40+ new features for your company... with Mago.net 3.8

25 July 2012 by fperricone



Microarea developed one new feature a day since the last update back in the end of May and now, with Mago.net 3.8, over 40 new useful functions are made available to your company.

By Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

Mago.net develops and improves every day, providing your company with new functions that improve your “usual” and “out of the ordinary” work. All the Mago.net End Users, who have decided to safeguard their IT investment by subscribing to the Microarea Live Update service, can download the new release 3.8 from the download page found in the Microarea website!

Well over 40 new features included in the visit card of this new Mago.net release. As for every respectful release, also the 3.8 carries along interesting new features in all ERP and systems management areas.  

Let us kick off with a function extension that was available only in the WMS module: the references graphical management. The latter function can now be found within the entire application. You are well aware of how important is having under control the connection in between documents and, above all, being able to access all information with one click wherever you are. The new tab specifically dedicated to the references, thanks to the tree (instead of grid) vision, offers an enhanced readability besides ensuring a top level customization and action. In all Mago.net documents you will find a new graphical management of the references in the tab “Cross References”.

An important new feature for the Italian end users is surely the alignment of the maintenance costs deducibility management to the fixed assets which is now in full respect of the Italian legislation in force. On a fixed assets level, we can find a fixed assets balancing report ready to compare, precisely and swiftly, the coherence between the ledger balances and fiscal/balance values offering also the possibility to visualize the arrangement of the balance of each account linked to fixed assets: an important help to have everything under control!

Another interesting element for the Italian market: the traceability of the payments to the Public Administration is managed with the CIG (Contract Code) and CUP (Project Code) already found in Mago.net since prior versions. In the 3.8 version, the CIG and CUP masters codes are built-in, allowing to codify (once and for all) the codes, making them ready to be recalled easily when necessary.

The important coming together of Microarea with the Zucchetti Group is now fostering new results. From today, if your payroll consultant employs Omnia by Zucchetti, he/she can provide you with a simple text file that will allow you to enter automatically in Mago.net the complex accounting entries for the payroll reading. Hence, a newborn, free of charge, module: “Payroll Import Procedure”. If you wish to utilize its functions all you need to do is install the module as any other module, but no serial number is needed for the activation.

As for the WMS (logistics), we cannot avoid mentioning the warehouse management on behalf of a third parties. In practice, now you can “check off” the incoming goods as owned by a third party. This allows also shipping the goods of the third parties to one specific customer, picking exclusively from the specific stock.

In the manufacturing area you can now ask Mago.net to calculate automatically the production lead-time. Starting from the finished manufacturing orders, a parameterized procedure is able to record the average time needed in order to produce one single finished item.   

EasyAttachment, a crucial tool within the configuration, now offers the possibility of get hold of, throughout the barcodes, a higher number of documents from one single PDF or from one scanning: this is what we can call saving time!

Microarea knows how important is supplying the partners with strong and flexible tools in order to allow customizing, according to the needs of each entrepreneurial reality, the ERP software. The release 3.8 has been potentiated further the development tool EasyBuilder. The multi-selection for the controls, the support in creating the batch procedures and the management of the enumerative, all provide an enhancement as in regards to the possibilities offered and also from a ease-of use point of view for the customization tool.

Do you wish to discover all the new features found in the 3.8 release? Go to the download area, and if your M.L.U. service is active, you can download immediately the new product version.

To install the update, Microarea suggests you rely on your Microarea Reseller Referral in order to benefit from highly professional and safe hands, ensuring at the same time top safety for your corporate data.

Do you wish instead to receive further information as in regards to the M.L.U. service? Get in touch now with the Microarea International Sales Department: you will find all the answers you are looking for! 

Speed Up for Mago.net: exporting/importing data now is simple!

24 July 2012 by vsalaris


Speed Up is the vertical solution created in order to import and export whichever type of data while integrating it into the Mago.net database in a simple and accurate manner.

edited by the Marketing Department

The Microarea Platinum Partner 2C Service presents Speed Up, the vertical solution for Mago.net designed with the purpose of importing and exporting data in any type of format, making the latter immediately available for the ERP "made in" Microarea. Clients, orders and suppliers lists...in whatever form your data is, the vertical solution Speed Up will integrate the previously mentioned data with Mago.net in few, simple moves, making them immediately ready to be managed by the ERP.

Speed Up is extremely flexible, given the fact is allows defining, in a very elastic way, the source code and the destination of the data, these be text files, database, Excel files, etc. Besides getting rid of the nasty problem consisting in the origin and destination of the data, 2C Service made the vertical solution also extremely easy to use, this thanks to the intuitive interface, for no matter how expert the end user is. The integration between Speed Up and Mago.net is perfect and allows seeing the data throughout known data entries and simple to use interactive procedures.

Enough with complex procedures and incompatibility problems. By defining the source code and the desired conversion criteria, Speed Up can analyze the content of the source code, apply the expected transformations and set forth the data ready for the importing activity. All you need to do is import throughout a simple click, Speed Up will take care of populating the database of Mago.net with the data you need, which will then result as acquired.

All the import/export operations will be filed in order for them to be available for verification or to repeat the process. Once the procedure has been carried out, an identification code will be assigned in such a way as to avoid confusion and allowing, in case of duplications, to get rid of the data or updating the latter. 

Importing and exporting operations can be launched also from Web Service, realizing, in actual fact, any Web solution perfectly integrated with Mago.net.

Import and export your data efficiently and simply: rely on the vertical solution Speed Up for Mago.net!
If you wish to receive further information, visit the product page on the Microarea website!

Camera...rolling and...action! Mago.net is on stage, directed by Microarea!

9 July 2012 by vsalaris


Six short films, made in Microarea with the purpose of illustrating the potential offered by EasyAttachment, EasyBuilder and WMS.

edited by the Marketing Department 

Directly from the "Microarea studios", six new cult movies: EasyAttachment, EasyBuilder and WMS are the stars of the Microarea YouTube channel!

Microarea shot these original short films wishing to illustrate the benefits offered by the Mago.net modules addressing the document management system, the graphical and functional customization of your ERP software and the warehouse logistics.

Let us now have a look at the storyline: thanks to the super powers conferred to the heroines by the three modules, the "bad guys" (meaning the everyday problems your company faces) are battled and, finally, defeated. In other words, the typical clash between the good and the evil, as in the best cinema style tradition..."here comes the cavalry!" 

The good forces defeat the evil thanks to the extraordinary performances ensured by the three Mago.net modules, of which you can discover all details by visiting the product pages within the Microarea website. You will be amazed by the potential offered by EasyAttachment, EasyBuilder and WMS: an effective and reliable document management, countless tailored customization and a warehouse perfectly organized thanks to the easy to use handheld devices...the happy ending that Microarea brings on stage...and in your company!

At this point you will probably be upset given the fact we have revealed the ending of the films ... but do not worry, you will be free to write your personal happy ending to all situations you decide to tackle with the super powers made available by Mago.net!  

Have a look at the short films made by Microarea and discover the main actors, to be more precise the Mago.net modules and the Microarea team, author and writer of the amazing development work behind EasyAttachment, EasyBuilder and WMS. The team includes so many valuable individuals that Microarea would like you to meet all of them, or almost: for each module, two apparently identical films have been shot... can you spot the differences? Provide us with your observations by entering comments to the videos directly on the Microarea YouTube channel! 

Do you wish to receive further information on the document management system, on the customization tool or on the warehouse logistics management? Get in touch with your Microarea Reseller referral or call the Microarea International Sales Department.

It is now time for you to sit back and...Enjoy the show!

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