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27 March 2012 by vsalaris


The strength of a successful hotel is represented by the clientele satisfaction, the latter ensured by the versatility of Overlookhotel, the vertical solution created by Open Informatica, a Microarea Platinum Partner.

edited by the Marketing Department 

Hotel management is indeed a "knotty" process when it comes down to bookings, check in and check out, waiting list, services... A truly intricate situation involving commitments and connections. Everything needs to be perfectly organized in order for the hotel image, quality, and services to be always top level!

While keeping in mind the latter needs, and relying on the elasticity of the Microarea ERP, the Microarea Platinum Partner Open Informatica created Overlookhotel: the vertical solution specifically designed for hotel management.
Thanks to the complete integration with, Overlookhotel is able to manage any type of sector need, these be regarding a small hotel as well as a structured resort. Keeping control of a hotel becomes a simple and pleasant task thanks to the safe and complete interaction (guaranteed by between the administration and accounting areas. Overlookhotel of Open Informatica allows managing the everyday hotel activities as well as all aspects regarding the administration and accounting sphere, from the booking all the way to the balance.  

All requirements are perfectly addressed with Overlookhotel. A wide range of customization possibilities allows satisfying both corporate and clientele needs. In fact,  the Open Informatica vertical solution can be shaped according to any type of profile: its base component is conveniently integrated by other specific modules according to the specific requirements.      

Thanks to few simple clicks you can achieve an extremely flexible management, this while ensuring simultaneously a top level service both for the small hotel and the structured resort chain. Overlook is able to manage "n" number of hotel structures (no matter their characteristics or if they are distributed amongst different HQs) and separates distinctly every situation in order to simplify the researches.

Thanks to Overlookhotel, the updating and addressing of any type of request are guaranteed: base and advanced modules that meet, in a fast and simple way, all requirements regarding Price Lists, Check-In and Check-Out, Bill issue, Supply of services, Allotments, Optimization of resources and lots more. It is now truly simple to keep full control of your Hotel.

Overlookhotel is an innovative, modular and easy to use software, designed and realized in order to address all needs concerning your hotel management, maximizing its potential. This of course, while being perfectly in line with your clients' utmost satisfaction.  

Have a look at the product page (in Italian language) within the Ecosystem area.

Tax Communciation: let us make the situation clear!

26 March 2012 by vsalaris



Tax Communication for a valid support in respecting the fiscal fulfilments!

edited by the Marketing Department

As you know, the Italian Government has recently introduced a new tool, the so-called Spesometro (Tax Communication). The latter demands that a list including all operations (subject to VAT) equal to (or greater than) 3000 Euros, be communicated to the Tax Agency. The filling out procedure of the Tax Communication has recently been subject to legal variations especially in regards to the deadlines and specific amounts. Let us therefore make clear the most recent changes in order to understand fully how a specific module of can perfectly address the new legislative obligations. The latest circular issued by the Tax Agency confirmed a further extension for the terms regarding the communication of the last tax assessment period. Hence, the 30th of April is the deadline by which the VAT operations (equal to or greater than 3000 Euros and which took place in 2011) be communicated. 
Microarea moved beforehand, updating in time the Tax Communication module for, in order to produce the declaration of the VAT operations within the provided terms and according to the modalities set forth by the Tax Agency.

Wishing to make things simpler, the Government has recently established that starting from 2013, a new system will be introduced. This new system will require that all active and passive operations subject to invoicing, carried out in the present year, be included notwithstanding the 3000 Euros limit.

Microarea pays close attention to any possible new modification of the legislation, ensuring a full updating of its products to the most recent new features concerning fiscal matters.

Thanks to the Tax Communication module, is now able to fulfil automatically all operations necessary for the issuing of the file for the Tax Agency, this whilst ensuring (thanks to appropriate reports) full control over the data that shall be sent to the Agency.
The positive outcomes are, without shadow of doubt, represented by an increase in the efficiency of the administration staff, as well as by a consistent knocking down of those useless, yet expensive, transcription mistakes.
Do not forget that, if you wish to ask your Microarea Reseller for the Tax Communication module, you need to be subscribed to the M.L.U. (Microarea Live Update) service. The M.L.U. allows you to be always up to date, also in regards to those "tricky" fields such as fiscal legislation.   
Address your fiscal obligations now: get in touch with your Microarea Reseller in order to get hold of all the information regarding the Tax Communication.   

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