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21 December 2012 by fperricone



The new release is now available:  the 3.9 release offers new amazing features. Starting from the support to Windows 8 and SQL Server 2012, full compatibility with the Certified Electronic Mail, all the way to the update of the VAT cash accounting and full compliance with the new art. 62.

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

Microarea carries on with the never-ending updating process of your ERP software, hence safeguarding your IT investments. Thanks to the Microarea Live Update service, you are sure to be always up to date and making the most out of your everyday work!

The release 3.9 contains new features that are of interest to everyone:  in the area of technology as well as in the management and accounting, let us now focus on the main new functions out of the more than 60 introduced.

On a technological level, we can now come in touch with the support provided to the new Microsoft operating system Widows 8. As for innovation, safety and performance, we cannot avoid mentioning the word database: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is the most advanced storage system your corporate data can rely on. From the 3.9 release you can employ, thanks to the new CALs, the new Microsoft database management system, migrating automatically the data from your "old" SQL Server.
Nowadays paper is being used rarely, this thanks to the electronic documents. Now, more than ever, there is the need to send and receive documents, especially the important ones, via Certified Electronic Mail. The new release of allows sending e-mails to Certified Electronic Mail addresses, if you wish, from your Certified Electronic Mail address thanks to the changes introduced in the MailConnector module and data customers/suppliers master.
Wishing to improve the usage experience of the program, now stores the documents "visited" most recently: easy and effective!

Let us now move on to the management areas, starting with the administration. The new VAT cash accounting is fully implemented into 3.9: should your company comply with the VAT cash accounting system, you can manage precisely and easily the VAT credit and debit along with the resulting settlement. This new legislation is included within the Accounting module: all you need is to be covered by the MLU service in order to benefit from this new feature! 3.9 incorporates the most recent information concerning the ENASARCO grant for corporations: now the buyer pays a portion of the grant, while the remainder will be borne by the agents. With the new release of, everything is managed in detail! is the Italian ERP software designed to meet business needs also on an international level. For the Hungarian market, a feature has been developed allowing the management of the purchase documents with merchandise lines subject (or not) to reverse charge, this requiring an update report of the VAT register. New features also for Romanian companies: with 3.9 you can now automatically create deferrals of costs and revenues with competences to be divided over several months, creating forecasts or final accounting entries throughout a click.

As for the purchase cycle, it is worthwhile mentioning the adjustment operated on 3.9 to meet the requirements of Article 62 in the sale of agricultural dietary products. By simply enabling a parameter, you can manage at best all the aspects connected to such regulation, where surely the main aspect is the double condition of payment required in the sales documents for perishable goods within and beyond 60 days. This function, incorporating a new norm crucial, can be immediately used by those who have subscribed to the service Microarea Live Update!

In the area of sales / purchases, what stands out is the possibility of defining frameworks for printing documents regarding income/expense specific to each customer, supplier or category.

In order to ensure maximum flexibility for multi-branch companies, 3.9 now allows specifying, for each operator and subsidiary, which warehouse reason that shall be used. This is very useful for managing automatically, for example, the correct store in the sales documents.

As for the manufacturing area, the labor timing is indeed very important. 3.9 allows assigning and tracking time estimated and actual labor associated with individual workers and teams, hence keeping a history of previously entered information, this also useful for statistical purposes!

The procedure for handling the bill of materials, which is used in many areas, allows performing the unloading and loading of the finished product components in a few clicks. The 3.9, throughout the procedure, besides generating the stock transfers, is also capable of highlighting the links with the document generator thanks to the cross-references. In addition, a new report allows keeping an eye on all the transfers generated. Should an error occur, fixing it is now even easier. In fact, you can delete all stock transfers generated by the BOM management thanks to a new specific procedure.

Should all of this not be enough for you to move on straight to 3.9, we suggest you have a look also to the other product new features.

The updates are “cumulative”, this meaning that you do not need to pass through all the intermediate releases/service packs separating you from the most recent version of the product. You can directly install the latest product version. Please keep in mind that upgrading your ERP requires a safe operation, for which you can rely on a qualified and experienced technician: your Microarea reseller referral. We advise you to get in touch with him/her when wanting to upgrade.

Your contract M.L.U. is not active? Get in touch now with the Microarea International Sales Department in order to discover the benefits in being always up to date!

Certified Electronic Mail: safety when sending electronic documents

18 December 2012 by vsalaris


The Certified Electronic Mail allows safely sending and receiving IT documents and messages holding a legal value. 

edited by the Marketing Department

The anti-crisis decree has long made the Certified electronic Mail mandatory for administrations, businesses and professionals. The Certified Electronic Mail provides legal value to the process of message delivering, in line with the legislation in force.

Briefly, the Certified Electronic Mail is the equivalent of registered mail with return receipt. This is an e-mail box informing the sender whether the message has been delivered or not, showing the exact time and date of sending and receiving, hence ensuring the non-repudiation of the message itself.

If both e-mail boxes are certified, the message will hold a legal value equal to a registered letter. The message or document contained within can furthermore be certified and digitally signed or encrypted, therefore ensuring data authentication, integrity and confidentiality. Unlike usual e-mail messages, those sent by Certified Electronic Mail travel in a “packed" form. In fact, the body of the message is not contained within the message itself, but is rather found in an attachment that the sender opens himself.

In order to use the Electronic Certified Mail, you must have a specific mailbox, which can be provided free of charge by the Government (exclusively for the communications with the Public Administration and without digital signature) or purchased from licensed operators (in this case, the communication is guaranteed with any type of electronic mailbox and covers all functionalities).

The Certified Electronic Mail is a totally Italian IT tool: surveillance, coordination and publication of the list regarding authorized operators and public administration is delegated to the national authority responsible for the digitization of Public Administration (DigitPA). In order to activate your certified mailbox you will need to get in touch with one of the authorized companies, with prices varying depending on the operator and the offered services. Certain operators simply offer the opportunity to choose the name of the user (eg, while others allow you to choose the name of the domain, but in no case is it possible to transform your mailbox in a certified mailbox.

The Certified Electronic Mail service, by its very nature, can count on a number of advantages over traditional judicial act, including traceability, messages destination sureness and certification of attachments. The Electronic Certified Mail allows sending any type of digital format and visualizing messages from any internet connection, with guaranteed delivery of the mail to the provider. The user will be informed should there be a problem with the delivery of the message. Delivery receipts are legally valid also if not delivered to the recipient (just like with the traditional judicial acts). The manager is responsible for filing all events associated with the sending and receiving of Certified Electronic Mail messages for a period of 30 months, along with implementing the procedures ensuring the security of communication and compliance with the measures included in the personal data Code.

There are also advantages economically speaking: sending messages at a cost lower than traditional paper certified letters. While the price of the latter is determined according to the number of pages and the weight of the envelope, the cost of mailing by electronic certified mail is based only on the rate of the operator, usually an annual basis, which allows sending unlimited number of messages. Further positive aspects are represented by the high standards of quality and continuity of service, which by law require an availability of service equal to 99.8% on a quarterly basis.

In short, throughout the certified mail, all citizens (of legal age) can contract, send and receive certified mail at very limited costs and without needing to move from an office to another. Thanks to the Certified Electronic Mail, no more lost e-mails and no more “are you sure the e-mail was sent?”. You will avoid wasting time in queues at the post office just as you will fulfill in no time all administrative tasks, and do not forget that you will also save money given the fact that you will no longer need to send paper certified letters.

With, you can manage the sending from, and to, Certified Electronic Mail boxes of urgent, simple, direct, economical and reliable official communications.

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