3.8 Service Pack 1: new features also

24 October 2012 by fperricone


The service pack 1 for 3.8 includes over 20 new features and embraces the cloud services thanks to the integration with PostaLite.

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager evolves and offers new useful functions that are able to improve the work efficiency of all end users work.

The Service Pack 1 for 3.8 offers over 20 new functions and several improvements from an ergonometric use point of view.

Flipping through the release note you will notice how all application areas have something new to offer. Let us see the main ones together.

Everyone knows Mail Connector, the module that sends, via e-mail in pdf format, any type of document. Now, together with PostaLite (the service made available by the Zucchetti Data Center) you can send in paper form all that you could normally only manage via e-mail...simply with one click! Find out more by reading the Zucchetti article on the cloud PostaLite service.

With 3.8.1 you can create, register and send letters and communications to customers and suppliers. You can type the text in Mago or hook up a text file found on your pc. When it comes to sending, choose the typical e-mail or, if you subscribed to the PostaLite service, you can mail in paper form. 

Who enjoys developing customizations will surely appreciate the ongoing growth of EasyBuilder. The new Service Pack includes a new powerful, yet easy to use, function: throughout the "drag&drop" of a Database Explorer table into a object model node, you can create a DBT with relation 1-n-n. is the ERP software able to provide the optimal solution also on an international level: for Romania, the procedure taking care of the generation of the fiscal declaration 390 VIES 2012 is able to create a data flow in XML format.

In order to update your to the most recent Service Pack, and benefit from all new features, all you need is to be covered by the Microarea Live Update Service. For further information, please contact the Microarea International Sales Department.

Seek the professional and expert support of your Microarea Reseller referral when wishing to update your

To find out more on 3.8 SP1, click here to read the relating release note.

Sending electronic documents by mail...with one click!

24 October 2012 by fperricone


In the harsh as well as in the best periods, company efficiency is a goal always being pursued. At times, some corporate procedures tend to become "habits": consequently they are not analyzed and their working efficiency cannot be improved. Did you ever take in consideration the amount of time you lose when needing to send letters, communications, and invoices to clients, customers and suppliers?  

By Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

The Service Pack 1 for 3.8 now includes a service that is able to improve outstandingly the efficiency of the mailing of the electronic documents.

Think about the time wasted in printing, placing in envelopes, labeling and going down to the post office... this is what we can call an inefficient process!

Today, thanks to the Zucchetti PostaLite service, from you can directly send any type of document with one simple click. The PostaLite service is a proper cloud service: the impressive Zucchetti Data Center is ready to process the mailing requests coming from the end users, as well as proceed with the sending via the Poster service.

The service is an add-on of Mail Connector, the module for the sending via e-mail of the documents in pdf format. In order to activate PostaLite it is hence necessary to enable MailConnector.

How does it work? Simple: in you can subscribe the service in self-service mode. For every mailing action you will clearly see how much credit has been deducted from the prepaid card that you have "toped up" when subscribing to the service initially and every time you need.

With PostaLite you can send mass mailing, certified mail, registered mail, fax, all of which simply with a click.

The integration between and PostaLite is complete: in all reports you will find a button for the mailing of the documents. In the printing/registering procedures or other batch (as the deferred invoices) you can choose to send, to the addressee the result of the result of the elaboration in paper form by mail, simply with one click.

Are you worried about finding yourself without credit when you need to use the service? No worries! will warn you when your credit is lower than the level that you have decided. You can then top up your virtual card in any moment.

Have a look at the advantages provided by + Mail Connector + PostaLite: one minute and a half will make even clearer to you how PostaLite is the service you were waiting for!

Do you wish to find out more? If you are a end user, ask your Microarea reseller or leave you contact details and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

PostaLite is available in Italy only.

Microarea, together with Zucchetti, champion at SMAU Milan 2012

23 October 2012 by vsalaris


Suggestions, solutions and acknowledgements: three words that summarize the positive experience of Microarea and its partners at SMAU Milan 2012.

edited by the Marketing Department 

Quality has been rightly awarded at the SMAU Milan event that took place from the 17th to the 19th of October. In fact, Microarea took part in the forth "National ICT Innovation Price" contest, receiving, together with its partner Tecnobiemme, the award as runner up in the Administration, Finance and Integrated ERP Systems sector.

This outstanding award has been acknowledged, in between many contestants, at the presentation of the success case study of Elettrica Riese, an important business operating in the industrial plants and major public works sector, with the support of the Microarea Platinum Partner Tecnobiemme. Elettrica Riese relies on for a top quality management of the company, this allowing them to achieve a success that has in turn brought the spot light on Microarea during this important ICT event. In addition, Zucchetti managed to gain access to the final round, specifically in the Integrated ERP Systems sector, with the success case study Fininvest, thanks to the applications that support the main administration services, the management and development of the human resource. The awards ceremony was held on Thursday 18th and Friday 19th of October: both occasions brought along a large audience, this proving the relevance and importance of quality for the entire SME industry.    

SMAU Milan 2012 has been all of this and lots more! The Microarea - Zucchetti stand could count on the presence of the most relevant Microarea Partners, twelve of them including Platinum and ISV, who took turns in giving live demos of the customized products, answering to the questions set forth by the visitors, and designing tailored solutions able to meet any corporate need.
The outstanding level of visitors at the stand, during the three days of the event, provided evidence of the real attention assigned to the resources that are capable of optimizing the corporate management within all sectors.
The winning synergy, that came to life at the shared stand, between Microarea and Zucchetti was made public also throughout the practical tool specifically addressing the Business Intelligence: thanks to the precious module InfoBusiness Connector for, the InfoBusiness solution of Zucchetti is immediately available to all end users.  

The three days of SMAU Milan 2012 have truly been filled with events and satisfaction, along with a strengthening of partnerships and collaborations: strong basis for future projects and the acknowledgement of a constant and meritorious effort engaged by Microarea and its Partners towards a rational and efficient corporate management.
Countless results achieved therefore...and several surprises, including the 2013 Microarea calendar, for a new year that promises to be really...tasty!

Microarea wishes to thank all of those who made this SMAU Milan 2012 event a success, inviting you all to experience the most relevant moments of the three days by watching the slide show on the Microarea YouTube Channel. See you at the next great event!

The e-Commerce takes off with X_BIT for

23 October 2012 by vsalaris


The Microarea Platinum Partner Alterbit presents its vertical solution X_BIT for, tool addressing all of those businesses who wish to provide themselves with an efficient and straightforward e-commerce website.

edited by the Marketing Department 

X_BIT is the solution, fully integrated with, specifically designed by Alterbit for the e-commerce.

Thanks to its modular structure, the Alterbit vertical allows meeting the most diverse needs regarding the on-line commerce. A single solution for one specific product line, a resource oriented towards the publishing of many merchandising categories within the same website, or a solution able to address more than one website with the same tool: X_BIT will efficiently address your e-commerce needs.

The advanced functions of X_BIT, besides being integrated with, allow implementing the ERP functions by supporting, in a flexible manner, the synchronization of the clients masters, the importing of orders and the management of customers and suppliers list.

X_BIT allows employing databases that are independent from the databases, yet keeping them constantly synchronized. Simultaneously, the simple registration of a client on your e-commerce website will instantly become an element within the master. Vice versa, any modification made to an order, or to a master data, in, will automatically be effective in the website.  

X_BIT also means minor work load for your staff and a lower probability in committing mistakes as a consequence of the manual entering of the data. All orders, received throughout the e-commerce site, are automatically imported in, this ensuring greater speed, efficiency and precision. One sole BackOffice allows to simultaneously manage a number of websites, hence bringing to live a multi-showcase system.

X_BIT making choices freely: pricelists (based according to the merchandising sector, supplier or any other variable) can be generated thanks to the setting, by the end user, of definite rules.

Also, the importing and the creation of items, within the e-commerce platform, prove to be extremely simply thanks to X_BIT.
In fact, the vertical solution is characterized by tools the purpose of which is importing massively huge quantities of items, starting from different types of archives (CSV or XLS). The X_BIT straightforward and intuitive interface, makes available to the operator a series of functions capable of optimizing the visualization of the products in the website and their indexation within the research engines, the latter being a crucial aspect for the success of each and every e-commerce website.

Being aware of the importance of the layout of an e-commerce website, Alterbit designed its vertical solution in such a way as to make the graphic design to be totally customizable and able to meet your specific needs. With X_BIT you can take advantage of the e-commerce sector experts, who will analyze and plan how to make even more efficient the layout and design of your website, starting from your indications.  

The advantages, made available by the Alterbit vertical for, include updates of crucial importance: X_BIT represents the solution able to keep you website always up to date both from a technical and market trend point of view, this thanks to ongoing updates and without incurring in additional costs.

X_BIT for is truly the perfect solution for managing at best your e-commerce website: find out more on the Microarea X_BIT website page!

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