short, more than 60 “mind blowing” innovations! Read once again the December article so to be sure you have not missed anything.

Were you able to remember all the events mentioned and all the new features that Microarea added to in 2012? If you missed any of the above-mentioned news, do not worry: YouTube & C. are a wonderful archive. In order to avoid missing the updates, besides following Microarea from the blog, Facebook or Twitter, it is essential to be covered by the Microarea Live Update service. The M.L.U. service makes sure you are always up to date, in other words means to protect your IT investments in an environment that is as valuable as the ERP Software.

For more information, and in order to discover the advantages in subscribing the MLU service, get in touch now with the Microarea International Sales Department. If you are not yet a user, and are interested in finding out more about the evolving ERP software, leave your contact details. We will get directly in touch with you as soon as possible.

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