Bem-vindo ao Brasil: lands in Brazil!

25 June 2012 by vsalaris


Microarea, long time player within the international markets, is now ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean and extend its strategies in Brazil as well.

edited by the Marketing Department.

In light of an ongoing international growth, successfully demonstrated by the hundreds of installations and numerous partnerships beyond the Italian borders, Microarea is ready to burst on the scene of the lively Brazilian market.

Brazil is part of the so-called BRICS (acronym that stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa): a group of nations that, thanks to their territorial extent, consistent population density and growing GDP, are characterized by an outstanding strategic potential for the current and, above all, future market. 

The great opportunities offered by the South American country will be a further scene for the oustanding ERP offer made available by Microarea. The multi-lingual and multi-currency solution, represented by, beholds since its creation a localization ability such to allow a perfect adjustment to the Brazilian fiscal legislation and requirements.

Being Microarea part of the Zucchetti Group, the company will aim at creating a solid partnership network starting from the Zucchetti Brazil branches, localized in Sao Paulo and Santa Catarina, in order to extend within the territory the solutions designed with the purpose of providing an optimal management of all corporate areas.

Zucchetti Brazil, born two years ago, will be the bridgehead allowing the access, within the local scenario, of the ERP solutions offered by Microarea. We are expecting a truly winning synergy, able to give way to new and important opportunities from a business and solutions development point of view.

Ready therefore to embark for the "new world"!
Microarea is up for the challenge with the its usual top competence and expertise, confident that the quality of the solutions offered by will conquer also the vivid Brazilian market.

Let us know if your company has a branch in Brazil, or if you are planning on extending your business into the South American country, by emailing us at .
We will get in touch with you in order to evaluate together the solution that best fits your needs.

Atè à vista em Brazil! (see you in Brazil!) now is also Business Intelligence!

18 June 2012 by fperricone


InfoBusiness Connector is the module for 3.7 that allows joining the Business Intelligence world while enjoying consistent benefits thanks to precise, clear and immediate view of the company dynamics.

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

The information that you manage everyday with is a precious corporate asset. A focused analysis of the corporate information allows making the right decisions at the right time. provides an integrated tool, Woorm, which is useful in order to create and modify reports. Nevertheless, at times, a report is not enough. The report lacks in providing immediate interpretation through, for example, graphs. Also, the report does not have the dynamism and elasticity that often proves to be of crucial importance in certain areas.
The solution, offering dynamism, accuracy, elasticity and immediacy in reading and understanding the company, is called InfoBusiness. InfoBusiness is the Business Intelligence solution, made in Zucchetti, perfectly integrated with thanks to the InfoBusiness Connector module.

Just imagine being able to view your sales numbers organized according to the total amounts instead of according to the client. With a report, you should normally ask for an update (...a not easy task). With InfoBusiness all you need to do is double click!

With the Business Intelligence, you can see the data organized in a different format instead of the usual list: you can see the information distributed on a map, upon which (thanks to different color shades) you can immediately identify the different areas profitability. Through the use of a histogram or pie chart, you can rapidly understand the trends and distribution of the company dynamics. The dashboards instead, provide you with clear and immediate indicators in order to understand if you are facing positive or negative information. You can also the see the information in a chart format but with dynamism unknown until today. You can drag the information so to create on the spot groupings, and you are free to enter information that was initially other words, you now can analyze the data how you consider most suitable, hence gaining benefits from an efficiency and efficacy point of view for your everyday work.

With InfoBusiness Connector, Microarea provides you with a tool perfectly shaped to your company needs. Thanks to the full integration existing between and InfoBusiness it is you who decides which data shall be managed by the Business Intelligence. You can analyze the data concerning the financials and forecast accounting, the credit and debit exposure, the data referring to the jobs, the sales/purchase cycle, and warehouse.

Thanks to the new module, can now be considered as a software perfectly integrated with a Business Intelligence tool, hence ensuring top reliability. The procedure specifically created by Microarea, jointly with the InfoBusiness Development team, is in fact able to generate automatically the information infrastructure necessary for the correct functioning of the Business Intelligence.
As usual, Microarea will keep in high regard the practical side of the offered solutions. InfoBusiness Connector allows operating straightaway thanks to swift and easy settings.
In order to show you (in an entertaining way) the characteristics of the new module and the potential benefits for your company, a short video (with subtitles in English) has been made available. You can watch the video on the Microarea YouTube channel...and you can enter a comment! 

Efficacy, integration, autonomy, precision and simplicity: make a quality choice and rely on the support provided by InfoBusiness Connector, provide your company with a real Business Intelligence!

Microarea and Zucchetti together at Smau Bologna 2012: what a success!

13 June 2012 by vsalaris @ SMAU Bologna 2012  


Smau Business Road show in Bologna was largely appreciated by visitors as well as by the leading actors!  

edited by the Marketing Department 

An overall balance on the outcome of an important event, when the latter has come to an end, is quite inevitable. Let us therefore make a brief digression on the experience of Smau Bologna 2012, which witnessed the presence of an extraordinary team within the Microarea - Zucchetti stand.  

Lets start by saying that the experience in Bologna has certainly been positive, exceeding any expectation!
Within the large D47 stand, a consistent number of experiences have been brought to life. While the huge audience was following the product demos on the widescreen, the main actors of innovation actively collaborated in order to provide all visitors with an optimal service: demos provided in MacBook (proving the flexibility of and applications specifically dedicated on Ipad and Tablet Windows 8 (that can be interfaced with the accounting software of Microarea) were able to reassure a number of companies, belonging to different merchandising sectors, that the right solution to manage at best all activities was indeed found at stand D47.

The presence of many excellent Microarea Partners made sure that the many guests could always find an interlocutor highly prepared and always ready to address the many different types of requests regarding each merchandising sector. The contemporary presence, within the stands, of Microarea and Zucchetti staff has furthermore been the right chance to join together competence, quality and skill in further exciting synergies that the Smau visitors were able to witness and appreciate.

Lots of demos, many entrpreneurs ready to take in consideration for their company, dozens of integration proposals developed for and able to cover specific needs of both commercial and industrial sectors, made the two day rendezvous in Bologna truly special.
Also the photographs prove how stimulating these due days in Bologna have been: have a look yourself at the brief video-slideshow, made just after the end of Smau, available on the Microarea Youtube channel.

We will soon be back with other astonishing events!

3.7: a new amazing release of

1 June 2012 by fperricone



Microarea issued the new software release. 3.7 is now ready for download together with 58 new features ready for use.

by Fabrizio Perricone
Product Marketing Manager

Fifty-eight new features to improve the efficiency and efficacy of all corporate areas: this is 3.7.
The Microarea Live Update service proves to be a crucial tool for the safeguard of your IT investments. In fact, the M.L.U. allows you to download straightaway the new release of!

Why is the download of 3.7 worthwhile? Besides the 58 new features, which are "spread" amongst all modules, you will also find countless improvements on the already existing functions. 

Let us now see the main implementations per area.  

The improved management of the purchase invoice payments via credit card, new feature that stands out within the purchase cycle, allows to the accounting entry, automatically generated, to maintain all the information concerning the payment. As for the logistics area (WMS), the latter is  constantly evolving and thanks to the ongoing interaction with the end user companies, Microarea was able to develop new and easy to the use functions, as for example the login from Wi-Fi handheld device by scanning of a barcode: simple and useful, also for the warehouseman who tends to be forgetful! Furthermore, the flexibility of the warehouse units unpacking has been enhanced: now the operation can be managed also partially. The tracking precision, made available by the serials management, is now perfectly integrated within the WMS and covers also the management throughout the handheld devices thanks to the WMS Mobile module. The handheld device is now enriched by an important function that speeds up the management process of the items transfer: the creation of warehouse entries directly from the mobile device!    

Within the 15 improvements introduced in the administration/accounting area, be aware that now the report regarding the calculation of interest on arrears utilizes an according parameterization found in in order to obtain a customized result without needing to modify the report. Extended and improved the visualization of the so-called "cross-references", with which it is now possible to visualize graphically, and access with one click, every document connected to the single accounting document. There are several improvements addressing the different countries in which is currently distributed: new features regarding the cash flow management and balance reclassification (Bulgaria), new "Tax Declaration 394 Y2012" (Romania) and lots more for both the Polish and Hungarian market.   

As for the manufacturing area, in light of an improvement of the usability of the information and of the intelligent management of the workload of the server, the costing of the bills of materials can now be scheduled throughout the TaskBuilder Scheduler. Turning instead to a cross section between the manufacturing and logistics management (one again proving the synergy existing in between the modules) it is now possible to perform a picking operation from the picked items or from the quantity that needs to be picked during the confirmation of the warehouse mission.

In order to find out more information on the 58 new features included in 3.7, access the download area! ... And, if you are covered by the M.L.U. service, download now

Please remember that, in order to install the new release, is it always advisable to seek the assistance of your Microarea Reseller referral: highly professional and safe hands for your precious company data.

Do you wish to download 3.7 but you have not subscriber to the M.L.U. service? Simply get in touch with the Microarea International Sales Department and find out how to subscribe to the Microarea Live Update service straightaway!

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