The after sales activity is simple with Assistance.Net for

23 November 2012 by vsalaris


Assistance.Net is the vertical solution for designed by the Platinum Partner SIT, specifically dedicated to the complete and optimal management of the Service, post-sales, rental and copies management.

edited by the Marketing Department 

Assistance.Net is the vertical solution created by SIT, Microarea Platinum Partner, designed to address the needs of all companies managing contracts, assistance and rental as well as those who wish to provide efficient after-sales activities.

Assistance.Net includes countless features and fully integrates with to satisfy at best the needs of each merchandising sector: powerful search tools, retrieval, visualizations, printing and exporting data in Office are just a few features belonging to the vertical made available by SIT.

Assistance.Net for is a modular solution providing for the complete management of all the elements necessary for an efficient after-sales service, such as contracts, matriculation roll, tickets, operations, interactive planning, integrated invoicing, prepaid plans, repairing service. Thanks to Assistance.Net, the after sales activities and human resources management is simple, effective and fully coordinated, this giving rise to a full control of all operational processes.

Thanks to the SIT vertical, you can accurately keep track of the entire life cycle of an assistance operation, starting from the client request all the way to the operations carried out, the latter by automating calls to the technicians and keeping under constant control the service provider in terms of timing, spare parts and hourly rate.

Assistance.Net allows for the efficient and proficient managing of the various contractual terms relating to the products and services, this based on customer requirements. Thanks to the countless customization possibilities that the vertical is able to comprehend, you can define a maintenance and assistance contract based on due dates, amounts and product or service types being offered.
The optimal organization of data and the automatic invoicing of contractual maturities, as well as intervention reports and spare parts, guaranteed by Assistance.Net, are just some of the tools that are able to ensure full control over the company's profitability.

The complete integration with makes of Assistance.Net a winning solution. In fact, you can update accounting, warehouse and master data in real-time, generate shipping documents and invoice directly from the Sales module, this in order to keep under control unsold stock, the accounting balance and the bill book. In a few words, with and the SIT vertical you can manage the entire company with one sole application!

Assistance.Net is efficient given the fact it allows the automatic invoicing of contracts, assistance/maintenance operations and spare parts, along with the generation of periodical interventions and countless audit reports. Assistance.Net is reliable because it is developed with, the platform with which also has been developed. Assistance.Net is both simple and intuitive (since it is fully integrated into and is characterized by a user-friendly interface) as well interactive, thanks to the graphical Planning for the appointments management and the extreme navigability between the masks.

Assistance.Net is extensible with modules Interventions Management for Technicians and Ticket Management via Web, with which you can share and manage the technicians interventions throughout any device connected to the Internet. The vertical solution also provides the Business Intelligence module, with which you can analyze all operational areas ranging from the contracts and interventions, all the way to the profitability of the counters and full services.

Assistance.Net for is a truly extraordinary tool, able to improve the management and efficiency of your company while saving time and money.

Find out all the functions included in the SIT vertical by visiting the product page (in Italian) found in the Microarea website.

Optimizied document management: advantages to SMEs and environment

22 November 2012 by vsalaris


The document management in the SMEs is a strategic element, able to generate competitiveness and reduce waste, thus helping preserve the environment.

edited by the Marketing Department 

Most European offices are still wasting an outstanding amount of material. An independent research, whose purpose was to analyze the problems connected to the document management system, proved how the problem related to the waste of paper and the resulting financial damage connected to the infrastructures and the environment, is still far from being solved. The research, carried out over 5676 employees working for 13 European companies, demonstrated how new printing policies were able to enhance the efficiency of those companies who set them in to action. Also, the research proved the fact productivity can remain unaltered withstanding a 30% decrease in the individual printing amount.

An analysis on the "Digital Document", carried out in Italy on behalf of InfoCamere, focused instead on the overall costs (often "undercover") of the traditional document management. In Italy, every year, 115 billion pages are printed, 19.5 billion of which remain unused, this giving rise to a burden equal to 287 million euros per year. In general, every paper document is reproduced in between nine to eleven times, this meaning a cost equal to 18 Euros per document. As for the document filing, out of twenty documents, one ends in being lost, three percent filed incorrectly (the cost for the recovery of the document is more or else 120 Euros).

They seem impressive amounts, but it is easy to fully comprehend the situation if considering the statistics. All you need to do is evaluate all the factors connected to the traditional document management. Firstly, if the information research results in being complex for the person responsible for its management, it will be completely inaccessible for anyone else. Also, the reliability needs to be taken in consideration in order to avoid serious errors: omissions can be committed due to the fact that the documents are muddled and can miss in being updated, this being very serious for those documents that necessarily need to be up to date. Furthermore, the documentation often tends to be duplicated, this due to the fact that it really should be accessible to various company services (staff, purchase office, manufacturing...): very rarely the documentation is updated in all of its copies. Also when the documents are acquired in electronic format (via e-mail for example), their reliability is at risk. In fact, the documents are integrated by the paper format, yet the latter can follow different filing and delivery paths. As a consequence of these redundant processes, the impact of the traditional document management on the environment can be quite significant. In Italy, for example, we are dealing with 4 million tons of CO2 generated and over 20 million trees being cut down.

The feeling is that still too many company resources are wasted within an information management system that is still slow and unclear. A rationalization is hence necessary, able to ensure the filing, accessibility and safety of the data besides a precise eco-friendly direction.

Fortunately, something is changing: the SMEs have undertaken an innovation process while the document management system is experiencing a period of deep change, this also due to the financial crisis that carries along the need to reduce inefficiency and waste, as well as new specific legislation. Also, the tools provided by the European Union, concerning environmental aspects, brought the companies towards integrating, within their strategies, sustainable development in order to optimize the IT environments and reduce operative costs. The latter can be achieved by reducing the consumable material waste, which can then give rise to a lower energetic consumption in terms of devices disposal.

Information management is a crucial resource for the company operations given the fact it strategically able to generate competitiveness and benefits that objectively can be quantified: savings in terms of space, paper and storing costs, lower time needed in searching and transmitting documents, increased productivity and reduced risks in accidently losing data.

One of the conditions necessary in order to enhance clarity, reduce time laps and simplify the administration is given by the presence of a groundbreaking document management system: the Microarea ERP provides you with the strategic solutions able to optimize your work in a simple, reliable and eco-friendly manner.   

Do you wish to find out more? If you are a user get in touch with your Microarea Reseller referral or provide us your contact details: we will reach you as soon as possible.

Business Intelligence for in 3.0.2 version

15 November 2012 by fperricone


Immediacy and simplicity: these first two words that pop in mind when thinking about InfoBusiness by Zucchetti. The Business Intelligence tool connected to evolves and embraces new specific functions for all users.

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

Five months have passed since the birth of the connector that brings together the ERP and the InfoBusiness Business Intelligence. Five months during which, a whole new world of companies have decided to employ the Zucchetti solution in order to read, interpret company data and therefore make the right decisions at the right time.

The Microarea and InfoBusiness development teams constantly cooperate in such a way as to ensure a growingly positive usage experience.

The new version 3.0.2 of the InfoBusiness suite is now available. 

Many new features, several of which have been developed specifically for the end users. New analysis dimensions on orders and bills ensure a more thorough study of the company data, this with the aim of providing a tool able to lead to the right decision in the right moment.

New temporal dimensions have been added as well, these useful in order to flexibly manage the analysis of data over a period of time.  

A specific information has been added to identify univocally the invoiced and yet to be invoiced shipment documents to allow a in depth study of the turnover forecast.

These are just a small number of the many new features now available in the new InfoBusiness version, all of which aiming towards an enhanced analysis of the company data managed by Many others are the improvements developed in the InfoBusiness product 3.0.2.

if you wish to find out more on the business intelligence for simply get in touch with your Microarea Reseller referral. Also, you can read and have a look at the short video found in the Microarea website, and/or consult the InfoBusiness official website.

If you are not yet a user, provide us with your contact details: we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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